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Hello! Welcome to my page☺️
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Stop asking "Why do u look so serious?" "R u angry?" "What's wrong?" "Why do u frown?" Cause i'm not........................ i'm just doing my neural face😔
This is my first time using whitening strips and i am so impressed with the way they work😭😭😭👍👍👍
--------------------------------------------------would recommed this and continue to use it! Thank you [ @briteindo ] 💘💘💘 #BriteWhitestrips
just unable to not do the V sign when the cam comes up🙈
Throwback to my mushroom haircut that resembles a helmet
This is how we exercise our face muscles #throwbackthursday
I strongly recommend [ @originaldeep ] for anyone who want to get a comfy yet stylish shirt and on-time delivery☺️☺️☺️☺️ --------------------------------------------------
Thank you [ @originaldeep ] 💗💗💗
Ini video pas temen2 aku lg siap2 untuk acara Pesona Budaya Nusantara di Emporium tadi siang. Sayang bgt gak ada video pas perform soalnya aku keasikan nonton lupa videoin😂😂 pokoknya mah kalian warbyasahhhhh💗💗
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Goodnight from my wide forehead☺️
Siapa masih nonton Baper RCTI ? seru gak?☺️ //// Thanks for watching! pardon my voice ya😂😭
i was browsing old photos on my gallery and came across this. P.s : just hope that despite the status we can still stay close
i used to worrying about what other people thought, wondering if they liked me but i've found that widening the perspective can snap me quickly out of overthinking. its ok if people dont like you and its better to sorrounding yourself with less people that r real than sorrounded by lots of fake
"Bagus banget pola batiknya.." 📷 : [ @danuoct ]