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Hybrid style sushi.
Traditional recipes with a contemporary twist.
Find us in a Woolworths near you!

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Edamame are a great healthy snack! Serve them warm with a pinch of sea salt.
Available now at Sushi Izu, in a Woolworths near you!
Crispy and delicious! Pick up some Tempura Prawns on your way home tonight 🍤
Did you know you can order our platters online at our website? 
With a range of options to choose from, we will ensure your platter is ready to pick up, when and where it’s convenient for you 🍣
Have you been to our brand new Poké Bar in Pitt Street Sydney yet? Choose from one our our creations or make your own!
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Spending Saturday dreaming of Japan 🇯🇵
Let’s see you enjoying our sushi 🍣 
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You can’t make everyone happy. Unless you are sushi 🍣
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Meat free Monday?⠀
Pop into our Pitt Street Mall Poke bar and grab yourself a tofu & veg bowl.
Hands up if you could eat all these Prawn Gyoza yourself 🥟 🙋🏼‍♀️
For a no regrets lunch, pick up one of our medium rolls from your local Sushi Izu!