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Bobsled Pilot for TEAM JAMAICA. Follow my journey to the #OLYMPICS. #Korea2018 and #Bejing2022

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#Powerlifting day. Is my butt ready lol.  Almost bobsled uniform lol
She can put her sled on her back.  #Athletes being #successful is the sweetest thing for a #coach. Honored I could coach and guide such a  #authentic person. Doesn't hurt I'm in #love with her. The hurdles of getting over being told your not good, not fast, not strong, by incompetent  people/coaches . Wipe your mind an find SELF #CONFIDENCE was the KEY.  PR 175kg/385lbs #jamaicanStrong #jaminate #sliding2pc18 #squats #excited
I think I'm more excited then her. I feel way more nervous then I do for myself. #today we test SQUAT.  Must be the love of coaching.  To see your athletes go for PRs. Carbo load. #food
RmR test helped me find out  i burn 1600 calories a day if i did nothing.  I have a horrible problem with losing #weight during the season. Which is horrible in bobsled a kilo lost is a kilo added the the sled. #OLYMPICS are built in the #off-season with #knowledge of #self .. #athlete #bigup
Got my Resting #metabolism rate done down at playtri in McKinney. Taking the guess work out of knowing how many #calories I can have a day to maintain, gain, or lose #weight.  Go and get this #test done. It is simple and effective. Tired of not knowing where to start. RmR test is a good starting point.  #results
Reached 107kg /235lb in the bulking phase of my offseason started at 102kg/224. Hoping in the Competition this weekend the strength will have come up with the weight (competing in 110kg/242lb weight class). IN reality I will drop to 103-4kg only gaining a kilo at best of muscle. #destinationdallas
Looking at the powerlifting meet this weekend. The end of the bulking. Feeling ready at 106kg/230lb. Competing in the 210kg/242lb.
50% sled weight for 20m first day for prowler. Projection to be 30m at 102kg or 60% in a few weeks.  Season is close excited
The deload is feeling good.  80kg for three one full two hang.  This was my last set of 7 sets so kinda tired and not the best feet.
Got new lifting shoes. The most comfortable I have ever lifted in. Adidas crazy power. PR time
220kg. 1 full squat .. 1 eccentric squat to a 1 bottom up squat at 200kg. This has worked for me in being more explosive out the bottom. One week out from competition. #Powerlifting
Relaxing in the heat 1.5 per 10meters 15kg.