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Memories from beautiful Prague- I’ll soon publish my full Prague guide to my blog😍 are you excited? But until then, there’s a new blog post waiting for you on my blog, about my March @petitvour subscription box. What will you find there? Well, my holy grail product for healthy hair 😍 the link is waiting for you in my bio- so don’t miss it 🌷 Have a lovely weekend 🦋And happy Independence Day to my country 🇮🇱
I found a treasure 😍 A beautiful bracelets and a box filled with beautiful clear Swarovski stones 🌷 Thanks so much my dear @davidoffswarovski for making me feel like a princess all-year round 👸🏽 #ad
Coachella vibes 🙄 JK! I’m inside my bed watching @friends and enjoying “Nochella” What are you currently doing? 🌷 This is a picture from my Valentine’s Day collaboration with @votchwatch - do you remember this outfit ?
All you need is love, but a little jewelry never hurt anybody 😉 Loving this classic and timeless set from @davidoffswarovski 🌷What would you wear this set with? ☺️ #ad
A picture from a day in Tel Aviv! Out of  all the places I've been to- Tel Aviv is probably the most vegan-friendly one☺️ there are so many vegan restaurants here and almost every restaurant has a vegan menu! 😍 It’s a must for vegans to visit here, you’ll love this place, I promise 😉 Have a wonderful night everyone 🌷 By the way - what’s the time now in your country? 😘 #stylewithasmilextelaviv
This Style With A Smile necklace from @soufeeljewelry makes me wanna smile every time I wear it, proudly! 🌺 Being a blogger is so much fun, but it isn't an easy thing at all. The hours I spend working on content for you all is endless, from thinking about an idea, choosing a theme, outfits, locations, camera equipment , photographer, photoshoot, editing pictures , writing a blog post, re-editing, Working on technical issues and needs all the way to publishing it. Sometimes there isn't respond at all, sometimes you give me so much love that I can cry from happiness, and in the last few months it's even easier, due to the new Instagram algorithm. But- at the end of the day I can say that I'm so happy and grateful for what I do, what we all do- together! 🙏🏼 We built an amazing community and I'm so happy to say that my hard work is worth it. And for all the bloggers who are following me and reading this- be proud! ❤ you work so hard and build something amazing, who knows what the future will bring. Just think about it - we are like a whole magazine team in one person, lol. 😄 We do everything by ourselves, we should be so proud x 
Soufeel were kind enough to give all of my followers a 15% off coupon code (not an affiliate code ) Just use the code "Noasa115" when shopping there- the link is waiting for you in my bio 🌸enjoy! #AD
5 years ago today, I made the best decision of my life and became vegan 🌷 since that day, 4/4/13, I did not support animal cruelty or abuse, and I could not be happier. I was not raised vegan. I ate meat, cheese, milk and eggs like most of you probably do. I used to wear leather shoes and jackets and everything else. It's just unnecessary to say, I understand your lifestyle, as it used to be my lifestyle. I became vegan because one day, I had the courage to open my eyes and soul and to see the truth behind those cruel industries and products. 5 years ago, I watched a movie called @earthlingsfilm - it wasn't an easy film to watch, but I told myself that I just have to watch it if I support those industries. It was so hard not to turn away, not to close my eyes during this film. After watching it, with so much pain and tears in my eyes- I became vegan. I became vegan because I love animals and think they deserve to live peacefully on this planet happily, just like we do. I became vegan because I had the courage to take responsibility for my choices. Sometimes people ask me if it's difficult to be vegan, and my answer is -Yes. It is. But it isn't giving up animal products that is difficult- The difficult part is to know everything about this horrible industry- without being able to stop it. I cannot make other people care. I cannot save those poor animals who are slaughtered and abused every second of the day.  BUT I TRY, as much as I can, to inspire people and make them think about the decisions they make. I try to make people understand that when they buy something, they support the production of it. When you eat meat, dairy, fish,and eggs, wearing a dead body- doesn't matter if its fur or leather, or even wool or silk, when you support animal testing by purchasing makeup, skincare, perfumes or anything else- you support animal cruelty. It's your choice, and you can choose better❤Inside every single one of us, there's a kind, innocent soul. If a kid would've known what was involved in factory farming, they would choose to go vegan. Why? Because children love animals, and they wouldn't hurt the ones they love. #govegan #veganniversary ❤
Happy holidays everyone! ☺️ Sending you tons of love and positive vibes! Oh, and remember, we love bunnies 🐰 so please don't support cruel products that were tested on animals 🙏🏼 So many bunnies, dogs, cats, monkeys and rabbits are suffering for NOTHING. Choosing cruelty free not only will save lives, but will also make you feel better about yourself! For the best resource about animal testing and cruelty free, go to @logicalharmony  or just ask me everything you want in the comments ❤on this picture- cruelty free products from @ctilburymakeup and @lalineisrael #stopanimalcruelty
CAPTION THIS PICTURE IN THE COMMENTS 😊Memories from Brandenburg gate 🏛 such a beautiful place 😄 I recommend you to come and see it when the sun goes down 🌞 If you follow my Instagram stories you've probably seen that I had such a stunning day yesterday- I was in an editorial photoshoot for @cje_official my beautiful friend! Her previous clothing collection is completely vegan friendly and I had such an amazing time with @ladyv_makeup the amazing Mua, @klaralandrat the stunning photographer, @itsjoey_z the photographer's assistant and of course the lovely @cje_official of course 😍 #stylewithasmilexberlin
I miss my Winter Wonderland 🌨 #stylewithasmilexberlin
Have you ever wanted to subscribe to a vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic beauty box? Well, I think you will LOVE my latest blog post! Today I wanted to share with you @petitvour's subscription box- it contains only the Crème de la cruelty free products, and as I mentioned- it's completely vegan, cruelty free AND non-toxic. Each box contains 4 luxury products, and if you want to read more about it- just click the link in my bio! I will just say it's a really great way to discover new exciting products, and that this box is really photogenic 😉 and it's great value for money 💰 enjoy reading all about their February box edition ❤ and let me know which of those products you would love to try out in the comments 🌸
OMG IM SO EXCITED! just look at this amazing gift @soufeeljewelry sent me- a rose gold pleated necklace with a 0.02ct diamond 💎 And my Blog's name engraved on it 😍 Isn't it so beautiful? 😃 What would you write on a necklace like this? .
By the way, Soufeel were kind enough to give all of my followers a 15% off coupon code (not an affiliate code ) Just use the code "Noasa115" when shopping there- the link is waiting for you in my bio 🌸enjoy! #AD