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Workin’ on some new @YouTube content on this rainy Sunday ✨Subscribe to for new videos every week
If you’ve been watching my IG story, then you already know how hard I trained yesterday so today is an active rest day for me! Taking my @WomensBest watermelon BCAA’s with me because ya girl is SORE 😂 #WomensBest
#ad As many of you know, I love my coffee in the mornings! It’s like my “me” time before I get to the daily grind. Well, Target just released @1850Coffee and I’m loving the bold flavor! Packing it up with my gym bag and I’m good to go 🙆🏻‍♀️ #1850coffee #1850coffeeattarget
These were tough, but a great ab and booty burner to finish off a workout! Download the #BodyByLynsee app in the App Store for my 12-week program 💪🏾💕
I’m happy to share my weight-loss journey with @POPSUGAR  today! I go into detail about the ups and downs, how my diet has changed, an example workout that I did post-pregnancy, my current training, and more. Check out the full article on POPSUGAR.COM/FITNESS or grab the link from my IG story 🙃
Added in the #BodyByLynsee “Booty Killer” circuit to today’s workout, and I’m feelin’ it! Download my workout program in the App Store and join the 30-Days to your Summer Body Challenge 💕
The final episode of The Cut Series is up on my @YouTube channel now! I’ve been getting a TON of questions about how I dropped the fat, so I’m sharing my results and how I did it with ALL of the details here: 💪🏾
I’ve been working on myself. For myself. By myself. 💕 Download The #BodyByLynsee app for my 12-week workout program
STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL 💕 I designed my workout program with this concept in mind, mainly because a lot of girls tell me they are “afraid of how they will look if they gain muscle.” Building muscle is not a bad thing! In fact, muscle tissue burns more calories, even when your body is at rest, than body fat. So don’t be afraid of a little muscle, girl!! 😂 Join my 30-Days to Your #SummerBody Program by downloading the Body By Lynsee app in the App Store.
You are far too strong to be the ONLY thing standing in your way 👉🏾 for my 12-week workout program 📷: @Kali.Artistry
Finished off today’s workout with a TABATA CIRCUIT (20 seconds intense work, 10 seconds rest in between each exercise) 🍑 Tag someone who’d like this! for my 30-Days To Your #SummerBody Plan ▪️Ball Slams
▪️Kettle Bell Swings
▪️Ball Squat Toss
▪️Battle Rope
▪️Squat Jumps
▪️Plank Jacks
▪️Speed Skaters
▪️Push-ups with Alternating Arm Raise 
@WomensBest #WomensBest
It’s all about BALANCE 😂 Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but the journey has been worth it! Although I’m not perfect and there are times I question if I’m even doing this right, being your mama is the greatest blessing I’ve received. 💕 #HappyMothersDay to all of my  mamas out there!