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Paying tribute to all who live in the sunshine and drink in the wild, wild air // Photography by Kelly Fan // @kollofo

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An ode to a lovely chinese tradition this mid-autumn’s night. May your bellies be filled with sweet lotus mooncake, hands warm from lantern walks with loved ones, and heads capped with luscious pomelo skin. 🌚 with @trinagan 
The Lims // Photography by @studiokel_photography .

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It’s been over a year since I was invited to document Melvin and Yan's fight against cancer. Right up to the end, Yan was kind, brave and full of grace and grit - she took on life with nothing less than a solid #thwip. She would have turned another year older today, and I imagine she would've spent the day like any other day - giving back to others in her signature upbeat way. Her spirit lives strong. 
This weekend, in a bid to carry forward Yan’s giving spirit, her husband Mel Vin will be running the Vietnam Mountain Marathon to raise vital funds for the National Cancer Centre Singapore's research in genetic cancers. The climb’s ascent and descents are punishing, but this man embodies grit like no other. He has been training hard for this and hopes to complete the marathon within 9 hours.  If anyone can do it, it’s Melvin. 
Do lend some support here: 
All funds will be donated to the Cancer Genetics Service of the National Cancer Centre Singapore

With Melvin's blessings, I share these images that we captured 5 days before our dear Yan passed. 
What song gets you going? Bedebop bop bop ⠀
// Extra special conducting a shoot for these two peas in a pod, specially when I'd promised @sylviabay I'd look after her baby sis and future BIL well. #serondedbylove #easybreezybeautiful #studiokel #studiokelportraits ⠀
// With the ever-game Ron + Selene | Studiokel Photography by Kelly Fan⠀ // Special thanks to Sir Barkath of @thegreatmadras for welcoming @studiokel_photography into the gorgeous hallways
If the waves could sing // @studiokel_photography by Kelly Fan⠀
This baby just arrived! And I can’t take my hands off the handsome fella 🤗 Weighing in at a sturdy 8 pounds, linen bound lay flat in velvet asahi Indigo, sealed with a textured gold deboss. Handcrafted with care with rich archival inks. Definitely a @studiokel_photography heirloom classic ❤️ // And just in time for Samuel & Clarice’s wedding weekend! // #handcrafted #photoalbum #lifetime #storiesforgenerations
'Like leather' - he says, when I ask what she smells like // @studiokel_photography by @kollofo⠀
#BFFS // Taking #studiokel #familyphotography to a four-legged level 🐮 🐮🐮⠀
A lil summer heat to beat the summer heat :) // Micheal + Lauren // @studiokel_photography by Kelly Fan⠀
Spending summer in New York and found Libertas, a roman liberty goddess. // With the lovely actress @marisa.roper, shot on the rooftop of @sonysquarenyc for the launch of #SonyA7rIII as the sun gave way to nightfall on 25 Madison Avenue // Happy Independence Day, America💚⠀
NYC | July 2018 | @studiokel_photography by Kelly Fan⠀
Who would you take to your deserted island? Your soul mate, your tribe... and that furry best friend // Absolute joy photographing these two, and their very heartfelt DIY solemnisation - That gorgeous macrame backdrop is handstitched by the bride, knot by knot. What. A. Labour. Of. Love. ❤️// Julian + Laura // @studiokel_photography by @kollofo .
When these two told me they first met backstage while prepping for a show, I thought: let’s stop performing for a moment and be yourself. What does one look like #backstage ? // Pavel + Maria // @Studiokel_Photography by Kelly Fan ⠀
When the sun comes out to dance between the alleys of Gion, the Smolders come out to bask // Evening walk with the smoldering Smolders // Jan + Kim // Kyoto, Japan // @studiokel_photography by Kelly Fan