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Black as midnight on a moonless night... Our "Marianne" dress for the win. (And, it can be worn 2 ways) 🖤
In between time periods... Lili taking a moment before hitting up the Renaissance movement in our "Marianne" tent dress. (Can be worn 2 ways) | photo: @samantheeyo art babe: @_lilikoi creative: @evanmargot @jazi_razzi @ginnyslim
The ways of a Cancer babe: Her laugh is infectious. She isn’t afraid of being the silly one. And when she loves you, there’s nothing she won’t do for you. (side note: she tends to go for people that have “an edge” to them...) Iconic Cancer’s~Robin Williams & Meryl Streep
Museum nights.
@_lilikoi is getting her art on in our "Virgo" zodiac tee & "Woody" corduroy pant in black. Online now. 📸 #virgo
Jean Genie ✨
Introducing our "After Midnight" blazer. Made of amazing stone-washed stretch denim, these super soft blazers are a no brainer for Fall. And the lapels are the perfect place to rock your enamel pin collection. Get on the bus, Gus.
Leo are the children of the Zodiac. We are fun, we are adventurous. We’re genuine, generous & playful. A Leo will try anything once…. twice if it’s good ;) | a page from our newest lookbook, "Love is a 4 Letter Word" photographed by @samantheeyo with baby fox: @_lilikoi styling and creative: @evanmargot @jazi_razzi & @ginnyslim
3 characteristics of an Aries girl: they are sunshine ~ mixed with a little bit of hurricane. They hate fake with a passion, and a true Aries babe is loyal til the very end. Online now. #aries
"And all at once... Summer collapsed into Fall." ~Oscar Wilde | Introducing the first taste of our Fall/ Winter collection. Full of zodiac tee (yes, we have your sign~ all remaining signs will be online in October) Pussy bow blouses, pant~suits & 60's style tent dresses. So let your fingers do the walking and we'll see you online. {link to collection in profile}
Friday 🦊
Sign Language.
A true Virgo can go from wild & crazy, to classy & down to earth pretty quickly. (It's a gift...) | Online now. #virgo
Like we said, Tuesdays are for Lovers... this photo just in from love~birds @ionacatherine & @grantspanier | Iona caught kissing in our "Stardust Coverall" in navy. {foto: @coreycwaters}
Tuesdays are for Lovers ❤️ never give up. Lloyd Dobbler forever. #SayAnything 📻