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Doing the Air & Water show in style. @menloclub had my back!
Summer vibes ☀️ 📸 @rachel_liv
Need new dress shoes! Grab yourself these double monk shoes or visit their website for more options. 10/10 @beckettsimonon
Tip Tuesday: Every guy wants a smooth clean face. is an exfoliating facial scrub that cleanses the face and sloughs away dry, dead skin. Pumice gently buffs away impurities to prepare for a closer shave while Aloe is used to moisturize, soften and soothe skin. This  facial scrub is lightly scented with agarwood followed by balance of sandalwood and musk. Suitable for all skin types. You can purchase this with amazon prime and receive it within 2 days! Give it a try!
Business casual at the office today! Don’t forget to have your coffee ☕️ this morning! #expresslife #expresspartner 📸@karinajesenie
It’s Monday and I’m at the gym thinking about the pizza I get to eat on Saturday! 📸 @misterleff
This weekend was filled with good vibes and some 🍻’s lol. Let’s have a great Monday! 📸 @iammrmartinez
Style Tip Tuesday: A light linen or cotton blazer keeps me looking cool and feeling cool this summer. I grab this light blazer from @uniqlousa . 📸 @iammrmartinez
It’s Friday and I am Sooo Ready for the Weekend! Keeping it casual at work or going out tonight @expressmen has me covered for every occasion. This outfit  says “Summer”. Receive $25 off a purchase of 100+ . “exclusions apply”. Promo code: 8255. 📸 @rachel_liv #expresspartner #expressdenim #expresslife
Hot 🔥 and Humid 🥵 but still find me in a suit. Light weight and breathable. I swapped out the white shirt for a baby blue. Thoughts 💭? 📸 @rachel_liv
Style Tip Tuesday: Hyper Stretch Jeans fit me. The extra stretch is so comfortable why I’m traveling/running around for my daily errands. @expressmen  #expresspartner #expresslife #expressjeans 📸 @rachel_liv
So I tried to grow my beard out again for y’all ... but it got hot and itchy... one week later... Yesterday  shaved it off again 😂. Please enjoy the beard photo! Oh and 3 piece suits are my favorite!  This color says summer! 📸 @misterleff #tbt