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Daddy-daughter dance. 👋🏻
82° ☀️ #arizona
Easter ‘18. Nailed it, Lola! 🐇#happyeaster
Getting outside with these girls is always worth the car sickness and skinned knees. Last minute trips to the land bridge never disappoint!
One Sunday in September we were driving around the beach looking for a parking spot and I casually mentioned to Geoff that it’d be fun to create a clothing line for women. Because I’m slightly impulsive and because Geoff is overly supportive, I had come up with a brand name, registered the domain, and texted a graphic designer and pattern maker by the time we found said parking spot. 😳 A quick, anxious, and exciting six months later and here we are, ready to launch this thing! Check out @shopsuunday if you want to see the latest side project I’ve been working on in my spare time, I’m excited. And terrified! 〰️ #shopsuunday #mysuundaybest
Wild spring break at home over here! Lots of sunshine, fun, tattling, and messes this week. 😎 #sisters
Packed Ivy along on our biannual 24 hour Utah-date for our favorite Indian food, good snowboarding, an ice-cream binge in the hotel room, and a sunset lookout before our flight out. She beamed the whole time! Definitely getting an invite to the next one. ✈️🥘🍦🏂🌄
Disneyland crowds are my Everest, but anything for KW on her BD! Thanks for being my funnest, funniest friend @kaitlynwright1, love you! ❤️🎂
Begged one to fall asleep until midnight, switched beds 2x because of scary “crunchy noises”, and a grand finale of Frankie wetting our bed at 4:00 am (on freshly washed sheets, no less!). I think my prize for winning (or losing?) musical beds last night was this sweet view when I woke up. 😍
If you’ve ever met Frances, she’s probably given you a juicy smooch on the face, or at the very least a big old squeeze with some “pat-pat’s” on the back, proving to be the greatest valentines baby ever. 💕 Every morning she wakes up with insane hair and sleepy-eyes and for some reason, wishes us each a happy birthday in her raspy voice. She then continues to make us belly laugh throughout the day, while being the best buddy/third wheel to geoff and I. She loves dancing and sneaking out of bed at night, and would do anything for her sisters and/or a handful of M&M’s. We love this affectionate little caboose and can’t imagine life without her. Keep being great, Frankie girl. Happy 3rd! 🎂
Got a head start celebrating our Valentines girl today with some pizza, cupcakes, and chaos. We love you so much Frances J, happy birthday week! 🎈
As if she needs the reminder! 💪🏻❤️