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Experts in handmade bowties for casual every day wear. Established in 2016, Amsterdam. By Shon Price, Jasper Holleboom & Bas Mutsaards.

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We had a blast at the Festival Market of @adatpfest Thanks to organisation for having us and everybody who visited us!
WIN WIN WIN! Komende zaterdag (15 juli) staan wij met Strikstof op de laatste editie van @adatpfest en jij kan erbij zijn, want we geven 2 tickets weg!! Wat moet je doen? Easy! Tag je partner in crime en like allebei onze pagina, thats it... Vrijdag maken we winnaars bekend #tag #tag #tag
Yes Yes Market Time!! Come and check out our stand at the 10th and final edition of @adatpfest And stay tuned because this week we gonna give away 2 tickets for the festival, so you can come and party with us!!
MEET THE WINDOWSHOPPER! Dat alle ogen op 'The Window Shopper' zijn gericht is niet zo verbazingwekkend. Van een afstandje ziet hij er interessant uit. Maar van dichtbij ontdek je pas de typografische print die erin verscholen zit. Hij is klassiek met een twist en trekt veel aandacht. Ben jij er klaar voor om bekeken te worden? Go get yours at, Free Shipping in NL
This striking appearance goes all out at night. His senses are sharp. He’s doesn’t fear the unknown, loves to approach strangers en toys with that which he likes. A beastly confident true charmer.⠀
Model @lucvh: “The Hunter is Hot. It’s one of the most fashionable bowties. It’s strongly present without showing off. Every man has at least one item in his wardrobe where he could match him with. The question is not only if you dare to wear it, but also if you’re man enough to handle the attention he gives you.”⠀
Photography by; @ottovandentoorn ⠀
Styling by: @van_my ⠀
MUA: @marshacalori ⠀
MEET THE AMBASSADOR! He’s your best friend, walks trough fire for you and gets the best out of you. He’s versatile and can adapt easily. His loyalty completes every outfit. On casual and special days is The Ambassador a big success. Go get yours at, Free Shipping in NL
PERFECT WEDDING ACCESSORY! Still looking for inspiration what to wear on a summer wedding? Stop looking and get one of our bowties, this one is called 'The Grandma' and comes in a nice box. Make it Count! Get yours at >>> <<< FREE SHIPPING IN NL
TODAY IS A GOOD DAY! We are all about positive vibes & attitude. Every single bowtie of our collection has nice words embroided on the inside. Make it Count! Go get yours at, Free Shipping in NL
BOWTIE VIDEO: Meet The Artist! Model: Esat Figengul Video by: @beemflights Edit by: @lisakolster
HOLY SHIT! Last month we got published in the annual L'HOMO magazine of @linda_magazine, we're lost in words! #nextlevelshit #knuffelenmetdouwebob
The Tough Guy observes and is unpredictable. He has a strong character, but lays low in the background. Without him doing any effort his attractive appearance makes him stand out. He refuses to be dictated. No! He does everything his way. Go get yours at, Free Shipping in NL
The gorgeous @mariachonamejia shows that our bowties are as cool for women, as they are for men! Nos gusta esta foto, hasta pronto guapa.