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Frogs Liking Water by @masonrosephoto ✨ the audio is from an old home video of a very southern 4 year old Stormi frog hunting with my mom, sis and golden retriever
🖤 by @masonrosephoto
Hey guys sorry I had to take a little break from social media, real life got a little too real for a sec so it didn’t feel right to post pics that made it seem like everything was fine. It’s all getting better now though, sometimes you have to figure out a way to process someone else’s cruelty and remember they haven’t had the same life as you. Since I spent my birthday alone I decided to give myself a mental gift. To change my mentality on my current situation, start creating again, start going to the places I love and seeing the people I love. This year has been the hardest yet but also the most beautiful. It has tested me and my ability to stay strong and remain a good person through the struggles. Definitely not in a conceited way but in all humbleness I am proud of the new person I have become. Couldn’t have made it without my family and friends though, I am forever grateful. Excited about this new chapter of my life and ready to take on 2018 with my new indestructible mindset. Show yourself a little love today, do at least one of your favorite things because I’m sure I can’t be the only one who has had a rough go at it lately. If I can make it through so can you!💕
Should I release my music video on Christmas or New Year’s Eve?
Mom jean modeling like... ahaha
Magic hour ✨💫⭐️
Um you’re so beautiful 🖤
Mom life ahaha
Tb to when I was in a band, I’ve had such a fun life🙌🏼 U.G.L.Y.
I may or may not be playing live in LA this month🙊 who’s coming? Stay tuned🤗 ps the name of the song is My Goodbye and it’s my song☺️
Good morning you🖤