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Nashville by way of Montreal & Boston & Philly, cardiologist turned singer-songwriter.

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In case you’ve ever wondered what I do at work, the New York Times is featuring Vanderbilt’s heart transplant program today in their ‘24 hours in America’ article (scroll down to Nashville, TN 11:02 PM). Pics are of my patient before, during, and after his heart transplant. And of his new heart in a bucket after being transported!
Playing a last minute show tonight at 6pm filling in for Luella. Join us nice and early at @thekitchenmusicvenue in East Nashville!
All day date with @scotsax: saw ‘A Star Is Born’ in reclining easy chairs with surround sound, lost my Chick-Fil-A virginity in the food court at the mall (yes that was the first time!) and was introduced to nitro-balls, which are sweet and make you breathe smoke 😳😂.
Announcing a new show at @clubpassim January 8th w/ @scotsax and @sallyngeorge ! Can’t wait to see you again, Boston. #savinglivesandplayingdives #singersongwriter #livemusic
10.9.10 ❤️🌈💫
@philipdagostino and @poppyandbean ‘s magical wedding. Saw this kinda mysterious kinda sexy kinda sweet guy there. I had met him briefly the day before (he came into Milkboy Studios, where I was cutting my Heartstrings album), and had run into him again that morning. So this was the 3rd time seeing him in 24 hours. Neither of us had come with dates. He was doing this crazy Michael Jackson shit on the dance floor so I went and joined him. Better than making small talk all night. We danced and danced, sweat pouring down our faces. After a while a slow song came on. I nuzzled in and wondered who in the world this man was. Phil and Colleen captured the whole thing on video and sent us this picture, which was right before our first kiss and as it turned out, 11 months before our wedding.  I’ve never been much of a believer in fate, but...just sayin. @scotsax - the most unexpected and most wonderful thing to ever come my way. Nice doin life witchoo. ❤️🌈💫
Apparently the hospital gift shop is trying to drum up business for the cardiology department. 🤔
Special surprise on my evening commute the other night. 🌈
@robbyhecht laid down some KILLER harmonies for the new album on a song we co-wrote called I Choose You. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I literally had chest pain while he was singing!
Loving me some @hotchickenband !!! And come on - is that not the BEST BAND NAME EVER?!??
7 years later, still lucky in love. Thanks, as always, to my guy @scotsax for changing my tune. ❤️❤️❤️
Nothing like a good run in the rain. Points to whoever remembers the song I wrote about it. No filter needed. #runnersofinstagram #therapy #nofilter
I’ll tell you, love was in the air last night. This epic bluegrass jam came after an EPIC evening celebrating @aligreeno and @dickthegentleman (I had so much fun at the wedding I forgot to take a picture till the end!). Nothing better than seeing people you love happy. ❤️❤️❤️