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Next show @ Barracuda 7/13!!! 💋


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We've got a new single coming your way June 29 - keep an eye out for more details coming soon...
📷: @unfortunateface
you can now watch our galaxy barn performance of "take me to a party" from @pickathon 2017! link in our bio 🦈
“Me n’ Petunia out by the schoolyard.” - P. Simon.
We did our thing for @deepeddyvodka #deepeddyvodka #sequinshoes #bts
Photo by @manewitz
The bass player. 
Photo by @senialopez.photography 🌹
Thank you, Philly 💎 & @johnnybrendas 
Photo by @cooldadmusic !!! Costume by @thisissloane
The magic of the niyght. 
Photo by @senialopez.photography
Feelin’ that Philly magic and feelin’ this Coldplay platinum record. @wxpnfm thanks for having us! See everybody at @johnnybrendas 2nite, a real classy joint. 
Photo by @countfeed 
Sabrina’s costume by @thisissloane 💋
Right-cha ⬇️
We + U + Philly = Show @johnnybrendas day after tomorrow ✨
Danny’s new puppy @ccdrumco @danny_lion_ 🐶☠️🐶☠️