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Did you know we now have a @boxwood_coffee kiosk in the lobby of our Florham Park Cancer Center? ☕️⠀
The kiosk is open Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. ⠀ ⠀
A portion of all proceeds go directly to @smg_foundation's Cancer Comfort Project, helping patients and their families maintain their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being as they fight cancer. 💕
#Summer has not ended yet! Hear from Dr. Patel-Cohen on Preventing and Treating Sunburns. #skincancer #uvsafety
We're excited to embark on a new journey with the leading urgent care provider in the New York metro area (@CityMD) to provide optimal patient care to an expanded group of patients. We are excited to continue our legacy of excellent patient care and work as one group to build healthier, kinder communities. ❤️
With roots dating back to 1919, Summit Medical Group pioneered the coordinated, multispecialty practice of medicine and is now recognized as one of the premier physician-governed multispecialty medical groups in the country. ⠀
A century after its founding, Summit Medical Group continues its patient-centered mission. As of August 2019 Summit Medical Group and @CityMD have merged to enable patients greater access to high-quality primary, specialty and urgent care. Together, the new organization remains committed to delivering the best coordinated, cost-effective care with an emphasis on making our model of care available to more patients in the New York metropolitan area. ⠀
For more information, visit our website.
We’d like to congratulate Dr. Nadiminti and his team for performing Mohs surgery to successfully treat 15,000 skin cancers!⠀ ⠀
Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and it has become an epidemic in the United States. Mohs micrographic surgery is the most effective technique for treating most skin cancers. During this surgery, a patient’s skin cancer is removed while leaving behind as much normal skin as possible resulting in the highest cure rate with the smallest scars.⠀ ⠀
Dr. Nadiminti’s experience has distinguished him in the state of New Jersey as an expert in skin cancer. He states, “I am extremely proud of our team for providing the highest standards of Mohs surgery to our patients.”⠀ ⠀
Dr. Nadiminti and his team look forward to celebrating ten years of their Mohs surgery program in August of 2020.
#Repost @smg_foundation ・・・
We are proud to sponsor Passion to Play! Dr. McCarthy of from Summit Medical Group gave an amazing presentation informing players about concussions - what to look for and the right way to treat them. It was a great summer morning in an ice cold hockey rink that we were happy to be a part of!
New Providence Mayor Al Morgan joined Summit Medical Group for the opening of its new multispecialty offices at 890 Mountain Avenue, New Providence. To mark the occasion, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today! ✂️
August means #BackToSchool! Our Chair of Pediatrics, Dr. Marnie Dardanello, has some health tips for starting the school year off strong! The link is in our bio 👆
As part of his “Art as Therapy” class as a World Campus Student at Pennsylvania State University, SMG Physical Therapy PSR, David Bass created a therapeutic art piece that is currently displayed in Lawrence Pavilion at our Berkeley Heights Campus. This art piece is just one of many that Bass has completed over several weeks as part of a larger project. ⠀ ⠀
Bass’s piece includes a glass bowl with decorative colored stones surrounding small Tillandsia plants, nicknamed “Air Plants” for their ability to obtain most of their nutrients from the air. In the middle stands a small wooden figurine with a single arm raised holding one of the plants. Bass chose these plants based on their simplistic needs which resemble simple, small acts of kindness that are easy to provide to others. The wooden figure symbolizes a helper. A frame of text accompanies the installation, explaining the artist’s message and posing the question, “Whose air have you been today?”, a query that prompts viewers to think of how they can help others in simple ways. ⠀ ⠀
“I want viewers to be touched and realize that it’s the simple acts in life, like giving a smile or opening a door for someone, that can really impact someone’s life,” said Bass. Bass’s inspiration for the piece came from his role as a caregiver for his mother. #arttherapy
Today is #WorldHepatitisDay! Hepatitis is a group of infectious diseases that affect millions of people. Chronic infections from Hepatitis B and C can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, which can be fatal. As with any disease, awareness and knowledge can be two very powerful tools. In a podcast titled “The ABC’s of Hepatitis”, SMG gastroenterologist and liver expert, Dr. Raymond P. Kenny sheds light on the types of hepatitis, how they are contracted, and how they can be treated. Check the link in our bio to listen!
Congrats to all our @instagram Suite Night winners!! Thanks, @somersetpatriots for hosting us again! #somersetpatriots #giveaway
#Mentalillness affects one in five American adults, yet many do not seek treatment, and diverse communities are even less likely to seek help due to cultural norms, higher levels of stigma, language barriers, and more. Learn more about the unique mental illness struggles that minority groups face. Check the link in our bio for the #infographic! #minoritymentalhealth #mentalillnessisreal