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Just casually sitting next to some cacti.
December may be approaching but fall feels are not over. 🍂🍁
Thankful for my mom for veganizing every traditional thanksgiving dish (minus the turkey) two years in a row so I won’t be left out. If that’s not true love I don’t know what is. 😭
Happy birthday to my mom, my best friend, the only person that’ll wear matching dresses with me. 🎂 🎉
A photo to celebrate leaving the house and looking presentable for the first time this week. #ootd
Dressed up as Eleven wishing I was as cool as her. #happyhalloween
The back-toward-the-camera-and-pretend-to-look-out-into-the-distance photo. #toocoolforschool
Obligatory fall photo in a pumpkin patch.
Found a little donut shop in Chinatown that sells vegan donuts and pastries.
When fall colors are so pretty there’s no need for filters.
Trying to get into hiking and Zion is definitely not a bad place to start.
Came here to find out if I'm a pinball wizard. I'm not.