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Welcome! I'm a #LondonOntario 🇨🇦 based photographer creating epic, magical images that blur the line between reality + dream.

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Snow! Snow! Snow! Who else feels like it's Christmas when you wake up to winter wonderland? When it looks so pretty and wintery outside I just want to eat gingerbread allllll day long. I attempted to make gingerbread and my house smells heavenly 😋
Tell me, did you dress up for Halloween? I don't think I'll ever be too old for that fun... 😜
Megan and Paul wanted to surprise their daughters with some photos - isn't that just the best idea? So we took some!! This is one of my favourite photos of them because it shows the special connection Megan and Paul share. They will be married for 38 years next month. Here's to many more years of happiness for a beautiful couple, inside-and-out! @mfelker24 @felkerpaul
Happy 🇨🇦 Thanksgiving!! Check out the link in my bio to read how we made our turkey this year :)
Who else is having a turkey 🦃 in the oven today?? Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my fellow Canadians!!
I feel like a hobbit during Thanksgiving because of all the good food.
After the kids have gone to bed @aarongwebster and I will continue watching “The Lord of the Rings”
How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?
One of the hallmarks of my style is infusing dreaminess and a touch of magic into my photographs. Many things inspire a vision for an image. A colour, certain light, a song. I am particularly inspired by music that sparks my creativity. One of the bands that does that is the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. Now before you think I'm into metal, I am not, I just like Nightwish. In the photo you see me at their concert in Toronto earlier this year. This was my (failed??) attempt at a selfie with songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen (in the picture the faint figure in the light at the keyboard). He is the musical genius behind the band. Their music inspires me and gives me new ideas for images. Swipe to see an image inspired by the Nightwish songs “White Night Fantasy” & “Elvenpath”!! Now tell me, what inspires you?
Who's up for a catching a glimpse into my to-do list as a photographer?? It is not just pressing a button and being done! Being behind the camera is actually the smallest part of running a photography business. Who would have thought that?! I sure didn't when I first started out. Today I was planning a new session, and in the photo you can see me bringing some ideas to life with pencil and paper. I love planning the poses in advance. Going into the session prepared helps me focus all my attention to my clients during the shoot. 
What have you been up to today?
Y'all know (I love saying "y'all" even though I am not Southern!) that I love me some good pumpkin spice latte this season. But do you know what else I am looking forward to? The Thanksgiving turkey dinner and all the goodness that comes with it. I'm from Germany and we don't celebrate Thanksgiving the way it is celebrated here in Canada. Thanksgiving here holds a very special place in my heart. I am looking forward to the turkey, and stuffing, and gravy, and cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, and the family togetherness. 
What part of Thanksgiving are you looking forward to the most? Do you have any special traditions?
In a sea of photographers, why should you choose me? Why should you trust me with photographing your memories?
Well, let me ask you a question: Does the thought of having your picture taken make you feel anxious? Do you worry about looking good in photos? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place. Let me assure you, most people feel that way. And I am here to help!! I want you to feel relaxed, confident, and gorgeous in front of my camera. So I put all of my clients through my "photo-fab" bootcamp where I teach you all of my secrets to looking great in photos, and then I will coach you through every pose all of the way - until we've got all the shots!! We'll laugh lots along the way, too, because photo-sessions with me are fun. Your job is to relax and to simply enjoy yourself. Let me take care of the rest.
Another thing that sets me apart is my editing style. I love epic, magical photos that blur the line between reality and dream. This turns my photographs into unique pieces of artwork - for you to treasure for the rest of your life. Sound intrigued? Feel free to head on over to my portfolio on my website (Link in bio) and check out my work, and feel free to browse the rest of my website as well :)
If you like what you see there, I'd LOVE to meet you. Leave a comment, or contact me through my website and I'll follow up personally. <3
Wow, it's October already!! 🍂 I've been using Instagram for a while and today's post is for you to get to know me a bit better :) So here we go! 
My passion for photography is no secret. There are many reasons why. One of the most rewarding things of photographing others is to see them blossom in front of my camera when I guide them through the poses. I love making women feel special, beautiful, and confident. We're dealing with enough self-doubts already, so breaking through that and bringing out our confident, radiant side is amazing! If you want to know more about my photography journey, you can check out my website (Link in bio). But as I mentioned, this post is not only about photography. On a more personal note, this year I find myself excited for cooler temperatures and sweater weather - it's an excuse to snuggle up in my favourite cozy blanket while enjoying a cup of good hot coffee. And also, it's pumpkin-spiced-lattes season - please tell me I'm not the only one indulging in those?! What are you looking forward to and indulging in this time of the year?
The Sheltering Shade of The Forest
When we hiked Warbler Woods recently, the kids were excited (read: joyfully loud), so I didn't expect to see much wildlife - except some chipmunks and a few squirrels. But then I turned my head, and this beautiful male deer stared right at me. I am so stoked to have caught a full-body shot on camera!! The hubs has been begging me ever since to do something with this image (which was actually taken during the day). I wanted something magical, and this is what I came up with. I hope you like it, too!!
Remember the gorgeous prom photos of @kathleenreid27? Well, they're on the blog, as well as some of my favourite photos of @nareid22, @estherreid13 and Graham! Go check them out (link in bio) 😊. Dress: @nicholasandelizabethbridal 
Makeup: @studiohartistgroup 
Location: @siftonwest5