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I have spots now open for my Premium Diet Coaching to lose fat, gain muscle, prep for a contest or just get in the best shape of your life!

To Sign up or to get more information email me at Tad@tadthedietcoach.com or DM me! 
I have over 30 years of experience as a nutritionist and diet coach directing meal plans for professional athletes, top amateurs athletes and clients all over the world. Each diet plan is specific to your body and goals. I deliver weekly phone conferences, a detailed diet plan, supplement schedule, workout and cardio routine that is focused toward you and your goals. Each week I work with your body’s progress and ensure that your diet plan is directed to get you to your body goals. 
Also, I incorporate mindfulness training and positive mindset coaching into each program. The body follows the mind and we must create the right mental environment as well as physical environment in order to achieve. 
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I was so happy to see Cyd Gillon win her 2nd figure Olympia this last weekend. I just love her look and the graceful nature that she always brings to the stage. Cydney has a beautiful smile and a kind heart! What a life I get to appreciate with friends like these and photo opps like this! Congratulations again Cydney! 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
There is a special kind of feeling that I focus myself toward each and every day. When I awake, I look for it. I search my heart for this very special feeling of gratitude, and when I find it as I usually do, I rest my mind there. The feeling that I find is my brand of loving joy. The kind of joy that tells my heart that I am satisfied with where I am, but I am so eager for more in my life. Somedays it is harder to find than others, but I know that I can always find it when I look. I expect to feel it each day and I hold to it as long as I can. 
I know that this wonderful feeling of appreciation for my life experience is the feeling of me. It is who I truly am. I know that my consciousness presents my true self to me when I ask. So I ask each day. And each day what is delivered to me is the opportunity to follow my bliss. What comes to me is the blessings of being the loving spirit that we all are. What comes to me is the assurance of wellbeing. What comes to me is the acknowledgement of my inner being affirming the goodness of my existence and the assurance of my wellbeing that is always flowing so powerfully to me. I am reminded once again that I am love. That I am joy. And that I am always and eternally so very good. 
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Here is @ifbb_pro_kemo Kamal Elgargni’s #mrolympia2018 Men’s 212 routine. I had him in 2nd place really the only decision I had different. The amazing thing about this guy is.. he’s 49 years young! Awesome! 
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Picture: me and past client and friend and founder of @questnutrition @ronsquest Your the best Ron! Always love to you!

#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
There is so much wonderful things to appreciate in this life when I choose to look for them. I often wake up each day and as I find my good feelings for the day, I imagine in my mind a symphony of violins playing a beautiful soundtrack in my life. And I am drawn to beautiful thoughts, inspired feelings and good things to focus on. This is how my thoughts become things. People have asked me how I do it. How do I always find the good feeling perspective, the positive outlook or the good intention in all of my days and experiences? 
Well, I find my joy each day by intentionally turning away from bad feeling thoughts and instead I lean into things that feel better. I live in my mind most of the day where the world looks and feels so beautiful and loving. I am a strange bird, I know. I do not expect anyone else any longer to understand why or how I do what I do each day, but I hope that what I do and what I project from my mind and my life adds to the goodness and the joy of others. I wish this because I know that when others are finding their joy, it always means that I am too. None of us do our lives alone, even though we often feel like we are in this life all by ourselves. The truth is, I allow into my life all that I receive. I allow into my experience what I want to see and feel. I allow it all with the power of my belief in them. 
So I will continue to believe in my world of love. I will continue to see my beautiful scenery and my joyous experience. And when I feel life pressing against me, I will continue to say "thank you!" Thank you for offering me the opportunity to expand my life and to desire more from it. I am grateful for my days and all that comes to me. And I will always offer an uplifting word, a kind heart, and an understanding perspective. But most of all, I will do my best to offer the appreciation for the greatness of my life by showing gratitude and love to each and every person and experience that I encounter. I am love. I am joy. I am so very good. 
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Over the last 34 years, I have worked with so many awesome people in the fitness industry. I have gotten the opportunity to contribute to the success of so many people and be a part of so much good stuff and great people. So it was wonderful to see another ex-client of mine and fellow colleague in fitness this weekend at the #MrOlympia2018 Chris Lewis, A.K.A. "Psychofitness" backstage. Chris trained several of the Olympians including the new Mr Olympia Shawn Rhoden! 
It was a beautiful to see Chris clutching the Sandow statue backstage for about half hour with tears streaming down his face and feeling the joy of his life! Dreams do come true for good people. Chris is a wonderful trainer at Gold's Venice, CA and has worked with athletes and clients for years. I met Chris about a decade ago when I coached him on nutrition, but what struck me about Chris then and still now is his motivated gentle nature. Gentle people always stand out to me. I generally gravitate toward them because I feel the most at ease with them. Probably because my intentions are always to smile, to love and to offer kindness to anyone I encounter. And people of a gentle nature resonate with me deeply because they receive my kindness so well and they often seem to need it. So it is easy to for me to interact with them and it often gives me a desire to offer more of myself to them. Congratulations again Chris you totally deserve it!
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
This weekend cruising around the #MrOlympia2018 expo, as I do every year in between working the show, I just love running into my past clients, my friends and of course my fans who treat me so well. I love seeing the success they each create in their lives, not to mention their smiling faces and the hugs that I always receive shortly after. 
Troy Benn (with me in this picture) was a wonderful competitor and client of mine a few years ago, and now he is doing marvelous things in the industry and his life! I often times feel like a father as I feel so proud of literally thousands of clients and athletes that I have worked with or inspired in some way over the last 34 years in bodybuilding. I see the lives that I impact and the joy that is a product of every interaction that I have ever had. What a beautiful feeling it is to look out and at almost every turn, to see these beautiful faces of my past smiling back at me. They welcoming me into their lives and their hearts, to which I am honored and so very grateful for. You all have no idea how wonderfully blessed you help me to feel at every Olympia.

