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When fall colors are so pretty there’s no need for filters.
Trying to get into hiking and Zion is definitely not a bad place to start.
Came here to find out if I'm a pinball wizard. I'm not.
Note to self: wearing sunglasses at night is impractical and looks very silly.
Putting together fall arrangements to decorate the house with. #fall #autumn #decor
Walking around IKEA counts as daily exercise right?
I didn't know how else to redecorate my room so I put up fairy lights above my bed. I'm soooo original.
When the weather is nice enough to eat breakfast outside.
Shopping for Christmas in August.
Heights have officially been added to my long list of fears.
One day I'll learn to sew like my mom, but for now she's just going to have to keep making these pretty dresses for me. But at least the design was mine this time.