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I didn’t have a father present for most of my childhood until my mother remarried when I was almost in High School. So Father’s Day means another Mother’s Day really for me. My mother took in the role of both mother and father for many years. And I have to say that I am blessed to have such a strong, loving and wonderful mother. She taught me to love myself and to only listen to my heart’s voice. She also taught me that every single person, no matter who they are, what they believe or what station they hold in life are my equals and they all deserve dignity and love. Thank you mom for filling those big shoes of parents for so many years so that I could always feel safe and loved. I am so honored to be your loving son. 
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I love spending time with my beautiful daughter! We get to talk, watch movies and eat the food we love! It is a good thing we love almost the exact same things! #daddydaughterlove #tadthedietcoach #positivemuscle
Tad quote of the day:
"There is a kind of intense peace that comes when you let go of trying to control every aspect of your experience and instead allow life to unfold in the way that it wants to. The trick to joy and happiness in this process is in looking for all the wonderful aspects that are already in our midst now." THB:
Happiness, joy and love are more than just wonderful feelings that we want and seek in this life. But in order to have them with any degree of consistency it must be our intention and our responsibility to find them. Waiting for these wonderful feelings to show up is precarious at best. But when I become a master hunter of joy and happiness in my life then I take on the responsibility for who I am in those moments. I am what I project to others and I am what I feel. This is the difference between being a responder in life, who is controlled by whatever comes thier way, or living with intention. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good.

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Episode #41 of “Handle Your High with Tadayoshi.” In this episode I speak with IFBB rising star, Josh Wade! We spoke about this mental process, his diet, his career advice and more. 
HYH #41 Josh Wade
- Family - what it takes
- winning as a pro and AM
- Balance in bodybuilding
- Priorities of life
- Don’t think just do
- Becoming a student of yourself
- What does it take to be a sponsored athlete
- Allmax sponsorship
- social media
- character, values and morals
- Determination
- Discouraged
- Fan of the sport
- Chicago Pro!!
- New improvements
- Diet
- a “machine”
- Structure keeps away chaos
- getting ready early for shows
- The What if?
- Biggest challenge - Biggest blessing

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Tad quote of the day:
"Your potential future is cast from the light of your current moment. The joy of your tomorrow is just a mirror reflection of the joy you are willing to feel NOW." THB:
We all look forward to our good outcomes and the better possibilities of tomorrow. But I try to hold myself in my feeling moments to where I am now, what I am doing now and what I am feeling now. If I want joy or excitement then I look for it in this moment. Because when I put myself in a stance of waiting for my future, then I am in a perpetual holding pattern for everything that I want that I do not feel now. In this way, one destination will only lead me to finding another and another, always waiting or potentially waiting for my good days, my warm interactions and my joyful outcomes. The answer to never waiting for all the wonderful things you want, is to find the feeling of those things in your present moment. Find the feeling of excitement or love or joy in this moment now because truly our current moment is the only one you will ever feel now. I find all my most precious feelings in the acknowledgment of knowing who I am. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 
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Tad quote of the day:
"True happiness in my life always starts with my gratitude for everything. After all, every single event, person and experience that has ever happened, is necessary for me to be exactly where I am now, who I am now, and what I am now. And the best part is I never have to understand how it all comes together. I just need to accept that I am always exactly where I need to be, and that is always good." THB:
I get to meet some amazing spirits in this life! In this picture taken at EDC in Vegas this year, I got to meet and hang out with some very joyful and loving people. My buddy Robert Chan (my longtime clients like Rob tend to become like family to me and that makes me so very happy that I do what I do), and my new friend Kimmie to my right in the picture, were most excellent to hang out with at this festival. What I love most about going to any of the EDM festivals that I attend is the attitude of acceptance and joy that is so thick in the air. I always have the most amazing time and I always meet the awesome people. I know how this universe works, I get what I ask for, every single time. And I ask for joy with the frequency of joy that I flow from myself. My feeling experience is always about what is going on within me. When I am happy and feeling the love that is me, then I can so easily see it and reach for it in all my interactions. This life is such a wonderful gift when you know who you are and you understand how your creative power works. I am my life's creator and I am creating joy, excitement and love. After all, I am joy. I am love. I am so very good.

