Ben Stone
No summit on this go around. Sick partners and wind had us foiled, but can't even be bummed. The Torre Valley surely has to be one of the best rest day locations on the planet. Hope to be back to this soon 🤞 but totally content to stuff my face and relax in the meantime. Get well soon fellas!
@iansiadak 📸/Roommate @rabscrivnah
Second Patagonian Summit: ✔️ Yesterday @iansiadak and I were able to lace up our climbing shoes and tag the summit of Aguja de L'S (furthest left in the Patagonia logo) via the Austríaca. The weather cut us a break with low winds, somewhat warm temps, and minimal snow/ice in the cracks. Now for some Super Domo and more empanadas!
Packing up today for another stint in the mountains. Getting a bit hopeful and bringing rock shoes this time! 🤞 🧗🏽‍♂️: @austin_siadak @iansiadak @siebevanhee @macodidier
First Patagonian Summit: ✔️
If you look at the Patagonia logo of the Fitz Roy Massif, Aguja Guillaumet is the peak furthest to the right. Yesterday morning @austin_siadak, @iansiadak and myself climbed the Coqueugniot-Guillot into the Comesaña-Fonrouge on Guillaumet. It was cold up there, but the wind gave us a break and the route's conditions made it feel like real Patagonian climbing. Now for some empanadas!
Merry Christmas Eve from the Tetons! ⛷️⛷️:@islays_words & Islay's mom
Today's my last day of work for the next 40 days or so. I'll be out in the mountains if you need me ✌️
🧗🏼‍♂️: Stephan Peters
Swung some tools around the pass this weekend. Considering how crummy Washington ice climbing can be, it was actually pretty good out! Even got to bail off Chair Peak like every other eager beaver this season. Looks like the faucet just got turned ON, time for some skiing!
It's now all downhill to the weekend🤘
Holy canoli, excellent steep and deep turns in the Nisqually Chute this weekend! Was great to hear friends hootin' and hollering all over the mountain again. More snow please 🙏
Tried to go climb Saturday, but went for a great ski instead. Best turns I've had all season! Keep it coming winter!
Sometimes the yellow snow looks pretty good.
Perfect fall weather this weekend in Squamish with @drew_hurter . Got some quality pitches in, and finished up what's likely my last weekend up here on the Grand Wall. Epic end to a great Squamish season!