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I've been holed up in my apartment creating and connecting online with likeminded people (mentors, teachers and entrepreneurs) for a while.  It's been nice to just turn inward, create, focus and raise my energy. I've started reaching out to the outside world again lol and connecting with people again and have been reminded of all of the drama that exists, mostly being about what other people think. I'm feeling even more grateful for the fact that I'm the master of my own environment and have complete control over whose energy I engage with and which situations I want to be in. This is all I have to say about people judging/criticizing and talking about you...
People will always have something to say about you, judge you and criticize you. Let it go. People who do this either to your face, behind your back, or the people who don't know you that feel the need to put you down to others, do so from a place of their own insecurities, excessive ego, lack of confidence, lack of self-love and self-worth. Usually they feel intimidated or threatened by you because of these. It has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with them. Focus on your own journey and let people talk/judge/criticize because people will always do this :) Surround yourself with people that have real confidence, are emotionally intelligent, committed to self-awareness and personal success. Also, consider changing your environment (people/negative energy). Leave the low vibration situations behind and keep shining your light. .
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Some of my friends have noticed I haven’t been active much on social media this year. Thank you for noticing 💕❤️ I’ve been working away with my head down at my desk on the pieces of my business that really matter. I’m working with an amazing business coach and also meeting like minded women in her small private group which has been inspiring. Seeing these women doing what they love and making the money they want and creating the life they want has motivated me to focus and just work. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time when you’re surrounded by high vibe women with the same goals. .

Also, I’m always learning so I’ve been furthering my Ayurvedic studies with my mentor and working on my essential oils certification through Dr. Josh Axe.  If there’s something new and big you want to accomplish, invest in yourself and invest in mentors to help you fast track to the success and movement you desire in your life. 
Once I’m done with my current project I’ll get back to posting regularly .
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Brrrr! Today’s a work on the couch by the fireplace with extra spicy chai kinda day. Stay warm on this snowy day.

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IMMUNE STRENGTH & ALLERGIES - Do you get sick often? or get seasonal allergies? Spring is coming and I wanted to share about nature's way of providing immunity. The way humans naturally immunize themselves and increase immune strength.

In addition to lifestyle habits, people get sick often and have allergies because they aren't eating enough local vegetables and fruits. What does this have to do with immune strength and allergies? What grows locally in your area contains SBO's, or "Soil Based Organisms". For example, when you pull carrots out of the ground they will have dirt or soil on them and this dirt or soil contains SBO's and these SBO's contain probiotic microbes. These probiotic microbes are what give us what we need, in the climate we live in, to increase our immune system strength and prepare us for the change each season brings. Remember, most of the immune system is in the gut so your gut needs the right balance of probiotics from natural sources. No vitamin or supplement can fully copy nature's formula for health.

Raw local honey is an excellent way to prepare your body for seasonal changes because it contains 200 microbes and acts as a natural immunization. This way your body builds up a natural and gradual tolerance to the change in seasons. Getting outdoors more will also help build this tolerance.

This is why I always steer people away from diets that omit veggies and fruit as these diets are just weight loss oriented and don't take your overall health in mind. Temporarily, it's ok to do a restrictive diet if you have to lose weight or need to limit fruit intake due to candida issues or an issue your health care provider has advised you on. Our bodies, through evolution are designed for what nature provides. If you have a difficult time digesting fruits and vegetables, it's not the fruits and vegetables, it's actually that your body's digestive system is impaired. Fixing your gut health is the solution.
If you’re doing all the “right” things as far as diet and exercise and only get limited or temporary results, it’s good to tune into the state of your nervous system. 90% of health issues are due to unresolved and chronic mental/emotional stress. Developing awareness of the root cause of health issues requires stopping and slowing down both mind and body. No amount of herbs and body work will give you permanent results. Though these can definitely help speed up your results and support healing, they rarely take care of the underlying issue. This is why once you stop the body work, herbs and supplements the issues start creeping back. Lifestyle, how you move through and react to life and flowing with the natural rhythms of nature are much more powerful, cost effective and get to the root cause. Even though I utilize herbs and diet, this is the core of my practice.
Having a stewed apple for breakfast starts your digestion the right way and improves your overall digestion. A stewed apple is considered the yogi’s breakfast. For all you busy people, this takes 5 minutes. Chop up a sweet apple, add 1/4 cup of water to a small pot, add your apple, add 3 whole cloves and any other spices you want like cinnamon, cardamom or ginger. Cover and cook on low for 5 minutes, remove the cloves and that’s it. Sometimes I add chopped walnuts and seeds at the end.
In order to grow, change or get better you have to be willing to invest in yourself. If it’s too difficult or overwhelming to do it on your own, seek out help. I always try my best to be an example of what I talk about. . .

This year I have already made a big investment in my business and also in my Ayurveda studies. It’s scary but necessary so I keep growing and reach my goals, both personally and professionally.  Energy flows where your attention goes and I’m already having people reach out to me since I made these investments.

If you’re struggling with your health, do whatever you need to do to get the guidance and support you need. There is so much information online and trying to piece together tips from a number of different sources rarely works. Invest in your transformation instead of information.
Hope you're all enjoying your first day of 2018! We started our day with pancakes, coffee in our new Chemex and anise and ginger aromatherapy. .
Ginger is grounding, warm and spicy, stimulating to Vata, increases digestive fire and internal heat. Ginger is healing to the entire digestive system, it can increase metabolism and is an antidepressant. Ginger reduces excess Vata and Kapha.

Anise is rich and sweet. It's heating, helps to remove excess Vata and reduces Kapha. It reduces mucous and dry coughs. It's very useful in calming a nervous stomach, detoxifies the liver and heals the digestive system. .
This sweet and spicy blend is perfect on a cold winter morning.
Happy new year friends! Wishing you all the very best in the new year. No need to dwell on the past, each day gives us the opportunity to create a new life, direction and path.
"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair" as Shirley Chisholm said...or you can bring a big ridiculous chair. Make 2018 the year you go for what you want, regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels
We took some of our leftovers and made a breakfast hash. Gluten free and vegetarian stuffing with walnuts, topped with an egg and vegetarian mushroom, herb gravy/sauce. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas ❄⛄
Christmas eve silliness! Merry Christmas Eve everyone ⛄❄🎄