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Less than two weeks until registration opens!!
TODAY IS THE DAY! Get a head start on registration by creating your account and make the process easier on Feb 1.  YOUTH PASTORS: You must create an account before your campers can register.
Just 15 days to go until you can sign up for the best summer camp of 2018!
All the #ssar folks be like: 窶廬T窶儡 A SNOW DAY!!!窶
Yessss just 16 short days to go before registration begins!!!
Just 17 days to go until registration begins. Who窶冱 ready??
18 days you guys... who窶冱 excited?!?!?! Registration opens Feb 1! We are going to be giving away a bunch of prizes the first week of registration.
19 days to go until registration! What窶冱 your favorite part of Super Summer? Share it with us and tag a friend so we can hear their stories!
It窶冱 Friday. And just 20 days until registration!!
21 to go!
It窶冱 a Taylor Swift song... but also the number of days until registration begins!