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I had so much fun shooting with the new Galaxy S10+ and loved the Ultra Wide Angle mode! Head over to my story to check out the tutorial! #WithGalaxy #Samsung #SamsungGulf @samsunggulf
mini messy muppets
i got you//you got me
biryani won’t betray you
Swipe left. Braids braids braids! A few shots from a fun shoot we had at @dessangebahrain 💇🏽‍♀️
peony for your thoughts?
pulp fiction
the month of sharing🍴
This is probably the most important post I’ve ever put up on my account.
Here's to 10 minute power cries in the parking lot and then running to class because I had no time to show emotions. Here's to going through the McDonald's drive through and asking them if they had any vacancies. Here's to staring at calculus equations for an hour straight and wondering if you could purposely get into a car accident to skip your final. Here's to fighting the other students to the death to get registered into courses. Here's to wondering if there's a 60 year old sugar daddy out there who's willing to marry me if I drop out. Here's to staring at my history final paper and laughing for 10 minutes before actually answering. I have no idea when my graduation ceremony is going to be and your girl isn’t patient. Also a massive middle finger to everyone that didn’t reply to me in WhatsApp groups when I needed help. Y’all are straight up mean. 
I never thought I would get out of this university alive, neither did my friends and family, who always gave me sympathetic pats on my back after I told them I was applying to UOB.
But here I am, Bachelors in Business Administration. Bomb GPA. Believe in yourself even if you’re on the edge of having a mental breakdown (or many) and push yourself through it all. الحمدلله 👩🏽‍🎓
Swipe left! A few shots from yesterday’s Iftar photowalk with @fotobh. Blessed be the month🌻
just going to sleeve this right here