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“Saw it written and I saw it say
Pink moon is on its way
And none of you stand so tall
Pink moon gonna get ye all” #nickdrake 
One day till it turns and she shines so beautiful tonight.
Track three production starts tomorrow.. first single of the new album is on its way, moving over to RISE fully, new label, new publisher, new press shots, new video, new tour dates, new home. It’s a crazy busy time but richly rewarding. Slowly getting there. Thank you for all the kind support during the newness. The first order for a vinyl of album 2 came in just bang on record store day. It’s wonderful to have that kind of trust in the music when it’s still being made 🙏🌹
(Photo of last weekend by #(...),... )
Album Production Day 9. 2 tracks finished and all the chocolate in the cottage eaten. 🍫
I’ve been under a Dark Cloud 🖤 .
Behind the scenes filming yesterday. #newsingle #album2 #darkfolk
Today’s filming and photos started in a civilized fashion before the #darkcloud  snuck in. 🖤☁️
An afternoon off album making to drive down narrow lanes, jump over gates and meander around new abandoned places. 🌿
Behind the scenes .. a little something for album 2 filmed last night by the talented @alextcreative starring the beautiful @annawraith453. 
Today I start au solitaire album production for the next few weeks. It’s phones off and head down so I’ll see you on the other side 🔥
‘The Earth is like a child that knows poems.’ #rainermariarilke Hedgerow walk checking vocal ideas on a new guest track. If it sounds ok in the fields then it’s probably a keeper. #listenback #guestvocals #filmsongs #thefieldshaveears
Moving in Day 🍄 #countryhome #risestudios #ourmagiccottage #...,(...) #poetscorner
Production on Album 2 starts next week. I’ll be cocooned away in the process, all excited and nervous at once. Thank you for the kind words and support during creative reclusion and the next phase of RISE-dom 🙏🖤🌿excited to share the results later this year.
Rise it is 🖤
Best.Sound.Ever 😂Thank you @sky_high_diamonds introducing me to this repost from @amaziingnature This is all the smiles that were needed today. 🐧