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THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
As I continue to do the internal work of uncovering the fuller version of my life and me, I have become abundantly aware of every feeling that I experience. I have always been somewhat aware and expressive about my feelings my entire life, but it seems today I am even more conscious of how I feel and what thoughts may be contributing to my good or bad feelings. I am very thankful that I am aware of every emotion and every feeling, because it provides a great starting place for the real work of my life. My conscious intent is to always recognize how I feel, why I feel the way I do and then to use these feelings to direct the flow of my energy.
I know that we all make our life's decisions based on how we emotionally feel about any given topic, and we then use our circumstances or our logic to justify the veracity of each of them. I am choosing a different tactic now. I have decided that it is a better proposition for me to leave out justification. To simply do my best to move in the direction of my good feelings. What this means for me is that I am taking much of my forward thinking, my attempt to plan, my need to control, my desire to understand everything and to simply trust in my good feelings and in my life and the direction that it is taking me. When I do experience those old desires of EGO that seek control, that want to worry, that need to feel offended, superior or inferior then I will do my best to observe them, be present with them, and then allow them to slowly evaporate. I must remind myself not to hold onto them but instead to release them. I have collected my fair share of baggage along my journey in this life and much of it just weights my heart down. So I release my tight grasp on what I can see and feel, and I say thank you for the value that you have added but I need you no longer. I am love. I am joy. I am always so very good.

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I am very proud of Jessica Parsell, who just competed last weekend in my home of Hawaii! We are on our way to a few other contests in weeks to come so this is an unfinished product, but I wanted to brag on her a little. Jessica has such wonderful energy and is always positive and receptive to all of my pep talks and my messages of encouragement. She is a wonderful example of how we all can slide off the grid from time to time and pull ourselves back on target by just believing in yourself, being patient with ourselves, and trusting in a process no matter how difficult it can seem at times. Struggle will always end and what is left in its place is always the opportunity to learn and grow beyond where we are. I am a very proud coach and friend Jessica! 
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Today is a happy day and a sad day for me. Happy because I get to remember all the wonderful stories and colorful characters that Stan Lee developed and helped to develop that has inspired me so much in my life. But sad because Stan Lee died today at the age of 95. What an awesome story your life became! Thank you Stan Lee for giving me such wonderful inspiration and for reminding me that being a super hero has more to do with our character than anything else. You were our hero for sure! Warm energy and love to you my friend.

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It is starting to get cold and a little gloomy here in Chicago. I don't think I will ever get used to cold weather. I can live in it, but I don't think it will ever feel normal to me. 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
Today I forget the cold, I forget the snow that is inevitably coming soon and I focus on the locus of my warm heart. My life can seem busy at times, quiet at other times but always when I examine it with ease I can clearly see how it is leading me onward toward such nice things. These days I am trying not to be too specific about how and when, instead I reassure myself that all of this life happens in its own good timing. I don't have to worry about when something will show up, or even how something will show up in my life only that it will and in its own good time. So my job is to relax more and enjoy this time that I have now. 
Someday I know I will look back at my days and think, did I soak up all my good times? Did I feel the enjoyment of my life and did I milk each moment for all the joy and fun that it had to offer me? I will be saying yes to these questions. My intention is clear and my ability to feel joy is sharp! I am filled with a sense of gratitude for what lies before me and feeling of appreciation for how I am getting to live my life. Thank you is the closest proximity to what I want to say. Who am I thanking? I thank myself for coming to this life. I thank this universe for being the wonderful playground that I get to play in. And I say thank you to all the wonderful people who I get to create with in this life both living and past. We all have done such beautiful work so far. 
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#Cheers from us at the club on Saturday night! 
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In episode 6 of the Tad-Lo Show, Nigel and I talk about:
- socialization in the workplace
- Anti-Semitism and the shootings in Pittsburgh
- Ronnie Coleman the King on Netflix 
listen to this episode on my Youtube channel:  https://youtu.be/7oUe11Gpt_A
(See highlights in bio for link too)
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A tribute to a few of my athletes past and present. Thank you all for your continued support and love! 
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#tbt throwback to the 2010 Master’s Nationals! #shredded and grainy is the key! 
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Just a few of my #champions that I am so thankful to have the honor in working with. With so many coaches out there to choose from, I am honored to have such wonderful and long standing clients who put their faith in me. 
I have spots on my roster open and I would love to be of service to any who wish to apply. I have been a nutritionist and diet coach for almost 30 years now, and my distinction among others is my compassion and my willingness to believe in the greatness of all my clients, even when they sometimes lack it. *For inquiries DM me or email me at Tad@TadtheDietCoach.com
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For each of us life can feel so hard at times. We can feel beat down by our missed expectations, our failures, our short comings, and in our in ability to see how we can create something better for ourselves. But there is a truth built within each of our lives that has inspired so many of us to achieve greatness, to find the most fulfilling love and acquire this life’s most wonderful luxuries. It has given hope to those who had almost nothing, encouraged those who faced the greatest of odds, gave confidence to many who faced certain death, and uplifted some who confronted in-surmountable obstacles and came out victorious. This truth doesn’t rely on any special skills or any set of specific dogma or religious beliefs. It doesn’t rely on any genetic predisposition or actions for us to perform. This truth doesn’t even require us to believe in its veracity in order for it to have power in our lives. As a matter of fact, no matter who you are in this world, where you live or what education you possess. No matter who your family is or what economic status you are in. It doesn’t matter what you look like, nor what you believe in. No matter what has happen to you in your past or what you think may happen to you tomorrow. No matter what you think your limitations are or what you believe your destiny is. The truth of your life’s power is that YOU actually MATTER. Your value in this life has nothing to do with what you own or what gifts you decide to bring forth and share. Your value doesn’t rely on the consensus of others opinions nor does it need any form of validation. Instead, the valuable gift that you bring to this world is your participation in it. Your willingness to be here is the gift of greatness that we all possess. There is nothing that you will create in this life that does not rely on the countless infinite interactions and exchanges of energy that we all afford each other continuously. Whether you realize or not, your participation in this experience of life adds and contributes to each person now, in the past and all those who will come after us. When you can look out into the world and see how each person really matters, then you will feel how you do.
It is a beautiful Tuesday and I am feeling extremely grateful for the good feelings of my life today. Let's meditate... #THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
People come and go in our lives. Some stay for a day, some a few years, and some a lifetime. But no matter how long each stays our opportunity to feel the joy of each other's company and shared experiences are immense. What is important to me, isn't how long we spend together in this life, but how we spend our time. We all serve such wonderful purpose in this life for each other. Some come to challenge us to move beyond where we are. Some come to support us when we have such difficult times. And others come to inspire us to reach for such greater things. But my favorite kinds of rendezvous are those people who become my warm loving points of inspiration. These individuals come in and our of our lives and they give us such beautiful points of loving focus. These are the people we express our love to and the value they give us is they help remind us who we really are. We are the love we seek. We are the joy we find. They are the good we know we are inside. 
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