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I'm entirely made up of flaws,stitched together with good intentions.
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I love my carbs 🙋🏻‍♀️🤭😍 Thought it’s gonna be just another choco bread but was so pleasantly surprised at how good it is! Love the texture of the bread & its filled w choc chip, cheese, raisin & bubble tea pearls?!? 😋
P.S. it’s almost the size of my face 🤭🐻
Back Attack 💪🏼😛 Some exercises with the cables that helps to target the “bra bulge” 🤭🤓
That natural lighting & sun’s ray ☀️ Am currently halfway through this year’s cut & feeling gooood 😛 Focusing really hard on not losing too much strength even though I know it’s hard not to lose any strength at all 😅
Double tap if you wanna see before & after comparison of this year’s cut 🤓🙈
Bye bye flabby arms, cable version 💪🏼😛
Me: Wanna join me in my workout video?
@tisgonbegud : *looks hesitant*
Me: You wouldn’t need to do anything (bait) 😶
Him: Really? OK!
& the moment I put him on my shoulder... instant regret 🤣
Bye bye flabby arms 👋🏼😛 #throwback cause I have been feeling under the weather these days 🙁 Do take care y’all & drink lots of water 🙆🏻‍♀️
The next time someone tells you to stop lifting cause it makes a girl looks “bulky” or “manly”, whip out your gunz 💪🏼😛
Getting them boulder shoulders 💪🏼😛 First one is for the side delts, second one is for the anterior & lateral delts & the last one is for the rear delts😏😉
Training in long sleeves 🤓 yay or nay?
Adding more volume for my legs workout & I was already feeling the effects it after my squats 😵 Used be afraid of squatting 60kg &struggled so hard to get that rep in. Am so happy to see proper growth & to be able to squats 65kg for 10reps x 4sets without feeling like I’m getting crushed 😹😛
The snickers flavour has gotta be my fav flavour yet! 😋🍦Soooo good! Ft. My brown & silky smooth hair thanks to @mithesalon & @mithesalon 🙆🏻‍♀️😛 It’s always so well taken care of by them even though I don’t have the habit of using hair masks (not even combing my hair) 🤭
Just more butt stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️😛 hahaha work it work it 🤓
Snippets of my legs day 😛 I always start with the compound movements first (eg. squats for legs day & deadlifts for back day) then move on to accessories 😌