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I'm entirely made up of flaws,stitched together with good intentions.
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Checking for abs in the morning after completing one set of abs exercise, hoping that abs will magically appear? 🤭🙋🏻‍♀️ Guilty as charged 🤣
P.S. why is it that @tisgonbegud always appears whenever I’m taking #selfies 😶
Messy hair, don’t care 😛💁🏻‍♀️ If y’all know me personally, you’d probably know that I’m no good at make up & I go everywhere bare faced 🤭 That’s why I’m so thankful for the lash extensions by @millys.sg for making this lazy girl look decent ☺️ HAHAHA
Home HIIT circuit 😛👌🏼
Happy girl w my hazelnut waffle topped w dark chocolate & sea salt butterscotch ice cream 😍😋💕 #yummmy
I simply love dusty pink colour which is why I needa have a demin jacket in dusty pink 😛💕 haha hair is looking & feeling healthy thanks to the wonder jelly & wonder smooth treatment by @mithesalon 🤗
Bye bye flabby arms series 👋🏼😛 HAHAHAH
👙 More visuals of this set of bikini cause I love how bright & colourful it is 😛 Sending y’all the happy & positive vibes this fridayyy 🤗
Sharing w y’all some of my fav exercises w med ball 🤓 Did 4 rounds of these w 45sec each & 15sec rest between each round 👌🏼
Ended brunch at @donhosg on a sweet note w this lovely treat 😋👌🏼 King Elvis 🙌🏼 Super crispy brioche French toast w PB & jelly topped w toffee banana, candid bacon & vanilla ice cream 😍
Some hip thrust variations 😛👌🏼 Moves that work the bubble bum 🍑
Not sure if y’all can tell the change in me compared to the start of the year 🙈 Truth is, I have been working on leaning out this year & trying to gain strength at the same time 🤭 It’s already Nov & I can’t wait to share w y’all my progress next month! Wish me luck! 😛 Time to finish strong 🤓👌🏼
A huge thank you to @donhosg for inviting us to try out their brunch menu 😍 Everything thing they served was sooooo good! The fish & chips’ tartar sauce was perfect & the fries were so crispy 👌🏼 Don’t get me started on the truffle mac & cheese 🤤 I like how the taste of the truffle was nice & fragrant but not overpowering 😋 It was perf 🙆🏻‍♀️