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I have no words, I just want to stay stay here! This experience was beyond incredible, I was so blessed to meet so many inspiring, kind and talented women @gabrielle_koster @ninabotzen @thegreenmonki @iznowgood_ @ethicalunicorn @leotielovely , the VEPSI team- Eilean and Leslie and the Neonyt organizers💙 this experience will last with me forever! I got to learn so much and give as much as I could during the panels🌱. I want to say huge thanks to @vepsi_official and for making this whole thing possible. See ya next time!🇩🇪 #neonyt #vepsiambassador #actlikeahero
NEONYT ETHICAL FASHION WEEK DAY 2- today we had a panel discussing about the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 🇺🇳 which was absolutely amazing ❤️ the talk was so so interesting and I got the chance to talk about animal rights, how positive activism works and how can we create an impact through social media 🌱 And now, we’re in a fun Vegan food tour with my new mate @forkandwalktoursberlin 👋🏼 #vepsiambassador #neonyt #actlikeahero @vepsi_official @unitednations @sdgaction @ethicalunicorn @iznowgood_ @leotielovely @gabrielle_koster @ninabotzen @thegreenmonki
Neonyt Ethical Fashion Week- day 1

I arrived to Berlin yesterday and immediately felt like I’m back home 🇩🇪 The amazing atmosphere, the nice people, the beautiful architecture and the cold weather made me feel so happy☺️ I got to explore the city and meet people (and some of you, too!) Evening came and I got to meet amazing bloggers from all around the world and the amazing VEPSI team, Leslie and Eilean, who brought us here as their Ambassadors of Change.

Today has started in an incredible vegan restaurant with artsy, wonderful dishes and from there we made our way to the Neonyt Fashion Week. I got to meet incredible, innovative ethical, vegan brands that I will hopefully share with you in the near future. We had a photoshoot and then an incredible panel all about Sustainable Influencer Marketing and the practices, potential and paradoxes that we face. I mainly focused on sustainable, ethical VEGAN fashion, a filed that is often forgotten when it comes to sustainability. 🌱

take a look at my stories to experience more of the day! 🙏🏼 and now; it’s time for me to eat my vegan burger 🌱😋
#VepsiAmbassador #NeonytBerlin #ActLikeaHero @vepsi_official @ethicalunicorn @iznowgood_ @ninabotzen @leotielovely @gabrielle_koster @thegreenmonki
When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change 💕 I’m so obsessed with this gorgeous vegan pair of boots from @veganmind_tlv 🤭 it is so comfy and vibrant, adds so much character to every look and if you’ve seen me in the streets of TLV, you might have recognized me thanks to this bold, fun pair of boots☺️ So many people stopped me and asked where I bought it from and it just stated full, long conversations about vegan, fair , ethical fashion, that hopefully made people rethink their choices 🤭

