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Happy fathers day to the funniest chillest dude i know! #happyfathersday
I wrote this before the last Presidential election in the United States. I stand by this and I am posting it to urge and remind everyone to get out to the ballots and make their voices heard! #vote
Just heard the news about @interviewmag one of my first photo shoots as an actress was with them and this is the photo. #throwback
Throw backs of me and kate and we pretty much are the same!! The middle photo is me and that paps! #throwback
Apparantly my mom and grandma thought this would be a great gift for me.
#oldheadshotday I think I was like sixteen here and had just arrived back to Los Angeles from Europe and I was probably hungover. But I sure was hopeful. Hungover and hopeful. Don’t drink underage its not cool kids. The necklace I’m wearing is a piece of Bedouin jewelry given to  me by a family member. I wore it to all my big auditions and I was convinced it had magical powers and that the Bedouin who made it probably had magical powers.
Scroll through... #dressup #fashion
Once more with feeling.
I was born in the 80’s mmmmmmmkkkkkaaayy!
Posting one more nostalgic Bahrain throw back because my dad found one of my plans to runaway. I still make lists like this and I still like metallic pens. Now I don’t really know why I was trying to leave the island but in my twelve year old logic I was going to take a boat so that’s something. #throwback 🇧🇭 🌴 🚣‍♀️