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Happy birthday @kealasarah! Cheers, to another year around the sun!
Blue bird spring skiing, just around the corner! 🌽🌽🌽
Had a rad time out with @drew_hurter @ean_d @ashtnr & @sleepyslothseth in beautiful British Columbia last week. Thought that was going be the last powder trip of season, but then it snowed 14++ inches at the pass last night...
Traversed through The Enchantments this weekend with Evan. Hard to say what the highlight of the trip was, but Aasgard Pass was certainly a high point (literally). Infamous for heinous icy shenanigans, we prepared for anything dropping in blind to the crux 2000' pitch. We found boot to knee deep cold smoke, steep and stable, on a tight continuous line all the way down to Colchuck Lake. Pretty sure we used up all our spring skiing karma on that one!
My dad sampling the snow this past weekend around Rogers Pass. Stoked for some more quality spring skiing with this guy!
How about this weather?! Sure felt great to thaw out this weekend in Bend with @kealasarah. Winter's not done with us yet, but this tease feels real nice 🌴
Duncan (@dmasland) enjoying some sunny-ish turns from this weekend. Winter has been delivering the goods lately, and also dealing some pretty heavy consequences. Stay frosty up there friends.
This is my good friend Megan (@meg_ers1). She's a badass endurance athlete and maintains a (mostly) health diet. She eats 121 mile ultra races for breakfast, lengthy adventure races for lunch, and is always hungry for an extra serving of sufferfest. Megan's diet got a little broader this weekend, as she ATE MY DUST @crowsfeetbend skimo race @mtbachelor. Likely to never happen again, I can now happily retire my brief skimo career. #winnerwinnerchickendinner🍗 #whenhellfreezesover #skiuphill
Bennett (@smellville) sliding into the white room this afternoon. Glad to have the powder back 🤙🏼
Whoops! @smellville and myself finding an open creek by surprise last Friday. Keep those ski tips up! #sharkattack
@blacktb skirting the slough this weekend. Thanks for the hospitality fellas (&Mal), had a great time! #braap
No blue skies this weekend 🤞