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Thursday's max effort lower. Payed my dues. 3 rep banded squat max. PR'd which I'm happy about. Buttt platform work went to shit after these. Attempted to reach a sumo dead w/deficit 🤦🏽‍♀️ yeah so I'll leave it at that lol let's get it Fitfam fck it #amazeyourself #superiior_fitness #power_by_johnny #girlswhopowerlift
The work behind the main lifts that get you to the main lifts 😝🤙🏻 #PRChasing #amazeyourself #superiior_fitness #power_by_johnny
No filters. No special effects. No slick angles. Just me. Unapologetically. Raw. Flaws and all. This is me. Now. Just live 😎✌🏻 #thoughtswithfrankie #amazeyourself #superiior_fitness
Speed werk. Steady WORKIN. Squats coming along nicely. Coach is happy then I'm happy. #PRChasing #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself @power_by_johnny
In 12 days I will be officially celebrating 1 year being #vegan and so I figured today being #independenceday and all, I wanted to show you how vegans can join in on all the BBQ fun ! 
From left to right: • @beyondmeat burgers & Italian hot "sausages" • @pretzilla burger and dog buns • @daiyafoods mac n cheese • @halotopcreamery dairy free salted caramel ice cream • @earthbalance "cheddar" puffs • @daiyafoods ranch dressing for the carrots • @wholefoods vegan chocolate cake 🤤 • @hukitchen salted dark chocolate for the marshmallows • @mydandies vegan marshallows for the camp fire • @followyourheart American "cheese" • and lastly, carrots, salad, dates, avocados and clementines which you all know 😎🤙🏻 ........ So next time you host a BBQ, don't leave the #vegan guy out of an invite! Tons of alternatives and options now a days 😉 #happy4thofjuly #thoughtswithfrankie #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself
Who's ready for the #sallyup Challenge !! WATCH & LISTEN closely 😏 .
Download or YouTube "Flower" by Moby. The song is 3:26 long. Literally when it says "bring Sally up" you bring yourself up into a Plank position on your hands, when it says "Bring Sally down" you transition into a Plank on your forearms .
Challenge yourself & see how long YOU can stay with the song !! This challenge is a regular at our #superiiorbodybootcamp now you try it & TAG ME !! 👉🏻👉🏻 #SFSallyUp .
Visit our YouTube to see the rest of the video...can you guess how long I made it ?! #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself2017
Deficit Deads. Getting my set up back finally...sort of 🙄 but did anyone catch me moving my right foot after I already "set" my feet 🤦🏽‍♀️ rookie 😒 #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself #thoughtswithfrankie #PRchasing #power_by_johnny
Fitfam I miss ya'll so much ! #fbf to our #superiiorbodybootcamp days at Yankee Stadium track & field. I loved the energy, drive, and dedication ya'll always gave us. You all inspire me. Never forget what you are all capable of. Ya'll fcking BEAST 💯🔥 #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself #thoughtswithfrankie
Off snz is going well. As November begins to approach I'll be incorporating wrist wraps and a belt in my bench training. 3rd rep notice the movement in my left (your right) wrist which threw off that rep. Goal is for smooth, fast, and aligned reps. Nothing broke so I'm happy about that. Buenoooo let's keep at it 😎🤙🏻 #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself #thoughtswithfrankie #prchasing @power_by_johnny
In the lab #PRChasing w/the pineapple bun in full affect 🔥 #maxeffort ...this explains the popped vessels on my neck 🤷🏻‍♀️ #superiior_fitness #amazeyourself #thoughtswithfrankie @power_by_johnny
Cute at the gym...that's not my M.O. I'm not that kinda chick 😜#cardibvoice Listen, just know that when the pineapple bun is up and in full affect we #PRchasing 🔥#amazeyourself #superiior_fitness #thoughtswithfrankie
Friday's are for #balance ...oh and avocado fries 🤤 #vegan #fatkidforlife