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King of the jungle ?
Nope -just Ahmet Zappa enjoying the first pour of “wild stache “ in the country only at village pizzeria Larchmont !
“Wild Mustache “ beer now available at village pizzeria , the first keg delivered in the country ,
Who better then a son , Ahmet Zappa to share with on this Halloween Day .
Come give it a taste !
Village Pizzeria shout out to MLB.COM tv production crew for World Series at Dodger Stadium. Our pleasure to cater for your crew 10 pies and 90 sandwiches ( Chick, MB, Sausage and Eggplant Parm.)
Thanks for the schwagg too.
Hanging on the hallowed walls of village pizzeria for all these 22 years ...
Who’d a thunk it ??
Brooklyn born , Brooklyn roots - Giant love ?!
Time to re-face this neon clock.
As my dad always said , “son, when you need a job done right , get it done by the right guy ...”
“CurtisClocks” -the ‘clocktor’,
the right guy - the clock doctor!!
( boy am I glad spell check didn’t forget the ‘l’ )
🙏🏻☮️☯️🕉🌈🍕⏰it’s pizza time!
Should be everyday !🙏🏻☮️☯️🕉🌈🐘
Thanks to Kevin for the help today at the Bronson street block party .
You did a great job !
Clean shaven ,
“Power to the people , power to the people right on ....”🎶🙏🏻