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It’s snowing in Gent so I’m thinking warm thoughts and crossing my fingers for sunshine next week like we had on Wednesday - figures I’d leave the #FrenchRiviera on the nicest day of our work trip...
Try as I might, I’ll never be quite as glam as Chic Marble Case. At least I’ve got my pinky up and my glass full #Niceisnice 📸: @hansguldemondphotography
Never take yourself too seriously - @hansguldemondphotography gets that balance
Today was a good day
Impromptu Antibes photoshoot
Home til Wednesday #mougins
A final look. The names on the floor are written in water, paying tribute to those who died trying to cross the Mediterranean and Atlantic over the last 20 years in search of a better life. It felt wrong taking photos in this space, but I wanted to remember this moment and those names. #madrid
A different perspective #Madrid
#tb to this incredible exhibition at the Crystal Palace in #Madrid
It’s time to paw-rty! (plz don’t unfollow me for that). Celebrating this tiny boy’s 3rd birthday with peanut butter and belly rubs tonight! #Hobsessed @mr.hobson.the.frenchie 🎉❤️
Another tiring weekend, so here are some pretty vases from a garden store in #Madrid that we happened upon before lunch and then Madrid’s best #mojitos (22.12.17)
The last week has been insanely hectic, so here’s a picture of me enjoying a sunset above #Madrid with @pj296 (21.12.17)