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Southeast Reggae/Rock Pioneers | NEW ALBUM “Stay Hopeful” available EVERYWHERE!! 🌻 #letsgetsundried

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We are working to keep the dream alive. While SDV may not be pounding the pavement and touring heavily like we always have, we still plan to create and release music. We are looking forward and making moves to keep @sbtsmusicfest alive as well. This band isn’t over, we are just taking some time to prioritize and make sure we get it right. Stay tuned and stay hopeful. Keep streaming our music. We still have merch available on our website. Please don’t give up on us and please keep supporting and spreading the SDV message. We ❤️ you all 🌻
It is with a heavy heart that I make this post... As of today, Sun-Dried Vibes will be on an indefinite hiatus. The financial burden and the emotional stress have taken their toll on me and I am unable to carry on with this endeavor for the time being. The remaining shows on our tour have been canceled and all venues can refund your ticket purchase. Thank you all for the endless love and support you have given us over the last 7 years. Much love SDV friends and family. Thanks for the memories and the music. - Zach
Overcoming obstacles every day on this tour. We broke down last night after our show in Philly with some trailer problems. We are taking care of the trailer today and we will be jamming tonight at Portside Bar & Grille for a special secret show in Port Jefferson, NY tonight!! We hit the stage around 10 PM!
We are stoked for tonight at @milkboyphilly !! Doors at 6:30 PM, @oogeewawa at 7, @riesbrothers at 8 and SDV at 9!! Tickets still available at the door!! #letsgetsundried
PHILADELPHIA, PA!! We are coming for you!! Catch us TONIGHT at @milkboyphilly with @riesbrothers and @oogeewawa Doors at 6, Show at 7! Tickets available at the door!
Stay Hopeful Tour continues on with @oogeewawa & @riesbrothers 🌻
10/6 - Revolution Music Hall | Amityville, NY * 
10/7 - MilkBoy | Philadelphia, PA
10/10 - Gypsy Sally’s | Washington, DC
10/11 - The Boathouse | Myrtle Beach, SC 
10/12 - Royal American | Charleston, SC
10/13 - Preservation Pub | Knoxville, TN
10/14 - Vinyl | Atlanta, GA *
10/15 - Pour House Music Hall | Raleigh, NC

No @riesbrothers on * shows
The “Stay Hopeful” Album Release Tour is off to a great start! It was great linking with @theelovaters for the first 3 shows in New England! TONIGHT we hit Long Island with @oogeewawa 🌻 Tomorrow @riesbrothers join us for Philadelphia followed by Washington DC on Wednesday! 
#sundriedvibes #letsgetsundried #itsamovement #stayhopeful #surroundedbythesound
The first 3 nights of the Stay Hopeful Album Release Tour were 🔥🔥 Big ups to @theelovaters for hopping on those shows with us! TONIGHT we are in Amityville, NY with @oogeewawa at @revolution_li 🌻
SOMERVILLE, MA!! Catch us at Thunder Road tonight for night 3 of the Stay Hopeful Album Release Tour with @theelovaters and @oogeewawa 🌻 Tickets still available at the door! Doors at 8 PM!!
“Stay Hopeful” Album Release Tour is rolling through Massachusetts tonight and tomorrow with @theelovaters & @oogeewawa 🔥🔥🔥 10:30 Set Time TONIGHT! 
10/4 - Greasy Luck Brew Pub | New Bedford, MA
10/5 - Thunder Road | Somerville, MA
NEW BEDFORD, MA!! We are stoked to be back at @greasylucknb tonight with @theelovaters & @oogeewawa Doors at 7:30, SDV hits at 10:30!! Tickets available at the door!! #letsgetsundried
Nothing but ❤️ for our boys in @theelovaters Stoked to be linking with them on the first 3 shows of the Stay Hopeful Album Release Tour along with the boys @oogeewawa 🌻 
10/3 - Stanhope House | Stanhope, NJ
10/4 - Greasy Luck Brew Pub | New Bedford, MA
10/5 - Thunder Road | Somerville, MA