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Tad quote of the day:
"True friendship is an honor to receive. For me, it is when a fellow spirit honors me by shinning their light of love and joy onto me in such a way that I am inspired from within to feel the wholeness of who I truly am. It always feels like goodness, like warm love wrapped around me." THB:
I am so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people in my life who share the same passion for the things that I do. I get to offer my experience to others each day and I get to develop such beautiful friendships in the process. I am truly blessed in this life to have this kind of awareness and purpose. There was a time in my life however, where I felt like each day was more about working and less about loving and sharing. Funny thing is, today my work is loving and sharing. I say it so often... I am so blessed. I am often moved to tears as I write these meditations and thoughts each weekday. I write these to help cultivate within me the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for all the elements of my life. I like to start my days with a basis in gratitude and appreciation. For me, this is where I derive my power in my life. And over the past 6 years of writing these publicly on social media, what I have discovered is that my world has been truly colored in with such vivid colors of love and joy. I am abundant with all the things and feelings that I have always wanted. And each day and week that moves by, I am blessed again and again. I must say this a hundred times a day, but it never gets old. Thank you! I am joy. I am love. I am so very very good. And so is this life experience and everything and everyone in it.

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Tad's quote of the day:
"My past nor my possible futures prevent me from being in my present moment now. My focus on this NOW moment is all I need to find the joy of my experience." THB:
Held in every moment of our lives is the potential for each of us to find anything we wish emotionally. We can scan around our current experience and find anger, frustration, fear and sadness if we wish. But also we can find love, fun, excitement and joy in every moment of our lives if we are brave enough to ignore those elements that displease us and instead, look for the things that encourage us, that move us to love, and that fill us with the joy of our being. We are so very fortunate to have this kind of power of creation in this life. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 
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What a great weekend in Omaha! @ifbbpro_jordanplantiko won the IFBB Omaha Pro this weekend and his structure and potential in the classic division really impressed me! There were several athletes in the NPC Duel of Champions and The IFBB Omaha Pro that stood out to me this weekend, there is good stuff in the MidWest! I want to give a huge and warm thank you to Jack and Ann Titone for always taking such good care of me. I really love coming to judge this show and I have come to really like Omaha too! #tadthedietcoach #positivemuscle #omahapro #npc #ifbb
A few years ago after judging the Omaha Pro, I didn’t realize I had a later flight coming back. So I stopped into this sushi place, Blue Sushi Sake Grill! I loved the cool atmosphere and the sushi was good. So now every time I come back to Omaha I come here to have some sushi and my favorite Japanese beer, Kirin. Life keeps treating me so good. Good food, good warm weather and good experiences! Thank you universe! 
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Let me help you coach your clients! I am offering a new mentorship program for coaches! This is a hands-on mentorship coaching program in which we use your real-world examples (your clients) to learn and grow as a coach. Each week you will receive a 30 min mentorship call with Tad in order to ask any questions and/ or troubleshoot any issues with your clients diets or prep process. You will have unlimited access to Tad via email, message and text throughout the week in order to help devise programs for your clients and solve any issues revolving around prep, nutrition, diet, supplements, exercise and/or business development of your coaching practice. *Tad the Diet Coach has over 30 years experience coaching and prepping athletes in all of the divisions of fitness, bodybuilding, figure, physique or fitness. Tad has and educational background in nutrition, exercise science and biochemistry. Tad has worked with over 3000 clients over the years helping them to lose weight, gain muscle, optimize their health and prep for fitness and bodybuilding competition at all levels from amateur to the professional level. 
Tad is also an IFBB Professional League judge and has been heavily involved in wellness, mindfulness practices as well as cognitive and behavioral sciences in order to serve his clients and help them reach their personal goals and achieve a higher sense of wellbeing. 
See my link page in my IG bio or go here:

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Tad's quote of the day:
"Once you accept that you are exactly where you are suppose to be, then following your desires means accepting one perfect moment after the next. And you always arrive precisely where your suppose to.” THB:
I’m at Chicago O’Hare airport waiting for my flight and I can’t help but observe the many people walking by heading to their destinations. Some look intent and some look easy as they stride by my resting place. We all seem to be in our own little worlds as we collide with each other and interact. We say hi, how are you? But really most people, it seems are really just looking to plan their next moment or waiting for their turn to talk. So I stop and observe taking in the sights, sounds and people. I find it interesting and beautiful to appreciate these kinds of moments in my life. It seems to remind me that all is going exactly as it should. I am in a good place always and everything is always working out so beautifully for me. After all, I am joy. I am love. I am so very good always. Just like everyone else. 
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