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More summertime scans. 🧡
Picked up some photos from our last Iceland trip. I don’t want to be basic and say “take me back”, but also, I’d really like to go back. 🌈
Their quarterly ‘sister shot’ that I really should be making them humor me with more often. 💕
Hi from my frowny, nap-refusing Franny pack.
Weekend wear. 🏊🏻‍♂️
Straight from the bus stop to Brain Quest, this gal never stops. 🙇🏼‍♀️
Musee du Francoise; where copy paper, tape, and hours of hard work collide. 🎨
Another day, another unruly topknot and swimsuit look. Fran does life better than us all. 💪🏻
Thumbs up for our lasts 1st day of preschool! We’re not crying, you are.
A quick recap of our trip to Amsterdam this summer! Or otherwise titled, Lola Body Rolling Her Way Through The Netherlands. 💃🏻 If you’re sick of these videos, don’t worry, jokes on us because we’re officially home from all our summer travels, broke, and sweating bullets in 110 degree weather. 😅 #amsterdam
It’s hard to sit still for a picture with the beach nearby. 🌊
Franks summer uniform. 🌸