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Toddler Activity: Toobs and Documentaries! I like to find a documentary on Netflix about wildlife and pull a Safari Toob from our collection that matches the episode and point out the figurine that is being described on the screen. This results in remembering the name of animals and more realistic imaginative play. #netflixkids #safaritoobs
Toddler Activity: Tumbling Class! In an effort to expose the boys to a lot of different interests to find something they love to do with skills they can build on over the years, we started my 2 year old in Tumbling class because of his fearlessness and love of climbing and jumping. Building skills unique to their own propensities is a great way to build confidence and self esteem. #swelltoddlerideas
Earth Day Activity: Earth Day ebook! Instead of using printed books for bedtime, we ordered up some Kindle books about Earth Day at bedtime. Turns out, kindle books have a scrolling feature that highlights the section of words you are reading making it easier for kids to follow along! #earthday2018
Earth Week Activity: Nature Walk! We are gearing up for Earth Week here and headed to the mountains so our suburban kids could see what the land would look like untouched by humans. The lesson this week will be leaving the Earth a better place than we found it by reducing waste, being conscious of our inputs and outputs, and improving the environment by growing more greens. #earthweek2018
Preschooler Activity: Looking in the Crevices. To encourage my little to be more detail oriented, we’ve started going on walks looking beyond what meets the eye. What could be hiding? BB decided he wanted to look inside Abe Lincoln’s hat and found some flowers!
Giveaway Series! As we approach 2000 followers in this amazing community of engaged parents, I want to thank you all with a multipart giveaway. We’re clearly an educationally focused family and if you’re here, you’re likely the kind of educationally focused and engaged parent who will appreciate the items I’ve gathered for this giveaway. Part 1 is 14 sets of flash cards as pictured! .
To enter, you must be following this account and drop a comment below or tag a likeminded friend who would also appreciate these goodies. That mom with the gifted kid, that homeschooling/unschooling family you met at the park, that dad who is always patiently answering the barrage of questions from his littles as an educational moment. You know, those Swell families! .
Entries close on Sunday April 8 at 11:59pm PST. I will draw the winner on Monday April 9. Part 2, will go up next week as well. .
Thank you again for all your support in this engaged parenthood journey!
Toddler Activity: Climbing! Is your kid climbing on everything and anything? Toddlers need to climb to develop their gross motor skills. Head to a park with a climbing wall, a field a tree perfect for climbing or an indoor play space with ladders. At home, play structures and Picklers Triangles are also great items to engage your little climber!
Toddler Activity: Texture Walk! It’s Spring and a wonderful time to take a walk through the neighborhood to see and touch all the different plant textures. We give a name to the textures, like “smooth,” “pointy,” “scratchy,” and ”rough.” We also get an idea of what permaculture plants we want to get going in our sensory garden as well.
Preschool Activity: The Good, the Bad and the Lesson. BB said to me during a car ride, “Mommy, someone said I was a bad person.” Mama bear instincts in full effect, I want to know who, why, what and where! No one calls my baby a bad person. Conversation pause. 
We try to avoid teaching our kids to label themselves. Good, bad, smart, stupid. Anything that denotes that you are predestined to be a certain way versus being a product of what we do is something we try to reframe. 
In response, “BB, you know, there is no such thing as a bad person or a good person. Either we do good things or we do bad things. Do you like to do good things or do you like to do bad things?” BB responds, “Good things!” “When that person said you were a bad person, was there something you did they thought was bad?” I asked.

He thought about it, “Yes, I took his toy.” “Well, that sounds like it wasn’t a nice thing to do. What is a good thing you can do?” We then had a conversation about the good way to handle taking turns with toys, which is a lesson for another day.

How do you answer this question with your kids?
Family Friendly Trip: Seaworld San Diego! My kids honestly loved this more than Disneyland. The park is geared towards younger kids with Sesame Street’s Bay of Play but also the immersive animal encounters are really wonderful for them. My kids are still talking about the varieties of each species and incorporating real facts into their imaginative play. Even the freshwater aquariums have an platform walkway for kids to get up close to the glass on their own. Every exhibit has detailed educational information to answer the inevitable questions about the animals.
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Preschool Activity: Touch Pools! We spent a day at Seaworld San Diego and the touch pools were amazing! From cyprinid fish that nibble on dead skin to rays and sharks and tide pool wildlife galore, the park is filled with opportunities to gently two finger touch animals at kid level! We talked about habitats, species classification and evolution. . . .
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Preschool Activity: Alphabet Stick Puzzle! I bought these at Target and have an extra set that will be going in a future “Thank You For Following” Giveaway but these can be easily made with a picture glued to popsicle sticks that are cut apart to make long length puzzle pieces. 
We sang the alphabet song phonetically while we had a competition over who could find each sequential stick first. BB really enjoyed this and when we were done, asked to play again. Also comes in number form that will also be in the giveaway.
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