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Not unhappy about last night 😊#gentsefeesten2018 #gent
Tonight’s weather won’t allow for the same setup as we had on Friday, but fingers crossed for the same result! ❤️🇧🇪❤️ #frabel
Two best friends on a Sunday stroll #hotdog #Hobsessed
River city #RVA
Quality RVA street art #butt
Charmers at Charm School. Greetings from #richmond
Co-piloting such a fun team through the Flemish Ardennes 🇧🇪 Cheers to Mike for being our driver for the day! #2cv #topdown #MM10years
I didn’t wake up planning to win at mini golf, but that’s how my day started 😜#karmaisreal #onlybecausehelaughedatme
Green team for the win! #2cv
#stanleyCAPS 🤩 proud to be a @capitals fan for life even if that means waking up in the middle of the night in Belgium to celebrate 🎉 C A P S
Perhaps you weren’t aware yet, but I have a dog named Hobson 😅 3 years ago today we brought him home to be our crazy little monster. I love him. 😘
25.05.18 celebrating 3 years and 1 day of living in Belgium together 😍