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Alum Alyssa Castellano-Smith (’14), a Theatre teacher at Success Academy Harlem 6, won a 2019 Success Academy Excellence Award in the ETHOS category. Alyssa attributes her career success to her experience as an Acting major at Syracuse. “From my undergraduate degree I have taken with me many acting and performing techniques that I am able to teach to our scholars today,” she reflects. “The guidance from professional actors who helped me grow continues to this day to give me ideas and inspiration, and makes me a better Theatre teacher for our scholars. I have a tremendous passion for Theatre that started when I was very young. To be able to teach, share, and cultivate passion in young performers today is an absolute joy.”
With 46 schools, Success Academy Charter Schools is the largest and highest-performing public charter school network in NYC. Any students interested in working for SACS can check out jobs on Handshake.
Four dedicated and established alumnae from the Tech industry visited campus on Wednesday, April 10th to participate in a panel discussion with current students and members of the Women Empowerment Group to discuss the evolving corporate culture of women holding high ranking technical roles within multiple organizations. The panel featured Jennifer Cantor ’17, a Project Manager for the B2B Commercial team at Synchrony, Alyssa Gonzalez ’12, Director of Workplace Engineering for CBS, Supreet Kaur ’15, a Cybersecurity Consultant at EY, and Hannah Warren ’16, a Scrum Master at Paperless Post.
This week’s Success Academy Excellence Award winner is Gina Terracine (‘13). Gina is the Community Relations Manager at Success Academy Cobble Hill and earned an Excellence Award in the ETHOS category, which recognizes school staff who have best demonstrated the Success community’s values of Excellence, Teamwork, Humor, Ownership, and Scholars. Gina first became interested in education reform when her co-ed honors fraternity Phi Sigma Pi became involved with Teach for America. This work resonated with her on a personal level and ultimately led her to Success Academy. “What I think is special about Success Academy is that we put a lot of emphasis on college graduation,” she says. “I was the first in my family to go to college, and I think it is so important that all children know that college is an option for them and that they can and will graduate from college!” Are you interested in working at Success Academy Charter Schools? SU students can check out SACS jobs on Handshake.
SU students had the opportunity to learn how to “Network without the ‘net’” from Robert A. Schutt on Thursday, April 18. Students were taught how to introduce themselves and converse comfortably and memorably in a professional setting. Along with hearing a presentation on proper in-person networking etiquette, students were able to practice their networking skills on SU alumni. Thank you to the students and alumni who participated; we will continue holding these sessions in the future so keep a look out!
The 2019 Success Academy Excellence Award-winning SU alum we’re spotlighting this week is Abbey MacLachlan (‘13). Abbey is a 3rd-grade ICT teacher at Success Academy Prospect Heights and won an Excellence Award for Academic Achievement. While Abbey’s experience teaching abroad during her undergraduate and graduate years sparked her love for education, she knew that working at Success Academy would enable her to make a difference in the young lives of people closer to home. “I worked with refugee children during the start of the Syrian war. They were eager to learn despite what was happening around them. The work was so fulfilling, but I truly felt that there were hundreds of children back home in Brooklyn who needed that same type of access and had that same eagerness to learn,” she explains. 
Students interested in working at Success Academy Charter Schools, the largest and highest-performing public charter school network in NYC, can find job openings on Handshake.
Current Fall season student-athletes had the opportunity to learn and hear about networking experiences from a panel of 10 dedicated SU Athletics alumni last Monday. The panel included Lavar Lobdell ‘09, a former wide receiver of @cusefootball, who currently works in product development and testing at @underarmour, and Skylar Sabbag ‘12, former defense player of @cusewsoc, who is the Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions at @navyathletics. The moderated panel discussion led into an open networking opportunity for the students to have more individualized and personal conversations.
Want insight on how to network more efficiently at events? Join us to meet SU alumni and get inside knowledge on how to meet, greet, and converse with people who may enhance your career. Registration on Handshake is required to attend so be sure to reserve your spot before tomorrow evening!
During the next few weeks, we will be spotlighting 6 top-performing alumni who have been recognized with 2019 Success Academy Excellence Awards for demonstrating outstanding talent and commitment at SACS, the largest and highest-performing public charter school network in NYC. With 47 schools, SACS offers incredible opportunities and extensive training. Any students interested can check out jobs offered by Success Academy Charter Schools in Handshake.
Darius Rose (‘12) is a 4th grade ICT teacher at SA Harlem 4 (Integrated Co-Teaching Class: mixes general and special education students). His award, Academic Achievement, recognizes the teachers who inspire their scholars to perform at the highest academic level across all 47 schools. He graduated with a B.S. in Physical Ed. “For me,” he reflects, “it was always about helping youth get from A to B and accomplish their dreams. I might not be in sports, but I am still educating the youth to accomplish their goals from the classroom.” His experience at Syracuse played a major role in his decision to pursue a career in education: “I wouldn't be where I am today without the education that I received, so working in education was an easy decision to make. If I can impact a handful of bright young scholars to pursue an education that will change their life, then mission accomplished.”
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Boston Immersion 2019 Applications are out now!! Information Session today (3/20) in Schine Rm. 303 from 3-4. See you all there!
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