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“I did my work slowly, drop by drop. I tore it out of me by pieces.” Maurice Ravel

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Something I wrote in character as Margo during a setup for a scene. No idea what it means or what I was thinking. But this is how I prep for most roles I just write constantly and it helps me make sense of things. A lot of you ask me how I prep for Margo or any character and this is usually how I do.
Congratulations to @zarory_ch for being 2nd runner up in the @magicianssyfy fan art contest! And congratulations to the winner @skadivore #themagicians #fanart
My heart misses the invisible man.
This is the moment I had to be the strongest I’ve ever been for Margo. It may not be the best I’ve ever looked but I’m proud of it. This season was the biggest challenge I have ever faced as a performer and it’s a good thing because I guess I don’t have any real interest in easy. The only thing I know for certain as an actor is nothing can make me abandon my love for acting. Throughout the last five months Margo’s courage coerced me, motivated me consoled me and forced me to commit. Her spirit kept me centered and brave. I wrap tomorrow and I can honestly say that I did everything in my power to tell Margo’s story authentically. One day very soon probably in March I’ll be able to post this full photo and you’ll see the bigger picture like I’m finally starting to. #themagicians
Margo isn’t going down without a fight and a touch of glamour. Thank you @magaliguidasci for being the genius you are #themagicians 👁
The confused King and the frog. 🐸 #themagicians
Yyyyyyyyyasssss thank you @themagicianslove. This made my week! I love our fans! #themagicians