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| fbf | 
A little flashback to our yummy coffee catch up date. Lattes with friends are the best. Well, loft coffee lattes are the best.
| trail blazer | 
Trails in piha. The views are unforgettable, the memories will last a life time. Piha, New Zealand vlog in bio. I love you New Zealand. (And my big kiwi 🥝 hubs) sorry for all the travel spam. We got that travel bug.
| peonies | 
My favorite flower.
| denim |
Double D(enim) over here. Double buckle. Double caffeinated. Done and done
| ride or die |
My other 1/2. My best friend. My total opposite. He’s everything I’m not. We make a perfect imperfect couple.
| trip | 
What a trip.... finally home after what seemed the longest flight ever. But I’m so blessed to have been on this trip with my hubs and the kids. 3 weeks of traveling, two countries, 3 zoos, 4 boat rides, 1,000 pictures and a lifetime of memories. Yes traveling with kids is exhausting, but worth it. Thanks babe for a fun trip. Xo see you in a few years NZ & AUS. 🇦🇺 🇳🇿 🐨
| AUS | 
Traveling... started in New Zealand where we went zip lining, adventuring & meeting fellow YouTubers. To Australia to be with family & friends. From Sydney to coffs harbor. We’ve seen wild kangaroo, kangaroo road kill, fed the wild parrots and now we celebrate a wedding tomorrow.
| cannon | 
This is us vacating, go pros, canon, microphone, iPhones. Lol obnoxious tourist is the name of the game. Sorry for the kangaroo and koala pics in advance. Lol 😂
| be kind | 
Be kind, unwind. Bondi beach feels like home. I️ love it here. The bondi murals are so cool.
| cassowary |
This giant bird is one of my favorites. Levi is so cute, he knows exactly which bird is which. Looked straight into his eyes... he wanted to kill me. Lol I️ could tell.
| piha | 
Today was absolutely beautiful, feeling so blessed and renewed after this trip. Traveling with two young ones across the world isn’t easy, but it’s worth it when you get cuddles in front of a scene like this.
| bye | 
Bye bye boring cup of jo... can’t wait for New Zealand lattes. It’s the best. And almost everywhere gives you a cool design in the foam. ☕️stay tuned... imma flood The internet with our shenanigans.