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3-piece reggae/rock hybrid from Rock Hill, SC #letsgetsundried @sun_dried_jono @sun_dried_evan @prophet_of_positivity @flowlifeentertainment

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Squad. Make your week a killer one! Thanks for all the love over the weekend! Check out our upcoming tour dates at
When we link with our brothers @treehousetheband we make magic 🌀 Don't miss our FREE SHOW tonight at @hobmyrtlebeach Doors at 7, @medicatedsunfish kicking off the night! We hit at 8:30! #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #themorph
📸: @wanderashes
Knoxville brought the good vibes last night! Tonight we are stoked to be back at House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC with our brothers @treehousetheband and @medicatedsunfish 🔥 #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
We are stoked for our shows this weekend!! Knoxville, TN tonight at Scruffy City Hall & Myrtle Beach, SC at House of Blues tomorrow!! 🔥🔥🔥 #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
Rehearsals have been on point. Already feeling the next album of songs coming together this week. Working on some covers and new jams as well! Stoked for Knoxville & Myrtle Beach this weekend!! #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
We can't wait to come back to @jannuslive in St. Pete, FL on November 22nd with the homies @resinated @sowflo and @noneedmusic 🔥🔥🔥 #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
We are rehearsing all week for our Fall & Winter Tour Dates!! What do you guys wanna hear when we come through your city?? #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound 📸: @wanderashes
Stoked to get back out on the road this Fall/a Winter!! Here's some upcoming dates! More TBA! #letsgetsundried
10/13 - Knoxville, TN
10/14 - Myrtle Beach, SC*
10/27 - Southampton, NY^
10/29 - Providence, RI
11/4 - Savannah, GA+
11/5 - Athens, GA
11/7 - Charleston, SC#
11/8 - Raleigh, NC+
11/10 - Asbury Park, NJ
11/22 - St. Petersburg, FL+
12/29 - Atlanta, GA%
12/30 - Orlando, FL%
12/31 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL%
1/12 - Charleston, SC%
1/13 - Charlotte, NC%
* w/ @treehousetheband ^ w/ @tatankadub & @lovelybudz + w/ @resinated 
# w/ @fortunateyouth310 % w/ @badfishsublimetribute
"It's hard to think about what the world would be / I feel forsaken but it's probably / Just my emotion taking over me / I'm on the stoop drinking, smoking weed / I saw the truth and it has opened me / Sometimes it's tough, sometimes it's gotta be / Sometimes it's rough, sometimes it's easy peez / But where I'm from it's only three degrees / I put it in the breeze." - "Carolina Breeze" feat. @tropidelic 📸: @wanderashes
Just a personal note from Zach to all of our beloved SDV Family. I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much I appreciate each and every one of you who support us. I am continually amazed and grateful for the love you all show us. We are 100% independent. Our business is run by us for you. When you come to our shows, buy merch, comment on our social media, you give me hope that this dream is not in vein. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for the love and support. Here's to many more years of getting Sun-Dried 😘 #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound 📸: @wanderashes
We are going to start dropping some sweet live videos from our homies @iamfourthkind @resoundmediagroup Stay tuned for Sun-Dried Sunday starting this week! We will drop a new video every week for the next two months! #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
We have some nice tour dates rolling in for the rest of 2017!! We are gonna hit you guys with a full list on Friday!! Where do you wanna see us play as we round out the year?? #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
📸: @wanderashes