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Bobsled Pilot for TEAM JAMAICA. Follow my journey to the #OLYMPICS. #Korea2018 and #Bejing2022

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Correcting my poster. Keeping back and torso engaged and firing through the glutes. Long road to better technique.  #cleans 100kg.
The rare bench #workout ha ha ha just nice and light 126kg. As training gets more focused upper body is the first to go.
#work #ethic. #health is a long term journey. Mom doing some sprints in her 50s. 10s x5 30sec rest
More from bad #technique day.  When you don't #practice a movement it is interesting to see how your body reacts. I tend to naturally split. Most likely because of the millions of times I surfed in my life splitting my stance is #muscle memory.  #split #clean #powerclean 143kg
Look at my back end to much curve not engaging the glut or the abs.  Learn from my mistakes ha ha game
Easy day 280ish kg quarters and depth jumps.  New cycle who dis. Halloween f<% mask off.
Velvet taco.  cake and tacos name a better duo
Got lucky enough to meet up with an NFL stand out jordan pugh @pughtraining who has and amazing #gym in dallas.  Helping a few #Olympian hopefuls out.  If you want good #training this is the place to go. #Journey to 2018 it takes a #community.
Straight leg box jumps with jump squats.  Plyos in full effect.  #speed work has finally started. This is why I named this cycle Halloween besides that it ends around Oct 31st. It is when the mask comes off for me. No more games no more parties no more fake bs. Time to scare myself with how close the season is. "Let the Reaper out let the process, contingencies, and obsession take over." MY focus and verocity become omnipresent.
#drinks on Sunday.  Cheers to the start the fun enjoy the day.  #Margarita #sangria #wine