What’s the one item you cannot stop wearing lately?🤔
Boots from @veganmind_tlv by the lovely French brand @goodguysdontwearleather 📸 : @revital_shopipal {AD}
When you realize your flight is in less than a week- there’s a good reason to smile 🤗
Oh, and let me tell you a bit more about this fancy dress - it is from a GORGEOUS ethical brand named @amadiclothing - they are a LA based brand, and all their garments are designed and made in Los Angeles by lovely, professional, hard-working people 🇺🇸 While AMADI aren’t vegan, they do have a huge variety of vegan garments and this dress is one of them🌱 when do you think I should wear it? 🤔 {AD}
Tel Aviv is probably the most vegan-friendly city in the world.🌱 We have so many vegan restaurants here, so many incredible vegan alternatives in each and every supermarket, but one thing this city hasn’t had was a vegan boutique. I’m happy to tell you that now it does!🙌🏼🤗🙊
@veganmind_tlv , the first ever vegan boutique in Tel Aviv, is located in Dizengoff street. It offers cruelty-free, vegan, fair-trade, ethically and sustainably made high-quality shoes, bags, belts and accessories by amazing, well-known brands from all around the world for men and women.💁🏽‍♀️
All the items sold in Vegan mind are 100% vegan and animal-friendly, Coming from vegan companies all around the world. Vegan Mind is here to prove everyone that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to be beautiful, high quality and fun!
Vegan Mind cares not only about animal welfare, but also about human welfare and human rights, and that’s why all the brands sold in Vegan Mind are fair-trade, and ethically made, committed to caring for the workers by providing them with good working conditions and fair salaries.🙏🏼
To read more about this AWESOME PLACE, go to my blog ❤️ #VeganMind #AD 🌱
Boots and bag from @veganmind_tlv 
Boots: @goodguysdontwearleather 
Bag: @meliebianco
📸First picture by : @revital_shopipal
Looking back at 2018 like ...🤓
This year has been amazing. I cannot even sum up all the amazing experiences I’ve had in the past year, the places I’ve been to ( 🇨🇿, 🇩🇪, 🇮🇹 , 🇻🇦), the people I’ve met during those adventures, the massive changes I’ve made, the hard work I’ve been putting into Style with a Smile, the awards I won (# 1 vegan blog chosen by @eluxemagazine, one of the top 30 vegan fashion bloggers, best dressed vegan at @vildamagazine, outfit of the year chosen by @vildamagazine), being featured at Cosmopolitan- the dreams I didn’t even dare to dream started coming true, working with amazing brands, evolving, building such a beautiful, strong community of people who became my family (YOU), hearing from people who became vegan or gave up leather thanks to my content, talking with so many of you, doing lots of empathy hours, spending days and nights in front of my computer writing content, getting a job as a journalist in one of my favorite magazines @eluxemagazine .... I am so happy and thankful for every single one of you who has been here during 2018. It hasn’t been easy, there’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes but when you love what you’re doing, it’s all just worth it 🙏🏼 I’m so grateful and thankful for each and every single one of you and I hope you feel it! My heart is bursting with love - all of this couldn’t have happened without you❤️ Special thanks to my friends who are always by my side💕
I wish you all a happy, positive, fun, inspiring 2019🥳. I have a really, really good feeling about this one 💕 
Oh, and by the way- if you want to try veganism during the new year, you should definitely join @weareveganuary ! They will help you with everything you’d possibly need for free and you’ll meet lots of awesome people🤗💕
Wearing @v.ganfootwear boots, I’m obsessed with them! (PR sample)
Celebration Of Holidays❤️
The Holiday of Holidays is an annual celebration of the religious and cultural diversity of the city of Haifa in the north of Israel which takes place every December and marks the Channukah, Christmas, and Ramadan holidays, for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim residents of Haifa who live peacefully side by side ❤️ This evening was so magical! I spent it in the German Colony in front of the lovely Baha’i World Center and the Peace Sqaure, which is possibly the most beautiful area of the city and I couldn’t be more excited- the Colony was filled with so many lights and so many happy people, so many languages and so much love in the air. I wish you all happy holidays& you can see more of my adventures today in my stories ⭐️ #happyholidays 🎄💕
Happy and excited to share this with you😊- I’m going on a press trip to Berlin for Neonyt Fair Fashion Week as one of VEPSI x NEONYT’s ambassadors of change, along with 6 awesome bloggers- I’m gonna talk there and will share my journey with you on my Instagram stories, so make sure you’re there between 14-18January 😏 If you’re attending Neonyt, please let me know, I’d love to see you there- it’s gonna be so fun!🤭 Lets just hope this trip won’t end as my last trip to Berlin last year (tip: don’t walk on ice while video chatting🤦🏽‍♀️ If you are a veteran here, you will remember that😅) In the meanwhile, any recommendations for yummy vegan restaurants in Berlin?😋 let me know 🤗 @vepsi_official #vepsiambassador
This is how it all starts! 😍 Just me and some organic cotton 💛 •Cotton is a sustainable fiber- The seeds are planted in the spring and harvested in the fall. It takes about five to six months for the plant to mature and the bolls to open for harvesting.
•Australia and Egypt produce the highest quality cottons in the world - and if were talking about Australia 🇦🇺, you should check out my new blog post! It’s the first official post of my new travel project- “Be Our Guest”🥳 - As you probably know, I love traveling as well as writing and sharing my travels experiences with you.  In the past year, I created a series of travel posts called “Travel Diaries”. I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Prague 🇨🇿 , Berlin 🇩🇪 , and Rome 🇮🇹 and created a dedicated, full guide to each of those amazing places. 
Since I cannot travel everywhere in the world (as much as I want to! haha🤭), I came up with the idea of creating travel guides to places all around the world with the help of… you, residents of the world 🌎 I believe that no one can really explain and write about a place better than a local– so those guides will for sure be both informative and unique. 🗺 ❤️ The link is waiting for you in my Instagram story. This local guide was written with the lovely @janfii23 ❤️🌟 let me know what’s the next city you want to see in this project and if you want to take part of it ☺️
I cannot even describe how excited I am right now, and I’m so, sooo excited to share it with you all- OMG, I’M in @cosmopolitan 😱! Cosmopolitan Japan reached out to me 3 weeks ago in order to interview me about as part of their article « Cosmo girl’s Eco guide: Together, Save the planet!». 🌎
Cosmopolitan’s idea behind this article:”....As Cosmopolitan is a female oriented magazine, We aim at rising awareness among young female in a FASHIIONABLE WAY! So, in this article, We want to introduce charismatic ladies across the globe regarding how they are contributing to eco-friendly daily action”. ❤️
It has been a great honor to take part in such an amazing article. Since it’s all in Japanese, let me sum it up for you. I was talking about changing our impact on the world for the better by taking two actions: 1. committing to veganism- I explained the horrible impact of animal agriculture on animals and on the planet and the true cost behind non-vegan fashion on animals, people and the environment. 
2. Social Change- Being vegan is far from a personal matter of simply fulfilling my consumer preferences. In its ideological core, being vegan is nothing not about me; it is all about other beings and about the environment, which belong to no one and to all. Therefore, changing myself was the first step, the simple step. The second step is changing the world. In the past I was a social activist for animal rights for two years. I took part in demonstrations, presentations, marches and even helped my friends build a sanctuary farm. In 2016, in order to make a difference in the world in a way that I absolutely love, I started a vegan blog named Style with a Smile. The blog is all about vegan fashion, lifestyle and travel. I use it to spread the vegan message with a smile, encouraging people to live more consciously. I strive to inspire a social change, and the feedback it receives suggests some changes do occur. Even small changes by other people can make a huge difference for animals and the environment! 🍀Massive thank you to all the amazing @cosmopolitanjapan team and congrats to the beautiful, amazingly talented and inspiring @elenasansh & @dominiquedrakeford ❤️🎉
✨𝐆𝐈𝐕𝐄𝐀𝐖𝐀𝐘✨ I’ve linked up with my @petitvour family to host a very merry holiday giveaway, filled with my #crueltyfree and #vegan favorites from 2018 (over $100 value!). Rules:
to enter
1. follow @petitvour + @style.withasmile
2. Tag your animal-loving friend 🐿
3. Tell us one major goal you have for the coming year. 
TWO winners will be selected. giveaway ends wednesday 12.12 at 10am GMT+2.

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