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This pole is the only thing that will ever come between us.
When I met @aishatyler in 2014 I was mad at her for making a flippant comment about me during a random interview. She asked me to be on Who’s Line. I said no. But we kept running into each other... 5 years later... I have a best friend that when she isn’t teaching me how to navigate the ins and outs of our profession, she’s savagely chopping me down to size. Didn’t see that coming. She also made me fluent in Gaelic. Sufficed to say, I dig her.
For my buddy.
80% hiatus.
My buddy @jarettsays and I wore the exact same monochromatic outfit to dinner tonight. We did not plan this. 📸: @cassandrapants
75% hiatus —
The couple that crosses bridges together —
Can’t say enough about @seashimooka — What a terrific first year on our show. Always prepared. Always professional. Also.. she once punched me in the shoulder really hard when I wasn’t expecting it during the 150th episode. (Both David and I were afraid of her from that point forward.) She’s embraced the culture and the commitment it takes to be part of our show. What a pleasure.
Our kiddo wanted to sing @emilybett a song on her last day.
They sounded the alarm!!!
Meet The 👸’s —