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Leopard print made a major comeback this fall-winter, but how can we wear it in an elegant, chic (&vegan) way? >> find out in my new blog post! The link is waiting for you in my bio 🐆
What’s your favorite leopard print item?🤔
Mine is definitely a leopard skirt 🙋🏾‍♀️
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“You will never influence the world by being just like it.”. 🦋

I’m so happy to finally share those pictures with you all! 
@cje_official chose inspiring people from all around the world to lead her new campaign- I don’t follow, I lead - as a vegan fashion influencer 🐮 
To me- this means to LIVE the change you wish to see in the world, to speak up for what you believe in,  to be a voice and to inspire others to DO better, BE better and CHOOSE better 🙏🏼
Through my blog I share my ethics, philosophy and beliefs with the world. My goal is to inspire people open their hearts and re-think their choices, in order to make a positive change in this 🌎 We are all influenceres, and we all influence the world with our choices, our lifestyle and our behavior. My goal is to inspire others to choose compassion, kindness and positivity- not only towards animals- but towards themselves as well. What does it mean to you? #IDONTFOLLOWILEAD 🌿
Sometimes the best moments are the ones you didn’t plan at all 🍀 I had such a fun, spontaneous day in Tel Aviv today, with my amazing friend @revital_shopipal that you probably all know by now. We walked around Tel Aviv, met amazing people, ate delicious food, laughed and even played pètanque with some French tourists! ✨ watch my stories to see some fun moments from today! I’m so grateful for having such a friend, I’m grateful for being here in Tel Aviv, the vegan capital, and I’m so so grateful for the present 💕 what are you grateful for today? ✨ 
All accessories from @topten_fashion  #top_ten #AD
“Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going next” (Mandy Hale) 🍂
Life is full of surprises. Sometimes good ones, sometimes bad ones. But I truly believe that everything that happens to us does happen for a reason, and whatever needs to happen will happen eventually. Have faith that everything will work out in the end! I BELIEVE IN YOU ☝️ Bag & accessories by @topten_fashion #top_ten #Ad
Autumn is here, and I find myself walking on the padded earth, between naked trees and fallen leaves, reflecting and thinking about the things I want to let go of in my life, just like the trees do during this time of year. 🍂 
Read more of my autumnal thoughts on my newest blog post,  featuring the new #AnimalApproved collection by @naeveganshoes. This pair of boots is part of this amazing collection! Do you like it? 
Nae has kindly provided me with a discount code for my followers- use code NOA10 for 10% off all Nae’s website 🙌🏼 The link is waiting for you in my bio 🍂 
What are the things you wish to let go of before the new year starts? Let me know in the comments 💭
#autumn🍁 (affiliate code)
“You’re wearing what? A cork jacket?😱” yes, cork is one of the coolest, most unique vegan leather alternatives. You can read more about it in my blog 🌱 
This jacket is by the amazing french brand @ovideofficial 🇫🇷 They were kind enough to provide me with a discount code exclusively for my followers. 🙌🏼
Use code “stylewithasmilexovide” for 20% OFF ALL OVIDE’S WEBSITE , including this eye-catching jacket😎 be prepared to stand out from the crowd! 🍂 (Affliate-code) #autumn🍁
Happy weekend 🍂 Sneak peek to my next blog post 😍 I can’t wait to share it with you all! But until then, which picture do you prefer- the first one or the second one? 🤭 #autumn🍁
Happy Tuesday everyone!😃 If you’re part of my #instastory family, you know that I spent my weekend in Tel Aviv with my beautiful friend Revital and visited the amazing vegan chef restaurant @fouronesix_tlv ✨You can read all about it now in my blog, and believe me, you don’t want to miss those yummy food pictures 😉 By the way, my shoes are from the amazing, vegan& ethical french brand @by_blanch - such a classic, bold pair of pumps that I absolutely love ❤️ they are so comfy and fun to walk in when spending a long day exploring& walking ✨🇫🇷 what did you do during your weekend? Let me know in the comments 😘
Thanks for taking my ootd pics& for being such an amazing friend , Revital ❤️
📸: @revital_shopipal
Where would you want to spend this evening at? ✨ I’d really want to be in the Vatican now🇻🇦 this place is just breathtaking! #Vatican #WhenInRome
Today, October 4th, is an International day for animal rights & welfare. The goal of this day is raising awareness around global issues regarding animal cruelty of all kinds. 🌿 it’s also a day in which the animal rights movement celebrates the improvements that have been made in the past year. 
The second & third picture (swipe left) were taken back in 2014. I was holding a sign that said “Veganism” in Hebrew, with 800 people around me. 🌱 Every year in Tel Aviv and other big cities around the globe animal lovers& rights activists stand & raise awareness of the suffering of animals in all the industries- meat, dairy, eggs, cosmetics, labs, entertainment, fashion etc. 🌿 
Every single year around the world, 160,000,000,000 die for the sake of TASTE in the food industry, after long life of suffering. Today, like in every single day, I encourage you all to open your eyes, heart and soul for the voiceless, amazing beings around us. It’s 2018 and there’s no need to harm anyone in order to live a beautiful life. Because all the things in life are (cruelty) free! Becoming vegan is the best desicion I’ve made, and you can read more about why I’m vegan in my blog. 
Oh, and just so you know- every change counts. Today I encourage you to decide what you’re going to change for the animals- is it maybe buying only cruelty free products? Giving up meat? Not buying any leather or wool? Or becoming a vegan?
Have you changed the way you consume things or the amount of animal-derived products you eat? Let me know in the comments. 
🐠🐳🐆🦃🐥🦆🐒🐷🐮🦁🐏🐂🐎🐓 #vegan Outfit details:
@love__sofie shoes ( made with plant leather!) use code withlovenoa for 15% off
@cje_official Tshirt 
@jw.pei bag (special thanks to @vegan @michellecehn for this lovely gift!)
Let’s talk about cork! 😎 This cool,cruelty-free material one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable leather alternatives available today.🌿 Thanks to its unique look, more and more brands are starting to use cork to make wonderful bags, jackets and.... card holders! I have this one by the lovely brand @thelovelythingsuk and I’ve been using it non stop as my main wallet ever since I got it. 🌱 If you know me for a while, and have seen my bags, you’ve probably noticed that I have quite a few bags that are small , and that’s why I tend to stick to smaller wallets that save space and are less cluttered. Do you own a cork-leather item? Let me know in the comments!♥️ #AD #corkleather #sustainablefashion
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” (Helen Keller) ☀️ Happy Monday everyone ❤️ I have a question for you all today- and it is: How would you define love? 
📸: @ronimoss_ such a talented photographer in such a young age