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Art installation? Found while at the park with the nieces - Oatlands Road Recreation Ground.
...And with the showcase of work by @janettwinntextiles. This is detail from ‘Lost in Landscape’. Again with the colour 💕.
#textileart #foq2018
I was also a bit taken with the exhibition of work by @alexandra.kingswell - More than the Sum. This piece is ‘Let the Rainforest Sing!’. Colour overload gets me every time!
#FOQ2018 #textileart
Another gem from the Art Textiles: Made in Britain exhibition at #FOQ2018. This time by Jessica Grady. Oh how I love these colour explosions inspired by underwater landscapes. The piece in the foreground is Jewel Anemone. 
My favourite part of the festival was the ‘Wild’ exhibition - Art Textiles: made in Britain. Detail from @casholmestextiles ‘Trees’ installation.
#textileart #FOQ2018
Found my babies at #FOQ2018! 
I think I entered them in the wrong category but it’s very hard to tell from a description and the winning pics from previous years. 
C’est la vie. 
Some amazing work here so stay tuned for more pics...
Despite this coat being absolutely breathtaking, I don’t think I could ever bring myself to cut into a woven Kashmir shawl to make it.
Spotted @ashmoleanmuseum yesterday. The shawl was from the mid-nineteenth century.
Two x nieces and @kajjop waiting for Aunty Tara today @ashmoleanmuseum.
The 50th birthday dinner venue - a more modern take on traditional Polish cuisine. Each room was decorated with Polish folk art. A lovely evening including a brief Chopin concert that’s on nightly at the moment. They’re big fans of the locally-born composer here.
There were also drawers full of embroidered ribbons, slippers and samplers but the glass tops reflected all the lighting from above so the pics are next to useless. I’m so keen to make myself a pair of felted, stitches slippers though! Last costume pic - Lachy Sadeckie women’s attire.
#polishembroidery #polishcostumes
This morning’s attire is an Opoczno girl’s outfit from the 1940-50s it had the most beautiful white broderie anglaise skirt.
#polishcostumes #lacework
I really wish I could have got closer to the costumes and other textiles in the Ethnographic Museum - such intricate detail, embroidery and weaving - but they’re all behind glass 😩. Seriously, look at the cross-stitching in those sleeves! This is a Krzczonow women’s costume from around 1920-40s.
#polishcostumes #polishembroidery #crossstitchlove