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We are a social initiative empowering deaf entrepreneurship in rural India with roots in Cleveland, Ohio. Everything we make tells a story.

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Decorating is in full swing while we are busy preparing for the long Christmas weekend.  Hope this last few days leading up to seasonal celebrations are full of fun and cheer.  Time to hang the stockings and dress those tables! 🎄✨
Meanwhile back in India, Panchi turned 4 and is enjoying her birthday sleep in 🐶💟
Enjoying the snow today 💖
It's time to say thanks to a very special supporter who donated all our Christmas and Thanksgiving fabric this year. Because of her generous gift our stockings and table runners are spreading cheer this holiday season. 🎄🎄🎄
Thanks to all who came to @beaumontschool1 Holiday Happy Hour last night.  The setting was perfect for an evening of #festive shopping. 🎄 #successfulanddeaf
Display our #patchwork sari stockings in direct sunlight at your own risk. Can you handle the sparkle? ✨ 😄 ✨ #extremeshine
This two-piece Indian princess dress is #handmade from a sari and sports gold and peacock trim.  It will be open to bidding as our raffle item at Our Lady of the Lake's Ladies Night this Friday.
Day 2 at St. Mark's on Montrose Ave. in Cleveland.  We are so happy to partake with some many other #socialentrepreneurs working around the world.  If you are in the Cleveland area, stop by anytime until 1pm. 🌎💝
We want to send a huge "Thank you!" to everyone who came by to see us at St. Gabriel's, attended the open house hosted by @ammodic and especially for everyone who helped us before, during and after the events!  We are nothing without your support and we are truly thankful. 🙏 💞
Panchi and the pea 😄
A fresh new travel bag to keep me organized ✈
Even though it's November it's a little hot and we'd be lying if we said we had not considered doing something similar to cool off 😅