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@warmfolk was a Quiltcon discovery for me (yeah, yeah I know I’m not up with all ‘the’ quilting names). Daisy was also a judge’s choice award winner (not pictured). I love her colour combinations and bold shapes. Again, these quilts are not square so check out her feed for full scale. #quiltcon2018
This one is detail from fellow denim-quilter @kirkenoll’s prize-winning quilt (judge’s choice from @tarafaughnan).
The second pic is Charlotte and her friend Debby @dschindall. Such lovelies! They were friendly faces all weekend and even gave me a ride to the airport. Look forward to seeing them at another Quiltcon.
OK now I’m going to start the favourites. I reckon I’ll be posting these for the rest of the week. First up are these quilts by @dianavandeyar - She was a new discovery for me last year and I was lucky enough to meet her on Thursday. The first two quilts here won second and third prize in the modern traditionalism section. Just look at that quilting in pic 2, and those fabulous colours! And she still had other quilts on show. So talented!
Highlight lecture so far has been Jacquie Gering’s ‘Quilt as desired’. I bought her book ‘Walk’ about six months ago and it has totally changed my relationship with quilting. Up until that point I hated it and now I get excited to plan that part of the project.
This is detail from just one of Jacquie’s quilts on show ‘Rose and Thorn’
#quiltcon2018 @jacquietps
Aussies take Quiltcon Part II.
Both top left are the same tag, as are both bottom right.
PS any makers who weren’t at Quiltcon but would like a pic, let me know, I’m happy to email the full shot.
Aussies take Quiltcon Part I 
Twenty quilts from Australians! That’s a mighty fine effort from a little country (population-wise). Makers are tagged where possible. Note that most of these quilts are not square so visit the maker’s feeds for the real deal.
Top centre Pat Forster; bottom centre Margot Kitchen; bottom right Lauralinda Carota.
PS if I’ve left anyone out please let me know.
Then after hearing the talk and seeing the quilts, I joined up.
This is detail from ‘Waves No.4’ by Etsuko Takahashi from 1998. Check out the SAQA feed for the effect of the whole.
Now I’m off to throw myself back into the throng! #quiltcon2018 @saqaart
And then there was this little piece of Nancy Crow goodness ‘Study No.11’ from 1990.
#quiltcon2018 @saqaart
Despite all the excitement yesterday, I did manage to see some quilts, go to a couple of lectures and tick a few things off my list. First up was the SAQA* lecture on art quilts from the 70s through to today.
This one is detail from Yvonne Porcella’s 1981 quilt ‘Razzle Dazzle’.
*Studio Art Quilt Associates for those non-quilty friends.
#quiltcon2018 #saqaart
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on my win. Honestly I’m a bit like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the moment and I’m just utterly overwhelmed with all the quilts on show. Before I turn in for the evening though, I wanted to share my other quilt at Quiltcon - ‘What’s your time worth?’ (shown at right of shot).
The poor thing must be feeling a little left out.
Other makers are tagged except the black and white quilt which is by Lee Sproull.
Goodnight lovelies 😴
#quiltcon2018 #whatsyourtimeworth_tg
And then this happened! 
#quiltcon2018 #bluegiantquilt
After next to no sleep on the plane I had to crash for a few hours, but I’m upright now and out and about! Needing coffee.