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3-piece reggae/rock hybrid from Rock Hill, SC #letsgetsundried @sun_dried_jono @sun_dried_evan @prophet_of_positivity @flowlifeentertainment

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ST. LOUIS, MO!! Catch us doing the damn thing with @tomorrowsbadseeds and @thickerthanthievesmusic at @blueberryhillstl Doors at 7, Show at 8, SDV at 8:45!! #letsgetsundried
Reminding all our CHARLOTTE, NC area family to pick up your tickets for SummerSplash! 2018 - A Tribute to Brad Nowell of @sublime featuring @badfishsublimetribute @sundriedvibes @rootsofarebellion @resinated @the_original_rockstar @lovelybudz @seewatermusic @highereduband & @mr.headies GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THIS SHOW SELLS OUT!! Tickets and Show Info:
Big Ups to our Uncle D, aka @duffmeister13 of @badfishsublimetribute for kicking it with us last night in Chicago and taking care of his favorite nephews while we were in town! St. Louis, you’re up next! See you tonight at @blueberryhillstl w/ @tomorrowsbadseeds and @thickerthanthievesmusic 🔥🌻❤️ #letsgetsundried
ST. LOUIS, MO!! The last 2 nights have been stellar, let’s see what you got for us!! We are stoked to be back TONIGHT at @blueberryhillstl with our boys @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic 🔥 
Doors at 7, Show at 8, SDV hits at 8:45! #letsgetsundried
Illuminate Tour with @tomorrowsbadseeds has been 🔥🔥 TONIGHT we are at @beatkitchenbar in Chicago, IL!! Check out this sweet footage of @afranciscomusic sitting in with us on our song “Young One” 🔥🔥
🎥: @lmclaughlin16
We are bringing the vibes to @beatkitchenbar in CHICAGO, IL tonight with the homies @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic Doors at 7, Show at 8, SDV hits at 9! #letsgetsundried
Stoked to be back in Columbus, OH tonight at @woodlandstavern with our homies @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic Doors at 7, Show at 8, SDV at 9:15!! #letsgetsundried
COLUMBUS, OH!! @brassquatch of @tropidelic wants to get you hype for tonight’s show at @woodlandstavern with @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic Doors at 7, Show at 8, SDV hits at 9:15! #ohiostate #wrestlingchampion #tropidelic #sundriedvibes #stayhopeful
What’s up Grand Rapids, MI!?!? We are loaded in and ready for a sweet night of music at @thestachegr with our boys @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic Doors at 7, SDV hits at 8:45! #letsgetsundried
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - You’re up next on The Illuminate Tour with @tomorrowsbadseeds & @thickerthanthievesmusic Catch us TONIGHT at @thestachegr #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #sundriedvibes 📷: @ericbenner3 @thekayamag
3 weeks of the Illuminate Tour in the books 📚 Locked and loaded for an early show tonight in Pittsburgh at The Smiling Moose! Making our way west this week!
Wednesday - Grand Rapids, MI
Thursday- Columbus, OH
Friday - Chicago, IL
Saturday - St. Louis, MO
Sunday - Omaha, NE
PITTSBURGH, PA!! We are ready for a sweet show tonight at @thesmilingmoose with our brothers @tomorrowsbadseeds and @thickerthanthievesmusic EARLY SHOW!! Doors at 5:30, SDV hits around 7 PM! Rally the gang and #letsgetsundried #sundriedvibes #itsamovement #youngone #stayhopeful