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The annual event honours achievers from Bollywood as well as the beauty and fitness industries for their tireless efforts and excellence in their chosen vocation #blog #ellebeautyawards
The palette for these sarees is almost entirely neutral and pastel making it a blank canvas to add on striking accessories or sporting a more subdued ensemble. Don’t be fooled by the restrained charms of rustic sarees and believe them...... #blog #sarees
New products added to our #sale - Gorgeous #sarees that would be perfect additions to your wardrobe! Check out all the styles here:
Colour block sarees have all the trappings of being progressive but stop just short of going into the completely out-there category. A fantastic option for ladies who want a little something extra from their traditional sarees..... #blog #sarees
Another modern Indian saree is the decidedly kitschy style that’s got oodles of sass and quirk built into the design. Meant to appeal to those who shrug their shoulders and roll their eyes at all things overly mass, kitschy sarees are.... #blog #sarees
Chic cuts and a modern take on traditional styles are now on #sale ! We love the vibrant colours and the gorgeous detailing on these #lehengas #tunics -
Probably the most recognizable style of sarees thanks to the style divas of Bollywood, cocktail sarees are as the anti-thesis of the demure drape. Styled to accentuate those curves and show off those abs and toned arms, cocktail sarees are.. #blog #sarees
Massive #sale of upto 50% on casual styles in the Amortela  collection. Check out all the styles on sale here:
There a tons of varations of fusion sarees that veer very close to the gown category but a truly fusion saree still maintains the integrity of a crisp drape. Paired with sheer leggings, belts and overlapping blouses, there are limitless.... #blog #sarees
Pick up stylish men's #kurtas and #sherwanis that are now on #sale ! You'll love the styles that feature stylish cuts and intricate detailing. Shop the sale:
#new #sarees added to our massive ongoing #sale -  you wouldn't want to miss out on these! Check out all the Sarees in the Kyra collection on sale:
There are some exceptional qualities of a saree. The first being its ability to instantly transform the wearer into a beacon of grace and elegance, no matter what her age. Followed by the sheer versatility of a saree that’s impossible to ... #blog #sarees