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Picture: Me and my Soonie having a drink in Bangkok right off the river! 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble Meditation):
Today I turn my attention to what I love and appreciate. This is the best way for me to actively select how I want to orientate  myself in my day. I always want to feel good. I always want to feel a deep sense of appreciation for all that I have and all that is before me in my life. And I want to feel the fun and excitement of every experience when I can. When I turn my attention to the elements that I love and what I appreciate about each then I can always find more to love and more to appreciate. 
I love that I can feel good whenever I choose to focus on the things that excite me. I love that I can feel joy so easily when I am focused. I love that I now feel in control of my life, my feelings and my destiny. I love that all I have to do is focus on how I feel in order to get everything I want. I love that this life is such a playground for me to romp around in and no matter where I am or where I go it is me that gets to set my emotional output. 
I know that I do and I want everything because of the emotional response that I receive in the having of it. I love that I no longer have to look for the "stuff" of my life, but instead I seek the "feeling" that I desire. I seek to uncover the joy of each experience. I seek to find the love in all that I do and I see the goodness in everything that comes onto my path. I am joy. I am love. I am so very good. These are the affirmations of my purpose, who I am and what I do. My purpose is joy. I am made of the stuff of love, and everything I do is good. 
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It's a good Thursday today! I dug up this cool picture from my visit to Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was a beautiful hand made temple constructed a few hundred years ago. It is completely hand-made from silver! Inside and out this temple was simply wonderful and gorgeous! Only men were allowed inside the temple, so I took my shoes off and entered the temple and gave respect to all that have come before me, and to the good intentions that this temple serves in my world. What a treasure we just happened upon! You never know what you will find when you are looking for wonderful things!

#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
I feel within me the goodness of the universe. My mind is connected to my body and I am aware of the real me that is love, that is joy, that is so very good. I focus on my good feelings so that I can stay in the warmth of love and joy. So much of my life I have occupied my mind with thoughts and ideas that do not serve my wellbeing. So much of my mind's attention has been occupied with messages that are counter to my life's good intentions. So today and from here forward, each moment is mine to have, and I am focused on wonderful places to go, warm and loving people to meet, and joyful exciting experiences that I will have.
My life is unfolding exactly as it should, and my heart is glad. Even though I have resisted my own good life at times and denied myself wellbeing, nothing is wrong and it all of my experiences are serving my future in very powerful ways. So I embrace myself just as I am, and I affirm the perfection that I am. I consciously let go of the facade of control. I release myself of the illusions of controlling the details of my life and I allow myself to just move with my wellbeing. I came to this life ready to experience this wonderful adventure, and so I let myself go toward the joy that is my purpose. I allow myself to feel good! I allow myself to feel joy. I allow myself to know that I am good.

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Picture: Me and my Soonie at a Thai picnic last weekend eating all the spicy Thai food we could handle! OMG it was good! 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
Today feels like a very good day. I often wake up and search my feelings for the best ones that I can find. I feel around in my experience of my moment, and I discard the thoughts that seem to be drawing negative emotion to me and I reach for the better feeling thoughts. I can always find something very general to be happy about. The key for me to always find the joy in my moments, is not to get tied up in my observation of the world as it is now. There is so much that I see this world offering; good, bad, indifferent, some angry stuff, some fearful stuff, but also some soothing things, some relaxing things, some loving things, and some moving things too. It is my job to find what I like, find what inspires me, find what encourages me to feel awesome, and grab ahold of these aspects and hang on as long as I can. 
Often times in my life, I have grabbed a hold of fearful ideas and other aspects of my life that move me towards anger, anxiety, fear, saddness, frustration and negativity. So these days I have given myself a firm directive and affirmation that helps me weed through all this B.S. and helps me to refocus on the aspects of my life that encourage more love, more joy and more excitement. When I find my feelings moving toward negative emotion, I stop and say to myself "This is NOT worth my energy. There is NEVER a reason to entertain it!" This means that I can NEVER give myself a reason to entertain feelings that make me feel bad for very long. I may go there from time to time, but I do not stay there for very long. It is good to feel all the feelings that I feel, because they all help to inform my life, and I can't go to all the wonderful places in my life without every single feeling that I have. This kind of guidance that me feelings gives me is invaluable. So I am not trying to eliminate fear, anxiety, anger or frustration. It is simply not worth while for me to stay in these feelings for very long. I use all of my feelings to point the way to where I want to take my life.
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#FBF flashing back a couple years to my prep for the NPC Masters Nationals! Maybe I should step back on stage? Lol my daughter actually asked me to compete again for her. Hummmm....🤔 #ifbb #npc #dietcoach #tadthedietcoach #positivemuscle #bodybuilding
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Big shout out to my client Dave Gardner who is preparing for his first mens physique competition! I am so proud of how well you are doing and how well you are sticking to my process! More to come! We still have several weeks left! 
To inquire about my diet coaching email me at: Tad@TadtheDietCoach.com

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I have over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist and diet coach directing meal plans for professional athletes, top amateurs athletes and clients all over the world. Each diet plan is customized to you. I offer weekly phone conferences, a detailed meal plan, a supplement schedule, and a workout and cardio plan. Each week I work with your body’s progress and ensure that your body is progressing at the ideal rate. 
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It's a hot Friday and the weekend is almost here. But today I am thinking about true satisfaction and life fulfillment. What does it really mean to be happy in this life? I know I think a bit deeply most days, probably more than most, but I really enjoy thinking philosophically about all these topics I write about. I hope that what I share with everyone is interesting to some, worthwhile to others and helpful to anyone.

