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| fun | 
This shoot was so fun, can’t wait for the next with @tessathewes check her photos out, some series warm tone inspo for ya. Tony and I goofing off in the sand (cuz we aren’t that good at the romantic stuff) 😂 ❤️ 💕 
#couplesgoals #bestfriendsforlife #loversandfriends
| growth | 
As a young girl in high school I was insecure, hated my big forehead and my nose, hated the fact that I had a little extra fluff on my bod, hates that I had a large chest. There were so many things I didn’t do or try because of insecurities. As a grown woman I now love my crooked nose, my big forehead and my body, cuz I know I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be. God made me the way I am. I’m just trying to make sure my daughter grows up loving herself and having that self confidence I never had. 
#selfconfidence #selfieee #bodypositive #lovetheskinyourein #sandiegoliving
| studded 🖤|
I am in love with these shoes, and they’re so dang comfortable @nastygal . Can’t go wrong with little leather and studs. Perfect for jumping puddles in the rain yesterday #leatherandstuds 🖤✖️▪️⚫️
#studded #legshot #rainydays #californiastyle
| butter ball | 
I’m trying to shed my winter coat (aka, fluff) but I keep dreaming of @barrelrepublic and their delicious ghost pepper chips and butter pretzels. Ugh. Lol feeed me #beerandfood #yummmm #feedmenow #sandiegoeats
| Sip sip 🌹 |

Oh you know, just casually sipping on my vanilla rose latte from @revolutionroasters had to ask for the rose, lol 😂 cuz I’m extra sometimes. Then other times I’m putting tape on my nose 👃 to make it dance. (Check Insta story ) 🤗👌🏻 #sandiegovlogger #denimandcoffee #microinfluencer #ootd💗
| hubs |
This bike tho. Lol 😂 so much fun. @super73 rides like a dream. And this guys can’t get enough. #super73 #palmcrew18 #kiwis #californian #beachcruiser #electricbike
Give me more.... ugh. Why is coffee so good? Lol do they have CC meetings ? For caffeinated cuties who may have a problem? Cuz I need help, this coffee from @revolutionroasters is the 🐝 knees
| Baby boy |
I honestly don’t know how to describe motherhood. It’s a crazy ride, I wasn’t prepared for how much I could love a human being. You feel every emotion, but most of all... unconditional love. My heart explodes when I think of my babies. Can’t believe Levi will be 5 this year! 😫😍
| obsessed | 
I love love love the vanilla rose 🌹 ☕️ late . I’ve been wanting if everyday. If you’re in oceanside, Check out @revolutionroasters for an insanely good cup-a-joe. ☕️🤘🏻🤗
| lead the way | 
I know you lead the way... you keep me grounded cuz sometimes I dream too much. But sometimes dreams turn into our reality. Love you 😍 and love this photo. Thanks to @tessathewes (I think everyone needs a good pic like this one) 🤗🤘🏻 #lovestories #sandiegobeach #palmcrew18 #targetstyle #bohohair #wardcollective #loveisinthehair
| nuts | 
Coconuts for coconut water and balancing face oils. AND retinols, well... add glycolic to the list too. Lol skin junkie over here! 🤩💁🏻‍♀️
| future | 
Who knows what the future will bring... but I know it includes me and you. Even if you drive me crazy. Lol 😂 love you babe, and love watching our babies grow into strong smart little kids. Check out @tessathewes for some awesome photos. She’s pretty bomb. (Does anyone still say that?) 😂