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Adventures in the south of France, living simply, building a home and chasing after two feisty little girls...

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It's feeling like autumn! It hasn't stopped raining but the novelty hasn't worn of yet...
A glimpse of last nights' evening sunshine as it pours with rain this morning and the roof leaks down on us! And I wrote a blog about our trip to the coast and our characterful bus' antics... It seems long ago now and the nostalgia has erased the sweaty heat and roadside peeps under the bonnet! Have a lovely weekend everyone...
Last day of the summer holidays and I forgot to check that the school shoes still fit.
The satisfying crunch of small feet breaking through the salt crust... We're back home now and relieved our van humoured us enough to bring us back at all with its inexplicable jerking and overheating and respites in Lidl carparks... I'm not sure we are rested but we did live!
The best of starts to our camping trip... All the best adventures start like this no?
After rubbing coffee grounds all over herself she then stripped the flowers from our tiny fuschia bush. Another successful day at being two years old.... #raisingragamuffins #summertime #fuschia #gardeningwithchildren #twoyearsold
So there was an evening this week when we had a fire and there were honestly no tears, no complaining, no burns (it's always me who burns myself) no fights and everyone was smiling AND Florent got a picture of it. I can permit myself to be this smug because this is so rare. I'm not sure it has ever happened before and if it happened all the time it wouldn't feel right but once in a while.... And I've finally updated with a blog about our summer so far with lots of pictures which don't correspond at all with what I've written but do feature a lot of lavender and sunflowers .... #summertime #frenchrenovation #southoffrance #wildandfreechildren #raisingragamuffins #childhoodunplugged 
#theartofslowliving #raisinggirls #thegreatoutdoors
That perfect summer evening light... #southoffrance  #longsummerdays #eveningstroll
Summer swimming. The weather's been a bit glum recently but we're holding out for more days like these before the end of the holidays.... #wildswimming #summertime #southoffrance
Sunflower after sunflower after sunflower field... #sunflowers #summertime #southoffrance
First blackberries of the year. 
#forage #raisingragamuffins #summertime #wildandfreechildren #southoffrance
Raspberry harvest! There are few things that make me happier than watching the girls gorging on fruit from the garden... Not so much stripping the still-green tomatoes from the plants but those are the swings and roundabouts of gardening with two year olds I suppose.