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Back on tap.... TRAUST! Except this time it’s on Nitro for an even creamier and softer mouthfeel. Come get you some.
Just when you thought we were done with new hats, a couple late stragglers appear. Because why not?
No, we are not making pancakes. It’s yeast! Yeast that lived a wonderful life making #heartless and wasn’t recaptured for further use. RIP little buddies...
We are looking for a head brewer to take over operations ASAP! If you, or someone you know, meets the criteria found in the link our bio please send emails to brewery(at)stonehomebrewing(dot)com. 🍻
More swag alert! Hopefully these new hoodies will also bring that nice fall weather soon. 🤞🏻🤞🏻
Okay last ones. Same same, but different. Swipe for more!
We aren’t done yet! The classic Richardson 112 is simple and functional. Which color do you prefer?
Side vents not your style? How about a 7 panel? Swipe for color combos!
More hats! These side vented 920s are comfortable from the get go and quite breathable. Swipe for colors. Stay tuned for even more styles!
For those wondering what’s under the bill... swipe to find out! .
#drinklocal #craftbeer #ndbeer #watfordcity #brewery #hats
Drove across the state to brew a collab today with @halfbrothersbrewco. We feel very Welcome... to the family!
Just a normal daisy chain of hoses going into 2 brite tanks so that we can filter more #Heartless.