Picture: Me and my Soonie the day of our elephant adventure at Patara Elephant Farm Clinic. What a great day that was. 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
Living in my now allows me to concretely reach for that satisfying feeling of just being me. That feeling that requires nothing in order to exist. This is the feeling of my true me. This is the feeling of my inner being. The me that exists here and now and forever. All that I have is my present moment, and if I want to feel the goodness of my life then I must reach for the satisfaction of my now. Now is where I live. My past is gone, and my future is just a dream that hasn't materialized yet. So if I choose to focus on my now existence, then I have the potential to truly feel my life. I have the opportunity to live my joy. Only in my now can I feel the love that always exists within me. But when I live my days looking too often into my past, or too much into my future, then I miss the opportunity to appreciate my current moments. My life will be defined by all of the moments that I string together. The life that I am building is a life that feels like love, that feels like joy, it is the life that feels like me. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 
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Picture: It's Happy Bubble time and I am always doing my best to feel my joy, ignore bad messages, and always think and speak my reality that I am creating! 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
I can feel my vibration rising as I experience the wonderful feelings of excitement within me. So I focus on my feelings within and as I clear away any thought and all distracting elements; I can feel the essential me. It feels like joyful excitement. It gives rise to goosebumps on my body that lets me know that I am alive and so good. There is a quiet and peaceful serenity to my inner being, because I am a part of infinite wisdom. I know it as the wisdom of feelings. And with this wisdom, my inner being guides me through my life. Sometimes I listen, sometimes I resist, but I always know that it loves me, it comforts me, and helps me to feel my wonderful nature. I am love. I am joy. 
I can not mess my life up. I can't get my journey wrong, and I am always on a path that will lead me to my good destinations. It is up to me to follow the path that feels the best. It is up to me to select the inspiration that moves me toward my exciting outcomes, my loving experiences, my joyful interactions and my happy moments. I know where to go and what to do when I  focus on this beautiful guidance that I have been given. So I close my eyes and I can feel the dialogue that my inner being is holding with me. It is a conversation of feelings. This conversation is all I really need to be on my good path and to uncover the wonderful life that I came to this life to live. So I do my best each day to listen to the messages of my feelings. I stop trying to direct this conversation and instead I just listen. I know that if I want to create something new in my life, then I must listen for the feelings. I must follow the loving trail that my inner being already knows. The less I complain, the less I try to direct this conversation, the easier it is for me to reach my good places. I allow with by accepting everything as good and essential. I allow my wellbeing by knowing that I am entitled to all my hearts good feelings. And so I know with complete certainty that I am good. I am love. I am joy.
Picture: Me and Jon Delarosa Ifbb Pro after the judging last weekend at the IFBB Chicago Pro. What a true champion at heart he is! Here is a man who is always kind, always gives his all, and who is a gentle spirit like me. I have always loved Jon's physique since he was an amateur, and I know he has so much more to offer bodybuilding! He and I will be collaborating, let the magic begin! But I have to say, that what I love more is that he is willing to be real. He is willing to feel the good stuff of his life and the bad stuff, and in spite of it all, keep moving forward in a positive way. This is the hallmark of a true champion and a valuable person of character! You are a true privilege to work with and be around!

THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
As defined by Webster; privilege: a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor. What does it really mean to be a privilege to work with or be around, given this understanding? Because the world often times seems harsh, impolite and mean, it is easy to feel a deep sense of privilege and gratitude when we experience something wholly different that feels good. So it seems obvious that good experiences are always an honor and privilege to have, and we naturally appreciate them by recognize their benefit. Thus, we feel privileged to have or experience the honor of others, and the goodness of ourselves. 
More precisely, we honor ourselves in the highest way when we respect others, offer kindness or politeness, or when we show the respect we often desire from others to others. It becomes a privilege for others to receive our gifts of understanding and courtesy not only because it feels good to receive it, but because it is an offering of ourselves. We can only give others what we have active within us. So when we treat others with hate, disrespect, contempt or ill will, then we are offering these from ourselves and thus we are the ones who are disrespectful, contemptuous or ill tempered. No matter what the excuse is for offering that which we offer each other, we are the ones who become what we offer. Dont allow the ill will around you to change your loving and joyful orientation. We are love. We are joy.
Big shout out to my buddy Jake Burton! Great showing at the IFBB Chicago Pro! We aren’t over yet and we are getting better and better! Your on your way brother! Time to get bigger!

To inquire email me at: Tad@TadtheDietCoach.com
Or go to the highlights section in my bio and click “My Team” and follow the link for more details. 
I have over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist and diet coach directing meal plans for professional athletes, top amateurs athletes and clients all over the world. Each diet plan is customized to you. I offer weekly phone conferences, a detailed meal plan, a supplement schedule, and a workout and cardio plan. Each week I work with your body’s progress and ensure that your body is progressing at the ideal rate. 
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Photo credit: Dan Ray

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