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We are a social initiative empowering deaf entrepreneurship in rural India with roots in Cleveland, Ohio. Everything we make tells a story.

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A new friend briefly stopped by before our black dog arrived.  The animals seem to know today is a day to celebrate India, and work can wait until tomorrow.
Happy Independence Day!
A bright and made to order side table runner for @ammodic It's cheerful to see on the rainy day were are having here πŸŒˆβ˜”
Nagalaxmi sporting her newly stitched sari for a special ceremony.  Love her πŸ’–
A new sari blouse for someone very special. She requested lots of flashy details 🌟🌟🌟
Everyone at Successful + Deaf loves dogs, has pet dogs, and has had a difficult week after municipal government workers arrived in the village of our team member and left several hours later with a truck full of at least 50 dead street dogs.  If you are interested to learn more please check out our Facebook page you can follow the link in our profile. 
We are taking a moment to celebrate the dogs that have been with us.  And give perspective to a issue that affects many places around the world.  Humanely managing the stray animal population is too big of an issue not to address and ignoring it perpetuates ignorance, denial and gives a false impression of what's going on.  We strive to connect people and tell our story as it is...and unfortunately it's been challenging lately.  Thanks for your interest and time ❀🐢
Update: We have had several leads on new work space and hope to move in the next week or 2.  In the meantime everything has been relocated from the damaged section.  There are still cracks above this part too, but we plan to make the most of it, get back stitching and be ready to move as soon as our new space is available πŸ™
Woke up this morning to news that part of our project room's ceiling collapsed yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness no one was inside when it happened. This is the 3rd monsoon for us renting the space and its porous roof couldn't hold up any longer. 
We are considering all options.  This was not the first post we envisioned after having a few weeks off with family this summer.  Will send more updates later.  Please send good vibes  for us to find a new affordable and safe space.  #villagelife #monsoon #workproblems #overcome #successfulanddeaf
Final preparations before tomorrow's Art + Music Festival @bayarts_ohio Here's a first look at the #handmade bangles and earrings we will be highlighting along with new styles of repurposed fabric bags and home decor. 
Stop by and say hi anytime from 10-4pm tomorrow in Bay Village! #summersale #artmusicfest #successfulanddeaf
Melting while we wait for the rain πŸ˜“πŸ™πŸŒ§ #monsoon #wearewaiting #toohot #successfulanddeaf
Love it when our black dog and mascot comes to work with us instead of sleeping at home all day πŸΆπŸ’Ÿ #puppylove #successfulanddeaf