Most people go to the Olympia to see the athletes compete and to see who will win each division. But I go because I love seeing YOU ALL! Truly the highlight for me at all these events and shows is YOU, my family, my friends, my fans and fellow spirits who add so much to my life it is hard to enumerate. So today I say thank you for all the continued love and support that I receive. I never would have guessed all those years ago when I started bodybuilding at the tender age of 15 that I would feel such a deep sense of love and joy at the life you all have helped me create! Thank you so much and just wait... there is so much more love to share, hugs to have, and joy to feel! I got plans! We are the love we feel. We are the joy we have. And we are always so good!

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I am back working at my desk after sleeping in today. What a great weekend of work, fun and surprises! Here is a great shot I took after Shawn Rhoden became the 14th Mr Olympia in history! What an achievement and what a journey so far for all the Olympians! 
#THB (Tad's Happy Bubble):
I have been so wonderfully fortunate in my life to have felt encouraged to pursue my dreams in this life. But more than this I feel blessed to not just be encouraged to excel but also to feel worthy of my dreams. I know that for some, this is not the case. We all have our moments of doubt and worry. We all have our moments of sadness and despair. And we all have our moments when we feel like nothing can go our way. I think it is in these times that we must develop our muscles of self-love. We must remind ourselves of who we each really are. We are all such worthy and wonderful spirits wandering this life in search of unique ways for us to each express our joy and share with the world our loving contribution. 
Olympia weekend is such a wonderful reminder for me that my dreams are always coming true. I remember a day when nobody cared who Tad was. I remember a time when I looked into my future and I was the only one who saw my contributions to an endeavor that I loved so much. I remember those times when I looked into the mirror and I felt such enthusiastic promise for what I wanted to create within myself and how I wanted so badly to share it all with the world. And now today I get to go to the pinnacle of bodybuilding, the Mr Olympia, mingle with the Olympians as my friends and I get to add a part of myself into the history of bodybuilding. How beautiful and wonderful life really is when we follow our joy and we decide to listen to our own inner voice of joy. I am love. I am joy. I am always so good.
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Here are some of my favorite moments I captured from the stage this weekend. 
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The “People’s Champion!” Hearing the reaction last night to Roelly each time he steps out on stage, well I have to say @roellywinklaar is definitely the People’s champion and one of Bodybuiling‘s most popular champions ever! #positivemuscle #tadthedietcoach #2018mrolympia #peopleschamp
Being a father of a beautiful daughter myself, the look and especially smile on @flexatronrhoden face says it all! The best title for me and I know Shawn is “Daddy!” #positivemuscle #tadthedietcoach #daddyslittlegirl
I have to admit that Roelly Winklaar has continued to impress me each year for the last 4 years. He has improved on every criticism that has been given him and he is becoming a gracious champion. While I haven’t had much to comment in the past on his ability to win at shows, I have become a fan! Tonight Roelly showed continued improvement again in his waistline, on his ability to control his midsection while on stage, and he became “The People’s Champion” through internet voting. Way to go buddy! Keep up the great work you have the heart of a champion for sure. 
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Congrats to now 7x Mr Olympia 212 champ @flex_lewis I have to say that I have known Flex for almost a decade and he has truly been such a sincere and gracious friend and fellow to me in this sport. I met him about 10 years ago, and he is still the same great guy I have always known. He is grounded in kindness and always has a smile and a hug for me. He truly is a man after my own heart. I have already given you my congratulations my friend, and I have already shared my heart with you. I want to thank you for showing so many that you can be kind and gracious and still kickass on the stage! I know we haven’t seen the last of each other. While this chapter closes I am excited for the new ones that will be opening up my friend. Go enjoy your family and your hard earned rest and accomplishments! You are a wonderful champion but an even better man! Thank you. #positivemuscle #tadthedietcoach #mrolympia2018