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A casual, fun group of women and girls surfing together to share their passion for the waves.

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Another great Breath Hold session with Gez. Understanding how your mind and body works with your breathing will help you gain confidence in the surf as well as give you the skills to explore underwater on those flat days 洫懌坂凰ク with @eastcoastsurfaris plus we had a film crew along this time洟
That FRIYAY feeling 洟咀沛窶坂凰ク Have a great Friday girls and get out there amongst the sparkly waves. Surfer: @shazz58 Photo: @elliebobbie
February group surf with these awesome girls 洟 @thewellnessgirls @natthom2000 @naomi2211 @shazz58 @lindagoodwin123 @welishhh @planetriz @gabstokes @jayboards @betaportella
Surf exercise must include some single leg work... #singlelegday 沽 #NAILEDIT
Happiest of Birthdays to the girl who always has the biggest, most infectious smile in the surf @shelljan 沽昨沽 Photo: @mxmsurfphoto
Stay fit to surf... fruitsツcontains large amounts of important nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, minerals and various antioxidants. Colourful food also makes you smile 沽
Now this is how you should start the working week... long perfect Monday morning left for @djbsurfboards on his new Medusa model surfboard沛沍嬉洟 photo: @sproutdaily
Massive thanks to @surfing_nsw for the Surfers Rescue and CPR course they put on for us today. Tricky conditions at Queensie for the board rescue component, we all learnt some new techniques. And an awesome, very thorough and in-depth CPR session. Great initiative and recommended to all surfers. #surfingnsw #surfersrescue247
Surf Girls are participating in a Surfers Rescue and CPR course tomorrow. Great initiative by Surfing NSW to provide recreational surfers with life saving skills. Those of you who signed up, see you tomorrow 洟#surfingnsw #surfersrescue247
I hope you girls managed to get some waves this week, it's been pretty epic out there. I know a few of us scored some awesome sessions... here's hoping it continues into the weekend!!洟咀沽 沒キ @elliebobbie & surfer: the sparkly @mil_lieeeeee
End the weekend with some healthy colour to help power into Monday! Have a great week ahead 笶、ク条沍コ衍 #powerbowl #pokebowl
Girls I think we nailed this same same, don't you agree 沽
We spend so much time conforming why not just be yourself and enjoy the moment more 沽昨洟