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More photos from our slow weekend at the @getawayframe. Loved taking these girls on the road and getting them all to ourselves. ❤️ #the1975cabin
When we told Frances we had to eventually leave this place. @getawayframe #the1975cabin
Proud to say that I’ve officially survived an entire decade of him speaking in a Dale Baskets accent, while he’s patiently put up with me consistently driving 5-7 miles below any given speed limit (and usually in the wrong direction). Happy 10th anniversary to us, there’s no one else I’d rather love, like, and freely annoy for the rest of my life. Love ya long time, Lang.
Since Geoff’s knee surgery on Monday, we’ve had family volunteer to watch our kids, we’ve had surprise UberEats called in from different states, thoughtful visitors dropping by with games and gossip magazines, friends from work delivering pizzas, and daily texts and messages checking in on us. (Just a testament to how much everyone loves @geoffreylang_!) I’m not great at asking for (or accepting) help when needed, but man was it appreciated these last few days. It’s been a really good reminder for me to be better about looking out for others, whether or not they’re asking for help. Sadly I know I’m not going to get around to handwritten notes this time around, so a blanket THANK YOU(!) to everyone who cared for us this week, we’re so lucky to have you all in our corner! ♡
They all felt real good in their costumes tonight. (Here’s where I wish I knew a single Uma, Shimmer, or Hermione reference to put here.) 🍫 #halloween18
Primary program Sunday, where they sang on the same stand I did every year growing up. ☺️ (They just did it with a lot more confidence and a lot less lip syncing.)
At her last Parent Teacher Conference, Lo’s teacher showed us a self-assessment that the students were asked to fill out about themselves. Each classroom task or expectation with a smiley-face or frowny-face next to it. It came to no surprise that every single smiley face was aggressively filled in with crayon. Lola James, you are awesome, and I’m sure glad you know it. ☻
Ditched our desktops and drove to flagstaff today. ✌🏼 This might be the first fall break we’ve ever stayed home with zero plans, and I gotta say, I’m into it! #flagstaff #fallbreak4ever
The face of someone who sneaks one small item out of my makeup drawer each week and stashes it somewhere TBD. #playingthelonggame
Got some books signed by one of her favorite authors tonight. (She was so excited for it, she made a paper chain countdown a couple weeks ago.) I have no idea where she came from, but I love this little bookworm of ours.📚🐛❤️
Yep this pretty much sums ‘em up.
More summertime scans. 🧡