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Inclusive Social Sports :: Kickball :: Dodgeball :: Bowling :: Volleyball :: Softball :: Run Club :: and more!

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DJ Little Betty is mixing it up! Show starts in 15 mins! #stonewallssportsclt
She’s back! @mryouseeitmalachi
Are you ready for the best charity drag show in the city tonight? We’re getting set up and can’t wait for the party!
No matter your reason, JOIN US! Register today! #StonewallRainbowRun #ThisIsCommunity #DoGood
Registration for Fall 2018 Sports Opens in 7 days! It’s time to start forming your teams.

Kickball & Bowling open July 22 at midnight. Softball will open for captains on July 29 and players August 1.
NC kicking ass and taking names at the national tourney! Both National Champs in the A division (Raleigh Llamas-Raleigh) and B division ( Party City Showgirls- Greensboro) of kickball and National Champs for Volleyball (9 Inch Males-Raleigh)... you made North Carolina proud!
Will we see you at the community pool party on Sunday? We will be there registering people for the 2018 Stonewall Rainbow Run. #Excited
We are ready to the @stonewallsports national tournament weekend started!
No matter your reason, join us! REGISTER TODAY! #StonewallRainbowRun #ThisIsCommunity #DoGood
It’s official...2018 Sand Volleyball has kicked off! #stonewallsports #StonewallCLT #ThisIsCommunity #DoGood
Congratulations to our Interim Fall Softball Officer, LB Bendig! She’s looking for volunteers for the Softball Committee, email if you’re interested.
No matter your reason, join us! Register today!! #StonewallRainbowRun #StonewallCLT #ThisIsCommunity #DoGood