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• Hand thrown pottery
• @hotdogsfortea creates in metal & wood.

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#procrastinating whilst I wait for the studio to heat up 😘
This week is going to be all about plates! 😘
Prep work 😘
Property of the fab @elaine_foodbod - she’s made Jon think he’s an amazing baker in the space of three weeks! Try her sourdough starter guys - it’s so good!
Tapas Bowls 🌈
Hard week done - @hotdogsfortea cooked a well needed feast tonight - from @rosiefoodie ‘a lot on her plate’ Osso Buco using @cabritogoatmeat instead of lamb - so tasty!! Thank you all 😘🙏
One to many 😂 And this is not the only cupboard! Morning 😘
When naming our business we called ourselves Sytch Farm Studios because of the range of products we make - @hotdogsfortea makes wooden serving and chopping boards - hand made knives - bespoke bikes - amazing tables - and if you’ve ever visited us you’ll have seen his building work too - the folly - the pizza oven and my new pottery - and he paints landscapes using oil (and he wonders sometimes why he’s tired) - I have fewer strings to my bow but these our examples of my sculptures that I intend to get more out there this year - ceramic - wall hung and each one individual - these two are roughly 28 - 30cms long - I’ll photo a few others after lunch 😘
Still a little warm from this mornings glaze kiln 😘
Last slices of the amazing barabrith from @bakedbymel with the best butter from @applebyscheese 😘 And new for 2019 @hotdogsfortea first stainless steel cheese knife - I’m chief tester! 😂