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✨I work as a brand manager but I'm also very fond of Stockholm
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went to @cafeblom (inside ArkDes/Moderna) first weekend of Feb, a day after the visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton - wonder if they went for a matcha or flat white or just a good old brew?? (jk I know they had catering but don’t you wonder how Prince takes his coffee?)
PS YOU CAN FIND OTHER CAFES IN STOCKHOLM I LIKE HERE —> #stockholm☕️ (someone has used this hashtag for wrong purposes but what can you do..)
sorry for radio silence but a break from IG is healthy sometimes 🌚📱
What are your plans this weekend? I’m thinking of checking out @eatalysthlm, maybe watching a French movie or two at @franskafilmfestivalen and paying a visit to @liljevalchs for #vårsalongen 🤔
a recipe for a good Saturday (according to me): brunch at @hobosthlm, a visit to @modernamuseet and @arkdesc, coffee at @cafeblom and then burgers at @theborderbvsb. Ok I know there’s a lot of food involved but it’s cold outside and food is a good excuse to meet old friends so no judging please 🌚
a reminder that there’s life and a beautiful city outside our 9-5 jobs and classes and stuff 😌
earlier today 😌😌
yes, there is def a correlation between sunshine and Stockholmers’ happiness
phone-free dinner anyone? 🌚
Went to this MINDFUL dinner experience situation at Paradiso where we put our phones in a box, ate mindfully (you’ll find out if you go) and listened to a violinist ✨ there’s spots left for 24/1 / and it is sort of an ad but not technically / and it’s obvi not my photos cause my phone was in a box 📱🕳
went to Midsommarkransen for the first time today (I know 🙈) & obvi fell in love with the area, so I think you should also go there if you haven’t been yet
Did you know there was a castle on Rörstrandsgatan? 🏰
Rörstrands slott is from the 16th century, it’s also where the famous porcelain factory Rörstrand was founded, so imagine how cosy the café is
favorit i repris ⚡️⚡️⚡️
you know how everything closes super early in Sweden? Well this Urban Deli is open until 1am every (!) day - you’ll find a grocery store, a restaurant, a café, a bar & a hotel under one roof. And I’ve seen Elin Kling shop there a couple of times so maybe you’ll see her too 💁🏽‍♀️
PS UD in Sickla and Nytorget are open quite late too but this one is the biggest (I think?)
👻 #stockholm☕️
/full disclosure: I’ve only had coffee here but food seems lovely too and the space is beautiful, buuut they also charge 7kr extra for different milk in a cappuccino and I don’t think it’s ok
Södermannagatan 🙌🏽
can’t wait for spring & sipping coffee  _outside_ mmm