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Live in Stockholm Sweden,love baking(self taught baker)decorating cakes,raw/vegan desserts,vegan food,travel,art,flowers,nature,road cycling & hiking☀

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My roses are still alive😍🌹 #loveflowers #loveroses
#breakfast for tomorrow, #chocolatechiapudding  with hazelnut milk, vanilla, cacao powder and peanut butter.

It's decorated with fresh apricot, banana, blueberries, tiny strawberry flowers, puffed amaranth and hemp and a lemon/green tea turtle

#veganbreakfast #colourfulfood #edableflowers
It was a long time ago that I made some rawballs, tonight I really felt like making some. It's the perfect snack don't you think?😏 And they are nut free!
This recipe comes from a cookbook for #cyclists , #velochef , it's a great book that I can highly recommend. 
It's not vegan but you can always change the meat for something #plantbased 👍

I'm going to bring these to work tomorrow (if my partner doesn't eat them first) 
Someone has to spread some rawlove at work💞
#rawchocolateballs #raw #healthysnack
Good morning you all!
Finally Monday! It has been a hectic weekend, lot of work, yesterday I didn't have time to eat lunch so I was deadtierd when the day finally came to it's end. 
Two more days, then I finally have my day of. 
It has been raining a lot here in Stockholm these past days so when I took the shot of my breakfast it was very dark outside, I hope that you like it anyway 😏

#strawberrychiapudding with #soygurt, #strawberries and vanilla.
It's decorated with yellow kiwi, strawberries, banana, blueberries, puffed amaranth and hemp and a lemon/green tea heart
#coffeetime !☕ It's finally #friday and I want to wish you all a great weekend!💞
I'm going to work all #weekend but time always flyes when im at work so I don't mind😏

#veganlatte #vegancoffee #nocowsmilk #oatlyikaffe
#breakfast for tomorrow, my favorite #chiapudding with #soygurt, mango and vanilla.
It's decorated with fresh apricot, raspberries, puffed amaranth and hemp and a raspberry heart ❤️ #veganbreakfast #colourfulfood #edableflowers #allnatural
These little lemon/green tea turtles came out a little bit to soon so there a little bit damaged 🙁
You should wait and let them rest over night before taking them out of the freezer, the more details there is in a mold the longer they need to settle
I made some new #decorations to day, the batter is made out of soked cashews, lemon juice, maple syrup, vanilla powder, green tea and coconut oil. 
I added a little bit of #bluespirulina but they turned turquoise instead of blue🤔

The chocolate batter is made out of cacao butter, cashew butter, agave syrup, cacao powder, vanilla and coconut oil
#swirling #swirls #swirlinglove
#coffeetime !☕ I don't seem to get rid of those two, can you see them hiding behind the cup?
#veganlatte #oatlyikaffe #vegancoffe #nocowsmilk #apinchofcinammon
#breakfast this morning, #chiapudding with #soygurt, vanilla, strawberries, lemon zest and beetroot powder.

It's decorated with melon, peach, strawberries, puffed amaranth and hemp and coconut sprinkles that is colored with #matcha powder and beetroot juice.
Oh, I almost forgot, there is a little #veganchocolate
turtle that I made who wanted to join the party 😏

#veganbreakfast #colourfulfood #edableflowers #allnatural
The colour on these fresh apricots are just amazing!