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Hi from SMU’s Uni-Y The Stage @ Jericho's! We provide a stage for young musicians, come join us for a great evening of local music appreciation 🎤

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I See Fire 🔥~ Ed Sheeran, covered by Daniel and Yu Ding #stageatjerichos
Presenting our first singer of the night, Timothy ~ Wonderwall #stageatjerichos
Last performance by Sound Foundry performing Your Guardian #stageatjerichos
Second last performance of the night^_^ Le Mannequin performing Guilty #stageatjerichos
Featuring our first band of the night! Performing: Perfect by Ed Sheeran^_^ #stageatjerichos
Jericho's Night at Step Up Camp 2017, ft. ZAPALANGZ, and fellow Step Up Camp facilitator, Ivy^_^ #stageatjerichos #uniydajiating
Last performance of the night by our charismatic acapella group - Boyz next door 🎶😎
Third performance of the night - 小幸运 by LE VIV3 🎶✨😍
Second performance of the night - Feng Kai ✨ It was good having you back at Stage at Jerichos, amazing vocals as usual! 🎶✨👌🏼@fengkaibusking
🎶Our first performance of the night! ✨(Ginnie ft. her sister)
Wondering how to spend your Friday night this summer? Come on down to The Stage @ Jericho's for a fun night of live acoustic music and brilliant performances at YMCA of Singapore's scenic rooftop! It's an experience you certainly don't want to miss:) #stageatjerichos
Missed the Stage @ Jericho's last night? Here's a preview of last night's line up! With that said, thank you to all those who came down to join us last night! We certainly had a blast, and we sincerely hope that you did too! #stageatjerichos