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Instead of finishing the larger version of this quilt, I got distracted whipping up a baby one instead.
My new Strip Weave quilt pattern will be released late next month.
#upcycledshirts #shirtquilt #quiltinprogress #modernquilt #babyquilt #stripweavequilt
Trying to squish in all the things before heading to Sydney.
Two wonderful little exhibitions on @austapestry at the moment. This piece by @sallyblakeartist, Earth: 'Cores', was one of my favourites.
#tapestryweaving #elements #atwair16 #melbournelife
Golden Autumn afternoon.
#kensington #jjhollandpark #melbournelife
Deciding the combinations in this quilt was doing my head in, but I finally nailed it so finished top here I come!
#upcycledshirts #shirtquilt #quiltinprogress #modernquilt #modernaussiemaker #stripweavequilt
Good textile day today. Long awaited book arrived in the mail AND I finally met the lovely Melanie @textileallsorts in person! This is just a very wee part of the haul I picked up from her. If you're not following Melanie - go check out her feed - always a delight.
Detail from a piece by Felicity Gordon spotted at Edendale Farm today. Post tiger face-painting and baby calf feeding with the nephews. 🐯🐄🍼
No. 9 Patchwork
Bit slow to post this one. I have a small series of dye techniques I want to use, but they're proving unsuccessful to date. Fingers crossed I'll pull them off eventually.
#jeanpocketproject #patchwork #traditionaltextiletechniques #upcycling #makersgonnamake #textileart #artproject •
The jean pocket project is my year-long exploration of traditional textile techniques on what was once a utilitarian, but is now a ubiquitous fast fashion garment.
Ever have one of those days where you just shouldn't be allowed to drive a sewing machine? That was me today.
Hand sewing to the rescue and a finish to boot!
@kajjop @amyjean14 @getmaking
More family knitting... been spending time with my youngest sister who was sporting this little number knitted by Mum.
The family is putting my knitting output to shame.
@meridian.124 @amyjean14
Just the binding to go on 'Autumn' now and to put it in the mail then this little group will be done!
A few of my textile gals and I are taking part in the community exhibition at the Wangaratta textile festival. Anyone else heading there in July?
#miniquilt #textileart #patchwork #seasonspatchwork #stitcheduptextilefestival #seasonalstories
When your ironing board cover matches your latest #quiltinprogress. #stripweavequilt
Autumn well and truly underway, both literally here in Melbourne, and figuratively in the last of my seasonal mini quilts.
#miniquilt #textileart #patchwork #seasonspatchwork #stitcheduptextilefestival #seasonalstories