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@zaniac1 and @kimyapmaui bringing #tandemsurfing back on the new @starboardsup Longboard ✌🏼 How’s that dismount 🤣🤣🤣 #starboardsup #livethetikilife #paddleboarding #maui
Mondays... where else would you rather be? #livethetikilife

Pic by our friend Franz Orsi @supnomad from his recent SUP adventure to Sri Lanka. Look out for more stories and pics to come from this trip!! #starboardsup #SriLanka #beach #paddleboarding
@bootduesseldorf kicks off this Thursday, 19th January!! Catch team riders @sonnihoenscheid, @zaniac1, @fiona_wylde, @oleschwarz, Carsten Kurmis @surfhobbit and iva_dundova rippin' up the wave in the boardsports arena in Hall 8A (Starboard SUP Germany at Stand E28)

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Video Credits: @standupmagazin from 2018 boot Düsseldorf 🙌 #starboardsup #livethetikilife
💥 Paddleboarding Ninja Games 💥 with @waterbournenz

Who wants to try this? Please share and help raise awareness for men's health 👊

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Join the La Ventana Classic Clinic with @fiona_wylde!

Join Fiona Wylde as she hosts a downwind clinic in part with the La Ventana Classic next week. Here are the details: - January 15th meet at 12noon at the Hot Springs in El Sargento. You will learn about downwind technique and surfing bumps on your SUP! It’s going to be an exciting day of fun on the water!
- Bring your own board, paddle and leash.  A hydration pack is also recommended.
- Fiona has organized a car at the bottom of the downwinder to drive people back to their vehicles.
- Cost is $100 (USD).
- Email to confirm your spot and for more details.

About the event: The La Ventana Classic has been going on for many years in the town just north of Los Barriles and is a fun event with many different races, two of which are downwinders and one is a channel crossing from an island. On top of that, the event is a benefit for the local schools in La Ventana. This event first took place 15 years ago and at that point, the schools didn’t have bathrooms. After so many years of raising money and building projects, the schools now have full computer labs and each student now has access to books.

Pic by @benthouard
SoCal Paddle Yoga's head SUP Yoga instructor Kelly Huck demonstrates how to perform a correct and safe SUP Yoga Headstand.

Have you give the headstand a go? Share with us in the comments below! 
Video by @georgiasphoto 
#starboardsup #livethetikilife #paddleboarding #supyoga #headstand #socalpaddleyoga
When @_michaelbooth has his game face on.

Stay cool and protected with the Long Sleeve Team Lycra #starboardapparel

Pic: @georgiasphoto | Location Tahiti
Happy Friday 😬 if you’re planning to spend your weekend on the water, don’t forget to wear a leash and your PFD!

@sonnihoenscheid enjoying the day out on her #artyoucanride iGO Tikhine iSUP. 📸 @restube.official #starboardsup #livethetikilife
@s.washburnyoga enjoying the serenity of the outdoors on her iGO Tikhine Inflatable SUP #artyoucanride
The perfect paddling technique takes years of practice, analyzing and perfecting and is something the pros will work on consistently. Working on your paddling stroke is fundamental if you want to improve your paddling & performance.

These 3 easy steps are the underlying basics and will get you off to a good start for a great paddle stroke. Do you think we missed something? Please share with us in the comments below!

Still want to improve your SUP paddle stroke further? Why don't you reach out to our Dream Team riders and see when they are hosting their next clinic!

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2019 Starboard Inflatable River - The Board of Choice For Performance Whitewater SUP

Paddling whitewater isn’t for everyone – but for those that can and do, it’s one of the ultimate SUP thrills. We’ve built a board that’s ready to take on the rapids. The longer model, 11’0’’ offer faster glide for river racing, while the shorter model 9’6’’ is more manoeuvrable and reactive for technical courses. 6’’ thickness gives stiffness and volume to handle steep drops.

Learn more at #starboardsup #river #livethetikilfe
Waterwomen @fiona_wylde is all smiles in the Classic 5 Panel  Baby Blue cap.

@georgiasphoto #starboardsup #starboardapparel #livethetikilife