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SustainLab is a platform for RCA students to explore sustainability. It is a middle ground where ideas are challenged, experimented with, and shared.

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We have a new date for your calendar ✍️ A very special open crits - we have five alumnis coming in to crit current students! Thank you to @elsyhill @gregorromswan @jacobjelen @mikevanis and @west_adrift 🍊 Looking forward to next Tuesday, from 6pm till 9pm at the Senior Common Room, South Ken campus. Thank you to @zealindstrom and Marco Zifaro for the poster 🧡
Happy to present the work of Liz Miller! @liz_k_miller practice-led PhD at RCA is researching sound visualisation and eco-acoustics in forests. It considers our dependency on, and relationship with the woodland hydrological cycle by highlighting the complexity, fragility and necessity of ‘green water’. She has a solo exhibition ‘The Circular Score’ at Huddersfield Art Gallery from 10th Nov till 2nd Feb. Opening event 17 Nov - performance of the score by jazz trumpeter Kim Macari and sound artist Ryoko Akama. Pass by if you’re close! ☄️
Paper Making Workshop this Thursday 🚨🚨 From 6.30pm at White City Making Space, come and learn with us how to make your own paper 🥕 Thank you @shelbyguergis for the fabulous poster we love so much! 🧡
@woodlandtrust is running a petition to protect ancient U.K. woods at risk of damage and loss and we’d like to invite you to have a closer look at this 🍃 We temporarily changed our link in bio to the petition page ☝️ The photo chosen for this post is the work of Giuseppe Penone, titled ‘The Hidden Life Within’, 2011; a reference mentioned during our Open Crits by @ellieantoni 🦊🍑
Open Crits tonight! Come and present your work to other students for some feedback based on caring for the planet 🌍🌱 From 5pm till 8pm at STE01 (South Ken campus). See you there 🌞 Another fabulous poster by our love @jedrenegade
With over 300 stations around the UK, the @RNLI works with more than 5,000 volunteers help people stay safe on the water. Eventually their equipment reaches the end of its utility. During this past #AcrossRCA, the Circular Harvest project intervened and challenged students to harvest a broken boat destined for disposal. After dissecting the carcass of a D-Class Lifeboat 15 creative minds developed a plethora of concepts to give this material a new life. Project run by @curiouskenneth, @joe_rouse and Céline Ducret ⛵️🌞⛵️
This week has been filled with AcrossRCA projects as diverse as they come; and some of them are investigating nature, and our relationship to it. The ‘Me Here To You There’ AcrossRCA project will be filled of research on creating shared understanding based on personal experiences. The exhibition of this project will happen this Friday from 5pm till 7pm at the Hockney Gallery, South Ken building 🌱 Here’s some work in progress from @daisy.imogen that you will get to see! Hope to see you there 🍊
Open Crits are starting tomorrow! From 5pm till 8pm in STE01 at the Stevens Building, South Ken. Come with a 5min presentation and we’ll do feedbacks and discussions, this is drop in, no need to sign up! Thanks to the very talented @jedrenegade for that gr8 poster 🍋
We wrote up an article about our Natural Dye Workshop which happened last Thursday! Go and have a read 📙 Also keep a close eye on this space, our first open crit is happening this Wednesday ☄️
Come along to our first workshop of the year this Thursday at 5pm @ Making Space at the White City campus where we will be experimenting with natural dyes with flowers 🍁 Thank you to @henriholz and @lsilvestrucci for the lovely poster 🧡
Thank you all for coming on Wednesday! We wrote an article on our brand new website that Alexander Taylor aka @_l_x_nd_rt_yl_r has made, and organised the topics of interests as follow: Climate and Action; Climate and Cities; Climate and Health; Climate and Materials; Climate and Migration; Climate and Responsibility. Go read for more infos! We are looking forward to building on these themes with you during the year and stay tuned for our upcoming Natural Dye Workshop on the 18th of October 🦑
Posters are up on all campuses! ☄️ Our first event is happening next Wednesday from 7pm at the ArtBar; come along for casual drinks and chatting about the challenges that are on your mind when relating to the planet 🍊 Thank you very much to @jakepardoe for the beautiful posters 🧡