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SMU’s Uni-Y The Stage @ Jericho's! We provide a stage for young musicians, come join us for a great evening of local music appreciation 🎤 #sgmusic

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Looking forward to another fun night at Jerichos?

Join us at The Stage @ Jericho’s for a Mid-Autumn themed night with great music, board games and delicious food! Admission is FREE so bring your friends along!

See you there!
Looks familiar? You may have seen him along the streets of orchard road! Fengkai has been performing for close to 2 years from busking to wedding events! Come on down to Ymca rooftop on 28th september to catch Fengkai and celebrate mid autumn festival with us!!
What could be better than listening to a great band perform to celebrate mid-autumn festival with your friends? Featuring our third performance of the night, Daniel and Charlotte! Come on down to YMCA Rooftop on 28 September at 7.30pm, you can be sure that it'll be a night filled with wonderful songs and good food! @danielkohjy
Want to get recharged before recess week? Come to jericho’s night this Friday and celebrate mid-autumn festival with us!  Bring your friends down for a night of entertainment and fun. Featuring our first band “A Little Disorganised” and their very first performance! See u on 28 September at YMCA Rooftop!
Looking for a way to unwind and celebrate mid-autumn festival at the same time? Come on down to YMCA Rooftop on 28 September at 7.30pm for some great food and music! Featuring @yongkytown, our second performer who is passionate about both English and Mandarin songs! See you there!
SHOUT OUT TO FELLOW UNI Y CAMPERS!! We're going to have a splendid night for you all with these 3 bands, they've an awesome song set so do catch them live today & see you guys at Jericho's!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Still wondering how to end off your Friday night with a bang? Our last performance of the night by Sevens n Chills is what you looking for! This group of Mandopop enthusiasts is set to bring you the classics and hits of our generations! @raysofthesunset_ 
Also! Apart from the complimentary drinks and snacks, you could be the lucky winner to our first ever lucky draw!! So see you tmrr!! ;)
Nothing beats having something to look forward to after a long tiring week! So next up at Jericho's Night, we have Eric & Joe! A talented duo with avid passion in singing! It's a debut performance for one of them so don't miss out!! See you on Friday! @epzwq @talktm
Always choosing Mandopop songs in KTV? Why not head down to YMCA this Friday and sing along with this group of like-minded friends? Featuring our second band - RAW: who loves Mandopop as much as you do!! @elfveen @limweilinwinnie
This Friday, we are doing something different! Join us at The Stage and receive free drinks and snacks, and stand a chance to win a prize by participating in our lucky draw. ✨ See you on Friday at YMCA of Singapore Rooftop Terrace! 
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What's a better way than to end your Friday night with some good music and board games? Featuring Vivian, a passionate singer who hopes to motivate the audience to pursue their dreams and live life to the fullest with her voice. Don't miss out! 27th July 2018, 7.30 pm at YMCA Rooftop. @gvivalavida
Looking for a place for pre-camp meetups or catching up with your friends? What's better than spending it over with music and boardgames? Head down to YMCA Rooftop this coming Friday! Oh and admission is free so ask all of your friends along to join in the fun😄