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Minneapolis tonight!! Let's shreeeeed 🎸💪
Sioux Falls tonight! Back on track to shred with @warbringermusic and @darktranquillityofficial 💪 #shred
Montreal! Amazing show! Toronto tonight! Shred 💪Photo by @petrescumihaela 👌
Striker's first show ever in New York City tonight with @warbringermusic and @darktranquillityofficial 😎. #strikermetal #darktranquility #striker #heavymetal #metal #shred 📸 by @jpac_photography
Gearing up for a killer show here in Charlotte with @darktranquillityofficial and @warbringermusic ! Make sure you stop by the merch booth for some brand new shirts and albuuuuums! 👌#striker #strikermetal #darktranquility #metal
💥Second show of the tour tomorrow in Charlotte after the unfortunate cancellation of 3 shows. As a bunch of Canadians who have never been in a hurricane area we have been amazed with how calm and accommodating everyone in Florida has been in the path of Hurricane Irma. Stay safe! 💪 📸 by @pipozoft
New music video out now! Link in our bio! Shred 💪#striker #strikermetal #shred #guitar #formerglory #metal #heavymetal #speedmetal #hairmetal #hurricaneirma
That time we drove into a class 5 hurricane to unleash our heavy metal fury #hurricaneirma #darktranquility #baddecisions
Did you know, Tim has a slight addiction to Jackson guitars??? -How long been in the band? Since 2013, did some Armed to the Teeth tours! -When did you start playing your instrument? I started playing guitar in 2003
-Major influences? Heavy Metal, hits from the 80s, cat food commercials, Marty Friedman -Best live show you’ve seen? Anthrax on the main stage at 70k tons of metal this year melted my brains. Let's go with that for now
-Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast? I'd have to go for Puppets, I even did a tribute set once and played it front to back... Or maybe that was ride the lightning... Either way I've played those songs a thousand times -Dogs or Cats? Kitties bruh
-Spotify or YouTube? Praise be to YouTube. Teach me how to do things
-Full Speed or No Speed? Why not both?
Legendary singer Dan Cleary keeping it real:
-How long been in the band? 
Since the very beginning! All Ian Sandercock and I needed was a name. -When did you start playing your instrument?
Started out with the guitar when I was 14 or so, started singing once we found out no one wanted to sing haha.
-Major influences? 
Big fan of Carl Albert, Dio, Geoff Tate, Bruce Dickinson, Kelly Hansen -Best live show you’ve seen?
Maybe Saxon 08 Bang Your Head festival
-Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast?
Ahhhh I think Number of the Beast. -Dogs or Cats? 
Dogs for sure.
-Spotify or Youtube?
YouTube, so many videos so little time.
-Full Speed or No Speed?
Full speed always!!
Smashy smash! Adam Brown on drums 💪💪💪....
-How long been in the band? Since 2010 - we were young once!
-When did you start playing your instrument? I started drumming around grade 8…so 14 years? My first gig was the grade 9 jazz band. How things have changed. -Major influences? I’d have to say Brad Pitt in Troy. That movie is sweet. Tom Cruise and Harrison Ford. But if you’re asking about drummers though. Nick Menza Rust in Peace era (RIP). -Best live show you’ve seen? Probably Metallica in Edmonton when we opened up for them. For a lot of reasons. I’ll never forget the part in Creeping Death where the whole stadium was just chanting “Die! Die! Die!”. Metal. -Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast? Well. How ironic this is the next question. But definitely Master of Puppets. A lot of people shit on Larz’ drumming, but that album is sick. You go play Battery. -Dogs or Cats? For the first 18 years of my life, absolutely a cat guy. But now I think dogs are the shit. Their ability to get insanely stoked over nothing is incredible. -Spotify or Youtube? I mostly Youtube all day everyday. Recently started using Spotify, kind of like how it’s more album based where on Youtube you mostly get the hits. -Full Speed or No Speed? I enjoy both speeds really. Sometimes sitting on the couch and playing video games and drinking beer for 5 hours is just the best thing in the world. I say though that 80% of 100% of the time, I’d prefer Full Speed.
Did we forget to mention... Chris Segger is back in the band! 👍👍👍
-How long have you been in Striker?  Since the beginning!  With a 2 and a half year sabbatical from 2014 - 2017
-When did you start playing guitar? I first picked up a guitar when i was about 10 but I really got excited about it around 16 or 17
-Major influences? Iron Maiden was always my number 1, love Adrian Smith, Paul Gilbert would be another big one.
-Best live show you’ve seen? Oh man SO many.  Iron Maiden every time, Edguy at Wacken 2005 and Heaven and Hell to name a few off the top of my head
-Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast? Number of the Beast no question, still that's like asking if you'd rather be able to see or hear, both are unbelievably iconic.
-Dogs or Cats? Much easier question, dogs.
-Spotify or Youtube? I embarrassingly don't even really know what Spotify is so Youtube.
-Full Speed or No Speed? I like to tell people full speed but I'm more of a cautiously planned 9 over the speed limit kind of guy