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Holiday house for the week with the fam.
Office for the day.
Happy 8th Birthday little dude, Pikachu/ Darth Vader cake.
This makes me too happy not to share!
That moment 20min into a walk when everyone is behaving and in sync but you're only 2min from home! 😖
Wallet making on a Saturday night.
Inspired by my surroundings.
Yay I sold a wallet, only thing is the buyer is from WA, hopefully I'll break even after shipping. Might have to up their price.
This tooling leather thing is way harder than it looks. Gotta start somewhere I guess, and simple skull seemed fitting.
Also made this for a mate's dog "Zelda", tried my hand at tooling the logo. Clearly I need a lot more practice at this!
Think I better open an Etsy store to try and offload some of these items I've made trying to hone my leather skills.