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What happens to a thought when you don’t think it?

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It was a beautiful day spent with my favorite family watching the girls perform at their first dance show! I am so proud of these sweet, strong and beautiful little girls! Also, their new pup is truly 💯💯
We got caught in a beautiful snow storm in Golden Gate Canyon State Park yesterday when we headed outdoors to give thanks to Mother Nature instead of heading to the stores for all the sales. No better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving🙌 #optoutside
Grateful. #optoutside
This guy and this song in its entirety💓 #beatles #blackbird
This guy #crushinghard
All of my favorite humans are slowly moving to the same place at the same time 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #palparadecolorado
Colorado, I love you❤️ #optoutside #pals #windypeak #kyletookthesepictures
You know you made the right decision on where to live when you always feel like you’re on vacation. #optoutside #newnormal #colorfulcolorado #anythingthatcanbeclimbedwillbeclimbed #mypalrock
I love that living in Colorado means that I can hike mountains with my best pals whenever I want #optoutside #palparade #tastetherainbow