Ben Stone
Not every weekend has to be a sufferfest! Great mini-vacation getting wicked pitted with @kealasarah in Sandy Eggo. Bathwater ocean temps, radical swells, and quality food made this an exclusively type-1 fun weekend!
Wicked fun Sunday with @armchairalpinist on the full North Ridge of Mt. Stuart! Managed to romp it car-to-car in 16 hours and 42 minutes. After two weekends in a row climbing 50 classic climbs of North America my legs are fully shredded, and my climbing shoes have never smelt worse. Maybe it's time to focus on some cragging...🤔
Climbed the Northeast Buttress (V, 2500', 5.10-) of Mt. Slesse[📸1] this weekend with @drew_hurter [📸3]. Wicked route with sustained climbing in a really breathtaking position in the cirque. Leading out to onsight the 5.10- roof variation was wild[📸2], has to be the coolest pitch of alpine climbing I've ever done! Thuggy overhanging moves on pure jugs 2000' above the deck...still has me grinning. We had our fair share of route finding issues on the tricky crossover descent, but still managed to romp it in 19.5 hours car 2 car. Stellar 50 classic climb of North America, totally deserves all the hype!
Cheers! To the gear we love, and the gear we lose. Had my car burgled recently, lost a lot of great gear that I've had many memories with. Special R.I.P. to my beloved camera, well used @katabaticgear sleeping quilt, @sageflyfish fly rod, and quite a few @arcteryxseattle pieces. Sure, there will be new gear, but nothing can replace that beater gear you know and love, right?
Tonight I will be presenting with TV host and geology professor @nickzentner on the geology of local climbing crags! After sifting through old photos of good friends in places I love all week, I'd like to give a big thank you to all the climbing and skiing partners I've had over the years. Excited to see you all tonight, 7pm at Arcteryx Seattle!
They call this area "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific", and I'd have to agree. Unbelievable vertical relief, complex erosion features, and nifty volcanic hand samples! Lovely day with @kealasarah #rocksarecool #geologyrocks
Goodluck to my dad this weekend on his Mt Baker summit bid with college buds. May the weather be wrong, and the snow corny!
Got some serious weekend wiggles coming on, holy smokes what a work week! 🤪
My dad got the full Mount Rainier experience this weekend. Arriving at Camp Muir by midnight, getting rocked by an overnight blizzard while hunkered in our tent, and a surprisingly successful summit. My dad took me on quite a few savage hikes when I was really young. At the ripe old age of 64, I thought it was high time I returned the favor! Congratulations padre, you crushed it!!
Seth (@sethtrujillo) harvesting some well earned virgin corn on Rainier yesterday. Thanks spring for finally showing up!
Happy birthday @kealasarah! Cheers, to another year around the sun!
Blue bird spring skiing, just around the corner! 🌽🌽🌽