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Trying my best not to drown in the immense and deep pain I feel from animal cruelty, one-time use plastics, racism, domestic violence, #metoo, and all the other ugly things that paint our earth a hideous color and touch my heart every g-damn day. Only we can save us.
Keeping you near my heart at all times. 🌞
PNW > everywhere else in the US.
I just wanted you guys to know, the excitement you see on my face is 100% the realest thing I’ve ever shared on my feed.
Hi friends. Just came out here to say hi with this handsome guy. Hope you guys are getting through the week okay 🌞
Happy Tuesday friends 👋
Today I planned to post a picture of me on this 10 mile hike we did a few weekends ago. I look so pissed in the picture because I was miserably in pain and did not want to be on the hike and didn’t feel the reward at the end, but I didn’t post the picture😂😂😂. 💫
I guess that’s just our little reminder that not everything is always at it seems! We all struggle, we all go through things, we all have unhappy days. 💫 
But I met this person that changed my mindset about this. She said, “We all have bad days. We all go through things. We all have pain. But we’re OKAY. We’re GOOD. We just have to remember to be grateful for what we do have.” 💫
And it’s true. Look at your hands, look at your legs, look at your eyes in the mirror. And remember as hard as you can to be grateful for these things especially in the hard times. Remember to be grateful for the things that don’t take a second thought to use. Because one day we may encounter someone that lost the use of both of their legs living a life that’s happier and more fulfilled than ours, and they’ll ask us why we don’t use ours to the best of our ability while we have them! It’s because they’re being grateful. They’re not taking for granted what they took for granted before! 💫
Overpower your limiting beliefs. Be grateful today and on bad days too. Remember that it’s all gonna be okay. And give yourself a break, don’t be so hard on yourself!
Today I’m encouraged to be still. Last week I learned that when you are the most vulnerable, that’s when you’re the most courageous. 
Don’t let the people around you that live in fear of love, happiness, joy and other great things bring your courage to a stop. Have courage and be vulnerable despite what they have to say. 
No person with courage ever came out unscathed. That’s part of our journey of being human and surpassing things that engulf us into our crap storms. 
This week, choose to be strong, courageous, vulnerable, CONFIDENT, happy and UNSTOPPABLE.
This place is unreal. Words don’t even describe it. #yosemite #socalhiking
This place was magical for me. Nature is truly healing in its own way. Our first trip here and it was slightly disastrous because our pup got really sick. But it was also one of the greatest trips we’ve taken.
March’s life lesson to me: when the people around you show you they love you, they care about you, and they’re genuinely interested in what you have to say, you take that. You don’t push it away, you don’t remark back to it with snobby comments and a snobby attitude. 
If you spend all your time pushing people away with your meanness, your complaints, your attitude and your unhappiness, they won’t stick around forever and you’ll be stuck alone wondering why no one wants to be there for you. 
So the next time your mom asks you how your trip was to whatever place, you say it was great mom, and tell her all about it. The next time your friend tells you they’d like to know all about what’s going on with your school and studies, share with them. When your coworker asks you how you’re doing, be genuine and respond and ask them too. 
If we push people away hard enough, we end up alone and often times: unhappy. It’s normal to crave human connection and to want someone to care. So LET them. The world won’t end if you let someone in. 
I believe we need to spend more time loving, caring and giving the people that care about us the time of day, and what better way to do that than to listen and be heard by them? 
I’m glad I get to share that with these girls. You guys bring me light. Thanks for listening to me, for giving me advice when I need it, for sharing your lives with me and not shutting me out. You’ve been my family for the last 5 years and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about it. ✌🏽
Jumping into the weekend like dis. Happy Friyayyyyyy Fambam 😆 anyone got any fun plans for the weekend?!