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View of Xavier Square this morning. Might be a little hard to see, but trust me, the buds are starting to show on the trees! #BringOnSummer @stfx_business @stfxalumni @stfx_athletics
It’s a wonderful day on campus for convocation! Congrats to all Stfx graduates!! @stfxalumni @stfx_athletics @stfx_business
Help us find future Xaverians! On Wed Dec 12, 8pm, we are hosting a Facebook LIVE event form prospective students!! Please help spread the word! @theuofficial @stfxalumni @stfx_athletics
Amazing! This year we asked the global #StFX family to unite behind our students. And, you did! You raised over $172,500 for student financial aid, helping ensure students can continue accessing the financial support they need to thrive at StFX. Thank you so much! #OurStFX
The Stfx X-Ring means so much to so many. In this post, Dylan Lawrence provides a ‘mini doc’ about ‘The Meaning of The X-Ring’. Congrats to all who received today!! @theuofficial @stfxalumni @stfx_athletics
All set!!
#StfxX-Ring 2019
Today, 900+ Xaverians will receive the much-coveted StFX X-Ring. To celebrate, one of our fav videographers Dylan Lawrence compiled a ‘mini doc’ titled the Meaning of the X-Ring. The ceremony begins at 2pm ADT today. Watch live via @theuofficial @stfxalumni @stfx_athletics
One more sleep!!! Thanks Jami Campbell for telling us what the X-Ring means to you. Watch the ceremony via Monday, Dec 3, starting 2pm ADT. @theuofficial @stfxalumni
Only two more days!!! Thank you Evan for providing your thoughts on the legacy of the X-Ring! @stfxalumni @theuofficial
X-Ring Day is almost here...
Devann Sylvester reflects on what the Stfx X-Ring means to her... @stfxalumni @theuofficial
Hit that LIKE button! Tag your friends in the comments! We have until 11:59 pm AST on November 27 to raise as much as we can for StFX student financial aid programs. 1 Like = $1!